Chapter 2755: The Bell of Suppression

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Chapter 2755: The Bell of Suppression

Getti formed a seal with both hands and began to use a secret technique. A golden fire suddenly rose up from him. It gave off terrifying heat under its dazzling, golden light.

This was a combination of the Laws of Metal and the Laws of Fire.

Even though the two laws remained separate, Getti’s usage of them was extremely skillful, such that it seemed like the two laws had fused together.

With his movements, the ways of the world began to descend. The Laws of Metal and Laws of Fire conjured around Getti.

“Bell of Suppression, suppress!” Getti bellowed out. With that, his energy immediately surged, flowing out like a tidal wave. It combined with the Laws of Metal and Laws of Fire around him perfectly, forming a huge, golden bell of several dozen meters tall in a single instance and flying towards Jian Chen.

The golden bell descended from above Jian Chen’s head. As if it was connected to the surroundings, it suppressed Jian Chen with the great might of the world.

Jian Chen’s body sank. Below the golden bell, he immediately felt like his body weighed as much as a mountain. A mysterious force appeared from the golden bell as well, restricting his surroundings.

“The Bell of Suppression. That’s a God Tier Battle Skill that the hall master created after several million years. It’s one of his greatest techniques. I never thought our hall master would actually use this move against Kun Tian…” Afar, vice hall master An Lie’s eyes lit up as he could not help but say.

Standing beside him, Kasol became eager as well, showing signs of excitement. He said, “Out of the many times Kun Tian has battled with our hall master, there were two times when Kun Tian became trapped by our hall master’s Bell of Suppression, unable to break free. For both times, he would remain trapped in there for several days and be utterly humiliated. Who knows how long our hall master can keep Kun Tian trapped this time.”

“Kun Tian’s reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer now after all, so he’s completely different from before. It’s obviously impossible for the Bell of Suppression to keep him trapped for as long as before,” said An Lie. His lips curled into a faint smile, as if victory was already determined.

“Oh no. Hall master Getti’s actually using the Bell of Suppression again.” To the other side, the expressions of the three vice hall masters changed. They all became stern as their gazes focused on Jian Chen, watching on closely with some worry.

Jian Chen stared at the Bell of Suppression as it descended from above. His eyes shone slightly. He secretly used a sliver of his ultimate will and discovered that he could once again sense the obscure connection between the world and the Bell of Suppression.

If he wanted to, he could use the power of the ultimate will to sever this connection at any time, such that an extraordinary God Tier Battle Skill like the Bell of Suppression would be reduced to an ordinary attack in a single instance.

However, he did not do that. Instead, he put on an act like he was powerless against it, allowing the bell to fall on him.


With that, the Bell of Suppression slammed against the ground heavily like it was crushing the entire area. It seemed to have become a prison, trapping Jian Chen in there.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before long, a series of muffled sounds rang out from the bell, shaking up the surroundings. The terrifying sound waves spread through the surroundings, causing the ground to shatter and become riddled with thick cracks.

This was from Jian Chen’s attacks landing on the Bell of Suppression. Every single attack would make the Bell of Suppression shake slightly. Every single attack would make the golden light disperse slightly.

An Lie who had originally been grinning slightly immediately became stern with this sight. He frowned, “After reaching the Sixth Heavenly Layer, Kun Tian’s strength has increased by far too much. It seems like the hall master’s Bell of Suppression can only keep Kun Tian trapped for a few hours.”

Kasol was rather distracted as he muttered, “This is impossible. Kun Tian’s clearly just broken through. He probably hasn’t even consolidated his cultivation completely. There’s still huge room for improvement in the future for him. If he’s already so powerful now, wouldn’t that mean that our hall master will be helpless against him once he reaches the peak of this realm?”

“Sigh, looks like Kun Tian’s really benefited from the Land of Soul Destruction…” An Lie sighed gently.

To another side, Getti’s expression did not ease up at all. Instead, he became sterner. He stared at the trembling, booming Bell of Suppression and thought, “The Bell of Suppression could keep him trapped for a couple of days in the past, but now, looking at how quickly the energy is being depleted, the bell can probably only keep him trapped for around a minute at most.

Kun Tian, just what fortuitous encounter did you go through in the Land of Soul Destruction such that your battle prowess has increased so much?” Getti’s gaze was rather chilling. He formed a seal with both hands again and immediately slammed strands of Laws of Fire into the Bell of Suppression.

Immediately, scorching flames rose up from the dazzling bell. In that instant, the Bell of Suppression seemed to become a huge cauldron, refining the trapped Jian Chen.

“Oh no, our hall master’s in trouble…”

“In the past, he only just trapped the hall master, but now, he’s actually refining the hall master with the Laws of Fire. Our hall master probably won’t be able to last very long like that…”

“What is Getti trying to do? Is he trying to kill him…”

Bing Yuan, Dou Wujin and Tarot struggled to remain composed. They all became rather frantic.

But suddenly, there was an explosion. Getti’s Bell of Suppression blew up loudly, while the sealed area became filled with sword Qi. The silvery-white sword Qi seemed like a pillar reaching towards the heavens, stabbing straight into the sky and illuminating the surroundings.

Jian Chen’s figure flickered within the centre of the pillar of sword Qi. He seemed to have transformed into the sword Qi that pierced through everything, forcing his way out of Getti’s Bell of Suppression.

However, it took him tremendous amounts of effort to do that. After smashing through the Bell of Suppression, his sword Qi immediately died down, revealing his figure. However, his complexion was rather pale and he seemed rather frail.

“Kun Tian, you’ve proved that you’re worthy of my attention. However, that’s all it is. You’re still not my opponent.” Getti stared at the pale-faced Jian Chen and did not continue attacking him.

Jian Chen did not continue either. Instead, he said sternly, “You really are an experienced Sixth Heavenly Layer expert. Just breaking out of your Bell of Suppression took up forty percent of my strength. I’m not your opponent right now, but I’m not just going to let the matter of borrowing a great deal of resources from me slide.” With that, Jian Chen waved his hand at the three vice hall masters and left.

“You bastard! I’ve already said that I’ve never borrowed anything from you!” Getti became rather irritated from that. There was something wrong with Kun Tian’s head. He just kept insisting he had borrowed from him. It made Getti feel like he could never clear his name.

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin obviously understood that Getti probably was not in the wrong here as they listened to his curses. They all smiled bitterly instead. However, Jian Chen who flew at the very front was unfazed. He thought to himself, “Eight hours have passed already. Jin Hong and the others should have reclaimed the Hundred Saint City already. However, I need to pay a personal visit to the Hundred Saint City. Although the seventh divine hall is in charge for this millennium, something unpredictable might happen. You can never know what can happen.” Jian Chen was worried about the situation of the Hundred Saint City, which was why he was afraid to spend too much time fighting against Getti.

After all, as they were all outsiders, Jian Chen would obviously help out the people in the Hundred Saint City as long as it was within his ability.

Through this battle, he had basically gained a grasp over Getti’s actual battle prowess as well. His strength was extraordinary. If it really did come to a battle of life or death, he would struggle to kill Getti in a short amount of time.

Unless I use the Profound Sword Qi or the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, killing him will take quite the effort,” thought Jian Chen. Although Getti was at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he was no weaker than Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes of the Saints’ World. Without the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, killing a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime would not be an easy feat.

Although he had obtained a god artifact armor and a god artifact sword from Kun Tian, incomplete god artifacts without artifact spirits could never be compared to complete god artifacts.

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