Chapter 2756: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (One)

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Chapter 2756: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (One)

Four figures traveled through the sky swiftly like shooting stars towards the capital city of the Darkstar race.

Jian Chen flew at the very front. He had his arms behind his back as he remained relaxed. Only his eyes would twinkle from time to time, thinking about something.

Behind him, Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin smiled ear to ear. They seemed to be in an extremely great mood.

Although their hall master had lost the battle, they could see how their hall master already possessed the strength to stand up to Getti. It was no longer like before, where he was completely helpless against him and would only be overwhelmed.

Moreover, they believed that in the future, their hall master’s battle prowess would definitely exceed the seventh hall master’s. By then, they would be able to strike back fearlessly against the vice hall masters of the seventh divine hall as well.

Back at the battlefield, the seventh hall master and the two vice hall masters remained where they were. Getti stared deeply in the direction which Jian Chen had left in and said sternly after quite a while, “I never thought Kun Tian would become so powerful as soon as he broke through. Once he reaches the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer in the future, I probably won’t be his opponent anymore.”

“Hall master, there’s no need to belittle yourself. Haven’t you won this battle? And, you haven’t used your other powerful battle skills either. You’ve only used a fraction of your strength against Kun Tian, so even if Kun Tian really does reach the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he’ll be equal to you at most,” Kasol said. He had to admit that Kun Tian was very powerful, but he refused to believe he would surpass Getti.

This was because Kun Tian had only comprehended a single law, the Laws of the Sword. Even though it was one of the laws with the greatest offensive power, it still paled in comparison to Getti’s two laws.

If one of Getti’s laws was used alone against the Laws of the Sword, it would obviously lose out, but if the two laws were used simultaneously, it would be a completely different story.

Moreover, Getti’s usage of the two laws had already neared perfection. They had basically reached the stage where they fused together. Even though they were not actually fused, their power was no weaker than the Laws of the Sword.

Getti shook his head gently, “It’s different. You can’t treat Kun Tian’s breakthrough this time like all the times before, because he broke through in the Land of Soul Destruction. The Land of Soul Destruction is filled with the lingering consciousness and indestructible will of the planetary beast. Although the lingering consciousness poses great risk to all cultivators who set foot in there, they offer great fortune as well. Kun Tian’s become so powerful just from breaking through, and his Laws of the Sword has clearly grown stronger. It’s as clear as day that he’s had a fortuitous encounter in there.”

“And, while he did lose this battle, I feel like he was also holding back. As a result, it’s possible that he’ll exceed me when he reaches the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer.”

Kasol and An Lie said nothing more. It was possible to tell from how stern they were that they felt extremely glum inside.

“Let’s go back. We should check out the situation with the Hundred Saint City as well,” said Getti. He quickly settled down and regained his calmness. He flew back to the capital city with Kasol and An Lie.

Jian Chen’s group of four and Getti’s group of three returned to their corresponding divine halls in the capital city at roughly the same time.

General Guan who had come to the seventh divine hall seeking reinforcements was no longer present. The area around the teleportation formation was empty.

Getti landed on the spacious square before the seventh divine hall with the two hall masters and directly made his way over to the teleportation formation. Afterwards, they vanished with a flash.

Jian Chen and the others from the neighbouring fifth divine hall disregarded all of that.

Jian Chen watched Getti and the two vice hall masters leave through the teleportation formation. After a moment of consideration, he asked slowly, “The Fruit of Nurturing Ways requires a large amount of divine crystals to evolve, but all of these divine crystals come from the outsiders. Are there a lot of outsiders gathered in the Hundred Saint City?”

“Hall master, that would be the Hundred Saint City of the past. The Hundred Saint City has already been claimed by our race under the orders of the seventh hall master,” said vice hall master Bing Yuan.

Dou Wujin chuckled with that, “That’s become a matter of the past as well. Just earlier, general Guan who had been stationed at the Hundred Saint City came back seeking reinforcements, saying that the outsiders were trying to take back the city. They won’t be able to hold the Hundred Saint City for much longer. I think hall master Getti’s left through the teleportation formation to go to the Hundred Saint City.” Dou Wujin was a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, so he was much stronger than Bing Yuan. As a result, he heard exactly what general Guan had said earlier.

However, Dou Wujin did not really care about the Hundred Saint City. In his eyes, the existence or ownership of the Hundred Saint City was insignificant. If Jian Chen had not asked about it, he probably would have forgotten about this already.

“Hall master, there’s no need to worry about the source of the divine crystals for now, because in the past few years, the ten divine halls have all recruited some outsiders to deal with this matter. Although the organisations behind these people are nowhere as powerful as those behind the people of the Hundred Saint City, this won’t be a problem if it’s just obtaining divine crystals,” continued Dou Wujin.

“Alright. Though, it’s not just for the sake of divine crystal, but for heavenly resources that can heal the soul as well. I’ll probably need these heavenly resources to recover my memories. Since the cultivators of the Hundred Saint City have such powerful backings, they might possess heavenly resources like that. Let’s go and check out the Hundred Saint City as well,” said Jian Chen. He would definitely be standing on the side of the Hundred Saint City if he went, and perhaps he would even need to interfere and stop Getti when the need arose. As a result, he needed to have a valid reason for going there, a reason that would not raise any suspicion at all. Only then would it seem normal.

Otherwise, if he, an amnesiac, someone who should have forgotten everything, suddenly wanted to help the Hundred Saint City, anyone would be able to see through his act.

“Yes, hall master!”

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin all answered. If their hall master had directly stated that he wanted to go to the Hundred Saint City, the three of them would definitely find it extremely strange, because their hall master had never cared about the Hundred Saint City in the past. Even when the fifth divine hall was in control, he had never asked about the Hundred Saint City, because it was not something worth his attention.

However, they came to an understanding after hearing what their hall master said at the end.

It was true. His soul was injured and if he wanted pills or heavenly resources that could heal the soul, he could only rely on these outsiders.

And, they understood that even in the outside world, heavenly resources and pills that could heal souls were extremely precious. They were not items that any random organisation could produce.

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