Chapter 2749: The Cost of Raising

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Chapter 2749: The Cost of Raising

The value of a high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways was indescribable, because just one of them could produce a Chaotic Prime.

Of course, that was given that the person who ingested it had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

A high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways had an eighty percent chance to turn a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime into a Chaotic Prime.

Chaotic Primes were already enough to become ancestors of many large clans in the Saints’ World. They were ancient experts who ruled over a region.

Of course, even if they were Chaotic Primes, a high grade of Fruit of Nurturing Ways would still be effective on them. However, the increase in their cultivation would not be a major realm, but a minor realm.

In the Saints’ World, every minor level of cultivation after Chaotic Prime required tremendous hardships, requiring an accumulation of comprehension over an enormous period of time. To some people, it might have even been where they would stop at for the rest of their lives, unable to take another step forward unless they experienced some great fortuitous encounter.

However, the various difficulties posed to them could be easily resolved with a high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways, saving them countless years of difficult cultivation. That only demonstrated the value of a Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

“Turns out the Fruit of Nurturing Ways is evolving. It requires tremendous amounts of energy to evolve. The rapid depletion in energy’s what triggered the formation’s warning.” Dou Wujin gazed into the depths of the medicinal garden as he muttered to himself behind Jian Chen.

“The Fruit of Nurturing Ways has been tended to by our entire race for so long. We’ve finally waited until it’s evolving to the high grade. Since it’s almost ripe, the great ceremony of our race should be brought forward as well.”

“It’s just a pity that we can’t keep waiting until something as precious as that can grow until the supreme grade. If it reaches the supreme grade, the ways it nurtures will change qualitatively.”

“Supreme grade? You better stop daydreaming. It basically took the entire race to raise the Fruit of Nurturing Ways to high grade. With the ability of our race, it’s nowhere near enough to raise it to supreme grade. We’ll have to send it to the Saints’ World and use the abundant resources of the Saints’ World and only then can we raise it to the supreme grade.”


The three vice hall masters discussed behind Jian Chen. However, their gazes towards the Fruit of Nurturing Ways were peaceful and utterly unfazed, nowhere as excited as Jian Chen was.

This was because they all understood that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways was an item that only the Darkstar Emperor could savour. No matter how precious it was, it had nothing to do with them.

“Since the Fruit of Nurturing Ways is so previous, our race must have paid a tremendous price for it.” Jian Chen stood with his arms crossed as he asked in a very casual manner.

When they heard that, Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin all seemed to smile. One of them said, “Hall master, before you lost your memory, you could not help but sigh whenever the Fruit of Nurturing Ways was mentioned. You would say that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had appeared within our race as a blessing of our ancestors, sympathy from the great ways and protection from fate.

“Oh? Did I? Looks like I’ve really forgotten everything.” Jian Chen was rather surprised. He continued, “Tell me in detail.”

Tarot said, “Hall master, we did not get the Fruit of Nurturing Ways from the outsiders through exchange. In reality, all of those clans in the outside world would have valued the Fruit of Nurturing Ways like treasure. They would have never exchanged it with us. Now that I mention it, the way we obtained it was rather unimaginable.”

“A weaker member of our clan killed an outsider Overgod who broke the rules and found it in his Space Ring.”

“However, at the very beginning, it was just a seed. The person did not recognise it was the seed of Fruit of Nurturing Ways. He could only sense that it was extraordinary, so he offered it up to higher authorities. In the end, the seed of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways was passed up through the system, before falling into our gaze. Afterwards, it was recognised by the emperor.”

“Ever since then, our Darkstar race has basically devoted the entire race to raising this seed. The environment of our Darkstar race is not suited for the growth of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, so we obtained a tremendous quantity of precious, special soil of the Saints’ World from the outsiders through exchange.”

“Our Darkstar race lacks the energy that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways can absorb as it grows, so we obtained a large quantity of various divine crystals from the outsiders, using formations to draw out the energy from the divine crystals and replicate the environment of the Saints’ World in the medicinal garden.”

“There are various heavenly resources from the Saints’ World planted in the medicinal garden now, such that some of them have even evolved to the God Tier, but the medicinal garden was only created because of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.”

“It’s good that it’s ripe. The Fruit of Nurturing Ways basically gobbles up energy endlessly. In order to raise it, our Darkstar race would have to exchange with the outsiders for tremendous amounts of coloured divine crystals yearly. If the coloured divine crystals were converted to supreme grade divine crystals, then the Fruit of Nurturing Ways would basically consume over ten million of them every year.”

“It’s taken over sixty million years for the Fruit of Nurturing Ways to grow to its current level from a seed.”

Even Jian Chen was amazed by that. He felt surprised by the amount of resources the Darkstar race had poured into it.

The Darkstar race would use up over ten million supreme grade divine crystals every year in order to raise the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, and the fruit had grown for over sixty million years now.

That was an astronomical sum of wealth.

This sum was even several times more than all of the wealth Jian Chen had accumulated from destroying the peak organisations on the Cloud Plane.

In order to raise the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, the Darkstar race really has done everything it can, regardless of the cost,” Jian Chen thought. However, he also understood that due to the special environment they were in, it was extremely difficult for members of the Darkstar race to break through. As a result, the Darkstar race placed far more importance in the Fruit of Nurturing Ways than people of the Saints’ World.

Afterwards, Jian Chen inspected the medicinal garden furniture. He discovered that aside from the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, there was a large number of other heavenly resources planted there. These heavenly resources were all native to the Saints’ World and many of them had reached God Tier as well.

When they had been brought in here by cultivators of the Saints’ World, they were all at the Saint Tier, because only grades below God Tier could be brought into the Darkstar World.

Afterwards, the Darkstar race planted and tended to them, which was why ther were God Tier heavenly resources now.

“Hall master, the medicinal garden’s been divided into eleven regions. The central region where the Fruit of Nurturing Ways resides belongs to the emperor alone, while the ten regions around it are split among our ten divine halls. We can freely plant various kinds of heavenly resources in our own regions.”

“In other words, the heavenly resources in this region all belong to our fifth divine hall?” Jian Chen swept past the region with the senses of his soul, before soon losing interest.

The region that belonged to the fifth divine hall did have a few God Tier heavenly resources. These heavenly resources were treasured by the Darkstar race, but they were nothing in Jian Chen’s eyes.

What really enticed him was the Fruit of Nurturing Ways planted in the distant centre!

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