Chapter 2753: Taking Back the City

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Chapter 2753: Taking Back the City

Though the powerful rings of light and energy, it was possible to make out numerous figures hidden within. These figures were not powerful, basically all early Godkings. There was a huge disparity that existed between them and the Primordial realm.

However, they used their quantity of several hundred or even over a thousand people to pour their strength together using a formation or some kind of secret technique, achieving a leap in quality and allowing them to stand up to experts of the Primordial realm despite being just Godkings.

Under the encirclement of what was equivalent to over a dozen First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, the vice hall master, Duff, of the seventh divine hall immediately lost the upper hand. He was reduced to a state where he could only fend off the attacks under the furious, storm-like barrage.

And Duff had only managed this due to how tough he was. If some First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime from the Saints’ World was in his position instead, they would never be able to last as long as he did.

This was because the formation composed of these sacrificial soldiers only possessed the energy of Primordial realm experts, but not the laws. However, they did come from peak organisations after all, so they could use a few powerful and ancient secret techniques, which were extraordinary in power.

Suddenly, there was the clear cry of a crane and one of the balls of light around Duff suddenly changed. The light that was as blinding as the sun actually transformed into a huge crane of several hundred meters tall in a single instant.

As soon as the crane was completed, a tremendous pressure flooded the surroundings. The pressure was so great that it had completely surpassed the level of First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

The crane seemed like a great avatar. Although it consisted of only energy, it possessed a great will.

The crane spread its blade-like wings which turned into streaks of silver-white light, sweeping through the air with unbelievable speed towards Duff.

Duff’s expression changed. He felt threatened by the crane. A strike from the crane was no weaker than an attack from a peak First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. It even surpassed that.

And most importantly, the pressure that the crane gave off could actually suppress him to a certain degree.

“The secret techniques that these outsiders possess are only becoming more powerful than the next. I won’t be able to last much longer if this continues. Why hasn’t the hall master and the others arrived yet?” Duff was stern. With a wave of his hand, a shield flew out.

The shield was a low quality god artifact, but it was also incomplete. The artifact spirit had vanished. It had once been heavily damaged.


With that, the shield was blown away by the wing of the crane, dimming in the process. However, the strike from the crane was not spent yet. It continued towards Duff.


Blood sprayed from Duff’s mouth as he was blown far away.

The other organisations in the encirclement around Duff immediately used this opportunity to pursue. They did not give Duff any opportunity to catch their breath. They all mobilised their sacrificial Godkings to unleash secret techniques with their full strength, launching it all at Duff.

The surroundings immediately descended into chaos as storms of energy wreaked havoc. Even the Hundred Saint City that was several dozen kilometers away from this battlefield was affected.

As a result, when the storms of energy arrived, the towering walls of the city trembled slightly. The cultivators battling on the walls or in skies fell like leaves, scattered away by the storm.

From several dozen kilometers away, the Godkings were unaffected, but a few Overgods and cultivators below Overgod suffered rather heavy casualties.

A clearing appeared around the walls of the city, but soon afterwards, even more sacrificial soldiers filled the gap. They scaled the walls and directly killed their way into the city.

The defensive forces of the Darkstar race were suffering a crushing defeat!

On the other side, after being injured by the crane, Duff was no longer as powerful as when he was in his peak condition. His battle prowess plummeted. Faced with the vicious pursuit and attacks of over a dozen peak organisations, he finally began to show signs of weakness.

“God dammit! What is general Guan doing? Why haven’t the reinforcements arrived yet? If the outsiders retake the Hundred Saint City, that’ll be a vicious slap across the face of our seventh divine hall.” Duff was extremely irritated inside.

Now, the outsiders had already made their way into the Hundred Saint City and the pressure they faced plummeted. As a result, a few prodigies from a few peak clans were immediately freed up, rushing over to provide reinforcements with the sacrificial soldiers under their command. They fell into formation as quickly as they could as they charged at Duff aggressively.

Seeing that, Duff’s expression changed. He gritted his teeth and made up his mind, fleeing in complete reluctance.

“Don’t chase him. Let’s return to the Hundred Saint City immediately and activate the defensive formations. The Darkstar race won’t just let the matter end like this. They will definitely send even more powerful Primordial realm experts to deal with us. Only by gaining control over the Hundred Saint City will we have a path of retreat.”

With Duff’s flight, the dozen or so Primordial realm formations came to a halt as well. Jin Hong’s voice rang out from them, before flying towards the Hundred Saint City.

The other prodigies said nothing. Although they had successfully repelled Duff and taken back the Hundred Saint City, they did not seem happy at all. Instead, they were all solemn.

Soon afterwards, they all returned to the Hundred Saint City as well.

Very soon, the battle came to an end. Jin Hong and the others had reclaimed the city and the people from the various organisations who had been locked up earlier were all released as well.

“Quick, place these divine crystals into their given positions. We need to activate the defensive formations immediately.” Many leaders of the various organisations took out large quantities of divine crystals in the Hundred Saint City and handed them to their sacrificial soldiers, giving them a set of orders.

“I never thought we’d take back the city so easily. Fortunately they couldn’t activate the formations of the city.”

“The Hundred Saint City was built by us after all. The only thing it’s linked to is our bloodline. Coupled with the fact that the formations can only be activated with accompanying secret techniques, the Hundred Saint City is just an ordinary city even if the Darkstar race take it. How are they supposed to activate its true might?”

“Let’s just activate the formations quickly. As long as the formations have been completely activated, we’ll be able to last a while even if the seventh hall master comes in person. It’ll give us enough time to retreat.”

With that, everyone finally eased up. They all understood their limitations. They understood that the formations created from their sacrificial Godkings gave them a force equivalent to several dozen Primordial realm experts, but these would all just be First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, while there were many more powerful Primordial realm experts out there in the Darkstar World.

Even the seventh hall master was a Sixth Layer Primordial realm expert.

Just he alone could annihilate all their sacrificial soldiers with a sweep of his hand.

As a result, they needed to use the power of the city to contend against the stronger Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race.

“Young master, there’s bad news. Over a hundred crucial points to activating the formations have been sealed up with formations from the Darkstar race. We can’t get through them without strength at the Primordial realm,” a sacrificial soldier reported at this moment. When the prodigies all heard this, their faces all changed slightly.

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