Chapter 275 – Late Night Ambush

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Chapter 275: Late Night Ambush

There was a forced smile on Jian Chen’s face. He hadn’t thought that he and the young lord of the Tianqin clan would become friends so quickly. However, the outspoken and straightforward personality of Qin Xiao had made a favorable impression on him. With a polite word, Jian Chen raised his own wine cup and took a single sip.

“Brother Jian Chen, your strength is quite strong. In the future when you have time, we must compare notes. Right now, the captain of the guards is the only one capable of fighting me. There aren’t many willing to fight with me, and I dare not find Earth Saint Masters to fight with since I would easily be overpowered.” Qin Xiao explained as he drank from his cup.

“Of course, as long as I am here, then I will definitely compare notes with brother Qin Xiao.” Jian Chen laughed. While Qin Xiao was fierce while fighting, right now, he was a pleasant companion to talk to. It was because of this personality of his that made him preferable than to those where were hypocritical.

“Brother Jian Chen, I can see that you two are not natives from here. Where might have you two come from?” Qin Xiao asked curiously.

Jian Chen hesitated before answering, “In all honesty, we came from a distant kingdom to participate in the Gathering of the Mercenaries. The both of us have traveled many miles and traveled across many kingdoms. It was only today that we arrived at Walaurent City to rest. Neither of us thought that such an event like this would happen.”

Hearing this, Qin Xiao stopped for a moment before slapping the table with a smile, “This is quite the coincidence. I didn’t think that brother Jian Chen would want to go to Mercenary City for the Gathering of the Mercenaries. Haha, we are traveling the same way.”

“What, could brother Qin Xiao be participating in the Gathering of the Mercenaries as well?” Jian Chen asked surprised.

“Of course, the rewards from the Gathering of the Mercenaries are quite rich. There is not a single faction on the continent who would not be tempted by them. Our Tianqin clan is no different, this Gathering of Mercenaries we are bringing a few members to join forces with me.” Qin Xiao said excitedly.

“Brother Jian Chen, you and I are friends, so you should stay in the Tianqin clan for now. Two months from now, we can set off for Mercenary City.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, “Qin Xiao, there’s not even half a year until the Gathering of the Mercenaries begins. With there being thousands of kilometers left until then along with if we spend two months in Walaurent City, then there won’t be any time for us to get there.”

Qin Xiao laughed, “It seems that brother Jian Chen has never heard of a Space Gate before.”

“Space Gate?” Jian Chen was confused for a moment as he tried to think of what a Space Gate was. Then, his face grew joyous as he spoke, “Qin Xiao, could it be that your Tianqin clan has a Space Gate?”

A Space Gate was something that Jian Chen had seen mentioned in the libraries of the Changyang clan and Kargath Academy. Rumors had it that Space Gates were mysterious portals that were made of a spatial composition that were rare within the continent. Space Gates were something that only Saint Kings could create, and so only the seven Capital Cities had a Space Gate.

It was rumored that a Space Gate was capable of allowing a person to travel thousands of kilometers after crossing to the other side. Space Gates were truly one of the most profound mysteries of the world and were the only capable gateway to long distance traveling.

Jian Chen’s words caused Qin Xiao to laugh bitterly, “Brother Jian Chen, you think too highly of our Tianqin clan. How could such a mysterious thing be controlled by our Tianqin clan? Not even our Zhuya Kingdom has control of a Space Gate! However, one of our allied kingdoms is in control of one, thus our Tianqin clan plans on using it to get to Mercenary City.”

“Ah, so it’s like that!” Jian Chen spoke with clarity. He was excited to hear about the Space Gate, with one of those, he would be able to reach Mercenary City without trouble. Right now, Jian Chen couldn’t help but secretly rejoice about his decision coming to Walaurent City. Otherwise, he would have never been able to use the Space Gate to assist him with his troubles.

Although the records of the Tian Yuan Continent said that only the seven Capital Cities had a Space Gate, that was only on the surface. Secretly, there were many more Space Gates hidden throughout the continent with no one being able to accurately locate them.

Within the study room of the Tianqin clan.

“What?! Xiao Er has brought an outsider to our Tianqin clan? Troublesome, how truly troublesome! Our Tianqin clan isn’t some place that just anyone can enter.” An expensively dressed middle aged man spoke out angrily as he sat on his chair.

The man was over forty years old with an air of power belonging to that of an elder. His words carried about a stressed tone as his eyes flickered with a bright glow.

On the other side of the middle aged man stood a white robed figure. Her face was covered behind a veil, it was the second miss of the Tianqin clan.

“Father, eldest brother’s personality is rather straightforward, but this time the person he brought back with him is not a simple person. While this person is quite young, his strength is tremendous. Even eldest brother isn’t a match for him and left your daughter stunned. Eldest brother even readily announced his loss and spoke of his respect for him. From the eyes of your daughter, this is the first time I’ve ever eldest brother in such a state.” The second miss spoke with a gentle tone that could rival a skylark’s. Those who heard her voice would have their hearts skip a beat.

“Ah, so it’s like that? It would appear that I must go and see this person to understand what he is like for him to be someone that Xiao Er would respect.” The middle aged man murmured, all of his previous anger had evaporated suddenly.

Within Qin Xiao’s residence, Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Qin Xiao all laughed and chatted among each other as they ate and drank. With Qin Xiao’s straightforward personality, their friendship couldn’t help but deepen by quite a bit.

“Xiao Er, you are usually so quiet everyday. Just what has happened to cause you to become so loud?” A voice called out over the sounds of their laughter.

With that, an expensively dressed middle aged man walked into the compound with a casual stride.

“Father, why have you come today?” Qin Xiao shot up from his chair in surprise.

The man’s eyes looked at both Ming Dong and Jian Chen for a moment before laughing, “I haven’t been here for some time, so your father decided to visit you.” Then looking at the two others, he said, “Xiao Er, why don’t you introduce your two friends to your father.”

“Father, let me introduce you to my companions then. This one is Jian Chen and the other is Ming Dong.” Qin Xiao laughed as he pointed at the two.

Standing up, both Jian Chen and Ming Dong cupped their hands to the middle aged man, “I, Jian Chen, pay his respects to the patriarch!”

“I, Ming Dong, pay his respects to the patriarch!”

The middle aged man looked at Ming Dong for a moment before then looking at Jian Chen to measure them both. With a brief look of surprise, he nodded his head with a smile, “Not bad, you seem to be quite talented men. Where might you two come from?”

Without waiting for Jian Chen to say anything, Qin Xiao immediately spoke up, “Father, Jian Chen isn’t from our Zhuya Kingdom. They are from a far away kingdom that traveled here so that they could participate in the Gathering of the Mercenaries. Coincidentally, they came across me in their trip to Walaurent City.”

“Ah, so I see. Haha, brother Jian Chen has come from such a long distance away. Seeing how you were able to become friends with Xiao Er so fast, it would appear your meeting was by fate. Qin Xiao, your father still has some matters to attend to, treat your guests well in my absence.” The man spoke in an easy going manner as if he was a compassionate father and did not have the air of a patriarch.

After that, the man had left the compound, leaving the three of them alone.

Afterward, because of the matter with the Space Gate, Jian Chen and Ming Dong both accepted Qin Xiao’s invitation to stay at the Tianqin clan. Because of the Space Gate, they would be able to get to Mercenary City without embarking on a long journey.

That night, Jian Chen and Ming Dong stayed within a compound of their own that was relatively isolated where even the patrolmen rarely went to.

Later on in the night, Jian Chen held two monster cores in his hands as he continued to cultivate on his bed. For the sake of succeeding within the Gathering of the Mercenaries, Jian Chen had to continue cultivating his strength. His goal was to enter the top three and earn a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s ears twitched as his eyes both flashed open. As he saw two lights flash in the night, Jian Chen brought out his Light Wind Sword in an instant and leaped forward with his sword immediately stabbing up through the roof.


With this movement, the tiles on the roof was immediately split apart. A shadowy figure fell from the roof with a whistling sound as it made contact with Jian Chen’s sword. A large amount of shock was sent spiralling into Jian Chen’s arm, temporarily numbing his hand and causing part of his skin to split open.

Jian Chen was shocked at this man’s strength. With just a single exchange, he had been dealt an injury he couldn’t afford to take. At the very least, this unknown assailant’s strength was at the Third Cycle Earth Saint Masters level.

Jian Chen immediately flew backward as he looked at the shadowy figure, “Who are you?!” He demanded.

The figure didn’t say a word and instead brandished a black iron club to swing at Jian Chen.

At Jian Chen’s words, the Light Wind Sword in his hand began to glow faintly with an azure and violet light. Within the dark night, this color was very noticeable. In the next moment, the Light Wind Sword flashed silver before striking at the iron club.

“Ding!” The two weapons collided once more, causing Jian Chen to stagger backward. This mysterious attacker of his was so strong that he was most likely at the Fourth or even Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master instead of the Third Cycle. This wasn’t a level that Jian Chen could afford to fight against.

Despite all of this, the azure and violet Sword Qi had managed to cause a large gap within the assailant’s iron club.

The mysterious figure suddenly froze as he looked at his weapon before speaking out with a hoarse voice, “That’s…not possible!” Horror filled his voice before instantly flying out from the roof and disappearing into the night.

Jian Chen looked at the broken hole in his roof without a word as his eyes flashed brightly. Slowly, a thoughtful smile began to creep up on his face.


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