Chapter 2754: Evenly Matched

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Chapter 2754: Evenly Matched

The formations of the Hundred Saint City differed from regular formations, due to the extreme restrictions that existed with what could be brought into the Darkstar World. Saint artifacts could be at the supreme quality at most. The various heavily resources, materials and resources suffered from the same restriction as well.

As a result, they obviously had to come up with extraordinary methods to build a colossal formation that could block the attacks of the Primordial realm under these restrictions. This also led to the creation of a formation consisting of various supreme quality saint artifacts and countless smaller formations under the assistance of the formation grandmasters and grandmaster artifact smiths who stood at the apex of the Saints’ World. However, it would be much more complicated to completely activate compared to the formations in the outside world.

These so-called crucial points of the formation were more like keys to the activating the formation than anything else. The formations had to be activated using these keys with their corresponding techniques. Now that the keys had been sealed off by the experts of the Darkstar race, it was obviously impossible to activate the formation that protected the city.

As a result, the leaders of the various organisations who had just eased up began to worry again after receiving the news.

They might have brought many sacrificial soldiers with them who would be equivalent to several dozen Primordial ream experts if they fell into formation, but these Primordial realm experts only possessed the energy, not the laws, of the Primordial realm. They still differed from actual Primordial realm experts at the end of the day. A force like this was enough to deal with any First or Second Heavenly Layer experts they ran into using their advantage in numbers.

However, if they encountered stronger Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race, they would just crumble in defeat.

As a result, the Hundred Saint City was what they relied on the most against the Darkstar race. It was also their final path of retreat.

“The teleportation formation connected to the entrance in the Two World Mountains has been sealed up by the Darkstar race as well…”

Another piece of news arrived, which made everyone’s heart sink even further.

However, they responded extremely quickly. The several dozen organizations immediately separated, charging towards several dozen crucial points with their sacrificial Godkings. They ordered the Godkings to fall into formation, unleashing the might of the Primordial realm to attack the formations cast down by the Darkstar race.

Immediately, booms roared through the Hundred Saint City as the strength of several dozen Primordial realm experts erupted inside, forming a devastating energy storm that shook up the entire city. The ground trembled.

However, the city was extremely sturdy, so it endured the barrage of energy. The countless saint artifacts that the city was composed of all did light up resplendently, however. Under a profound formation, these saint artifacts connected with one another, forming one flawless body and linking their energies together, spreading the damage across the entire structure.

“Quick, everyone unleash your full strength. At a time like this, we can’t afford to hold back anymore. We have to open up the formations in the Hundred Saint City before the stronger Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race arrive…”

Quite a few prodigies would call out anxiously as they attacked the formations. They would strike out with their full strength as they urged everyone else on.

This was because they all understood that only a fine line existed between life and death for them under the current circumstances. Whether they could survive completely depended on whether they could activate the formations in time.

However, the sealing formations laid down by the Darkstar race were not weak either. Even with the strength of the Primordial realm from the formations of their sacrificial soldiers, they still struggled to destroy these formations.

Only after an entire thirty minutes did a formation finally collapse on itself from running out of energy under their constant barrage of attacks, exposing the crucial point sealed up in there.

However, just a single crucial point was nowhere near enough. If they wanted to activate the formation completely, they needed to use all the crucial points together.

That was a total of ninety-nine crucial points!

There were also people attacking the sealing formation around the teleportation formation. A total of four organisations gathered there, giving off the aura of four Primordial realm experts as they blasted the sealing formation.

However, the sealing formation was clearly much stronger there. Even under what was equivalent to the attacks of four Primordial realm experts, it remained intact for such a long time.

Time passed quietly under everyone’s nervousness. Very soon, an hour had passed and less than ten of the ninety-nine crucial points had been exposed. However, a piece of good news arrived very soon.

The sealing formation around the teleportation formation had been destroyed.

“Check the teleportation formation immediately, and then activate it. Make sure the teleportation formation is available for use at all times…”

“Quick, send people over to check. If we can’t activate the main formation in the Hundred Saint City before stronger Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race arrive, leave through the teleportation formation immediately…”

Orders were issued one after another and the people around the teleportation formation immediately got to work.

But very soon, the people checking on the teleportation formation cried out, “God dammit! Those bastards of the Darkstar race! They’ve actually dismantled an important component of the teleportation formation. Putting it back together will take a month at the very least…”

When the prodigies heard that, their hearts all sank as their faces twisted.

The teleportation formation was their only path of retreat. Now that it was out of service, it meant that they could no longer leave here.

“Only a single path lies ahead of us, which is gaining complete control over the Hundred Saint City. That’s the only way for us to last in this world,” Jin Hong’s voice rang out.

“The teleportation formation requires a month before it can be used. Even if we activate the main formations of the city, it can’t last a month against the attacks of stronger Primordial realm experts,” Baizhan Xiong of the Hundred Battles clan bellowed. He originally believed they would be able to manevre about freely after taking back the Hundred Saint City, but he never thought the Darkstar race would be even craftier than he imagined them to be, where they had actually done so much to the Hundred Saint City that it endangered them.

“Now’s not the time to discuss that. Let’s focus all of our efforts into destroying the formations. I hope we can make it…”

None of them knew the reason why the stronger Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race had yet to arrive was because someone had held them up elsewhere. Otherwise, they would have never had the opportunity to charge into the Hundred Saint City.

They would have been stopped by the arriving Primordial realm experts probably before they could even set foot in the city.

At the same time, a battle that could also be described as unprecedented among the Darkstar race unfolded in a wasteland several million kilometers from the capital city.

Disguised as Kun Tian, Jian Chen fought the seventh hall master Getti with great intensity. Energy swept through the surroundings as sharp strands of sword Qi and glistening Laws of Metal collided again and again in the surroundings. There were even traces of scorching-hot Laws of Fire among it all.

Every time they clashed, every time their energy collided, it was like a clap of thunder, producing a deafening boom. The energy left behind several dozen craters in the ground below, basically riddling the area with holes.

“Getti, looks like this is all there is to your strength. I might not have been your opponent in the past, but I’m no weaker than you now.” Jian Chen laughed aloud. The sword in his hand shone with dazzling light and with a swing, the surroundings immediately lit up. The entire space there became filled with tiny strands of sword Qi which swept towards Kun Tian.

Getti’s expression twisted. He actually possessed the upper hand as he clashed with Jian Chen, but he did not seem happy at all.

This was because before Kun Tian had broken through, he was not his opponent at all. He could beat up Kun Tian with great ease, but now, he discovered that the ‘Kun Tian’ who had just broken through had become much stronger than he imagined him to be. Kun Tian had only reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer a few days ago, yet he was able to match him, someone who had spent several million years at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, evenly.

Kun Tian’s sword Qi is actually even sharper than before, and his usage of the Laws of the Sword has improved as well. Breaking through and losing his memory this time has actually come with tremendous benefits. What kind of luck is that?” Getti resented secretly. His face had darkened. Although he had complete confidence in being able to defeat Kun Tian if he used his full strength, Kun Tian had only just reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer recently, so there was a lot of room for growth for him. He could defeat Kun Tian now, but what about the future?

“Our hall master has actually become so powerful, but the way the hall master fights seems to be slightly different from before…”

“Have you discovered that ever since our hall master reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer, his battle prowess has clearly increased qualitatively…”

“Hahaha, don’t forget that our hall master’s remained in the Land of Soul Destruction for three whole years. He must have had a fortuitous encounter during those three years, or he might have learned some battle tactics from the lingering consciousness of the planetary beast…”

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin who watched on from afar were all overjoyed. Their fifth divine hall had always been on bad terms with the seventh divine hall and they had received quite a lot of abuse from them before. With their lacklustre strength, there were even times when they just had to accept it silently. The inability and frustration they experienced was maddening.

Now, their patience had finally bore fruit. After reaching the Sixth Heavenly Layer, their hall master was no weaker than an expert who had reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer several million years ago. He was able to stand up to Getti. They no longer had to suffer the abuse from the seventh divine hall anymore.

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin all felt elated. They were extremely excited and utterly overjoyed.

To the other side, the expressions of the two vice hall masters of the seventh divine hall, Kasol and An Lie, was not any better than Getti’s. Both of them hovered in the distance quietly. They formed quite the contrast with the three overjoyed vice hall masters on the other side.

Hmph, I have to defeat Kun Tian no matter what this time.” The senses of Getti’s soul swept out and he noticed the expressions of the vice hall masters from both divine halls. His eyes immediately coldened.

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