Chapter 2757: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (Two)

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Chapter 2757: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (Two)

Booms rang through the Hundred Saint City endlessly as powerful storms of energy swept through the entire place.

The prodigies from the several dozen peak organisations of the Saints’ World currently stood in formation with their sacrificial Godkings, unleashing the powerful strength of First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes as they attacked the formations left behind by the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race with everything they had.

They were aware that time was tight. The Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race could arrive at any moment, which was why they unleashed their full strength, disregarding how much energy they used up, to barrage the formations constantly.

The number of sacrificial Godkings under the command of each organisation differed. Some had as many as over a thousand people, while some had as few as six or seven hundred. As a result, the organisations with fewer sacrificial Godkings gradually showed signs of weakness due to their depleted energy before they could even get through a single formation.

They were unable to absorb the origin energy in the surroundings as they were in the Darkstar World. Once their energy was depleted, they could only recover it through absorbing the energy in divine crystals. Many of them had exhausted themselves when they took back the Hundred Saint City earlier, so they obviously felt like they were overexerting themselves now that they had to destroy these formations as well.

Of course, the primary reason for all this was because they were not actually at the Primordial realm. Although the formations could gather their energy and unleash the might of the Primordial realm, they still paled in comparison to actual Primordial realm experts.

“We’re through! We’re through with the formation over here! We can activate the crucial point now…” Suddenly, an excited cheer rang out. Jin Hong’s group had finally destroyed the formation around a crucial point after several attacks.

Of course, they had not actually destroyed it. Instead, they had depleted the energy in the formation, such that it collapsed on itself.

Jin Hong exhaled deeply. As he looked at the crucial point exposed before him, he seemed to see the hope of victory.

“One crucial point’s nowhere near enough. We need all of them to completely activate the formations of the city.” Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect bellowed out from another side. He stood in a great formation with almost a thousand of the sacrificial Godkings from his Empirelotus Sword sect, conjuring a strand of dazzling, surging sword Qi.

The energy in his targeted formation rapidly being depleted as well. Clearly, it was close to collapsing.

“Leave behind two people to fill the crucial point with divine crystals. The rest, come with me.” Jin Hong did not rest. After a series of orders, he immediately ventured to the next crucial point with his sacrificial Godkings.

There were a total of ninety-nine crucial points to activating the formations of the Hundred Saint City, but there were only around sixty organisations that could create Primordial realm formations. Even when a single organisation handled a single point, over thirty crucial points would still remain untouched.

Very soon, Jin Hong managed to get through to a second crucial point.

Many more crucial points followed. The stronger organisations in the group had all exposed a crucial point now.

Without any exception, no one stopped to rest. After getting through to their first crucial point, they would eat some pills to recover their energy before continuing to the next crucial point.

Time passed gradually as everyone made use of every second. Very soon, several hours had passed. During these few hours, everyone had overexerted their origin energy, including Jin Hong. They had no time to absorb energy from divine crystals. They all used the pills they had brought in from the Saints’ World.

They chowed down the various types of supreme grade pills like candy.

After several hours of full-powered attacks, most of the ninety-nine crucial points were now exposed. Only around thirty remained.

However, the fewer crucial points that remained, the slower they became at getting through to them. Gradually, it had gone from a single organisation per crucial point to two organisations.

There were even some crucial points with three organisations around them.

At the same time, there were a large number of city guards were stationed around the teleportation formation in the centre of the Darknight City, the city closest to the Hundred Saint City. This teleportation formation that connected the cities in the Darkstar World was now under control, forbidding anyone from setting foot in there.

Suddenly, the teleportation formation lit up and three figures appeared. Unsurprisingly, they were the seventh hall master Getti and his two vice hall masters, An Lie and Kasol.

Out of the three of them, Getti was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

After him was An Lie at the Fourth Heavenly Layer, and then finally Kasol at the Third Heavenly Layer.

With their emergence from the formation, the heavy pressure of the Primordial realm engulfed the entire city in a single instant.

“Greetings, hall master! Greetings, vice hall masters!”

The city guards stationed around the teleportation formation all knelt down to greet them. They showed great respect. Most of them even displayed admiration and faith in their eyes.

The Primordial realm was a supreme level of cultivation within the Darkstar race. It was a supreme realm that obstructed far, far too many Godkings of the Darkstar race. It was also a gate of legends that all Godkings of the Darkstar race strived for, but were not able to cross through.

Throughout the history of the Darkstar race, across all those years, they had only managed to gather a handful of Primordial realm experts. It was possible to say that each Primordial realm expert represented utmost glory and endless authority.

The seventh hall master Getti stepped out with a cold expression. He looked past the city guards in the surroundings who were no stronger than Godkings in an indifferent manner. He seemed like he reigned above and could step over their lives if he wished to.

He said nothing, as if communicating with these city guards of lowly status would lower his social status. As a result, as soon as he emerged from the teleportation, he took off into the air. His target was obviously the Hundred Saint City.

An Lie and Kasol followed closely behind.

“Do you see him? That’s the seventh hall master. He’s the person who’s responsible for all the matters of our race this millennium…”

“I never thought the seventh hall master would actually come to our Darknight City. He’s an extremely powerful Primordial realm expert. It’s said that the seventh hall master is almost unrivalled in strength. He’s already reached the peak of Infinite Prime, one of the absolute figures only second to the emperor…”

“Never did I think, never did I think I would actually see legendary Primordial realm experts one day…”

The entire city immediately fell into an uproar after Getti had left. Everyone was in high spirits as they discussed the seventh hall master with great intensity.

However, the teleportation formation suddenly flashed again and a few more figures appeared.

The difference this time was that before the white light had even receded, one of the figures had already shot off. He moved extremely quickly, so fast that no one saw him clearly.

These people who had appeared afterwards stunned all of the city guards in the surroundings, because they had only heard the seventh hall master would be visiting the Darknight City. They had closed off all teleportations leading to the Darknight City from other cities as a result, so what was the deal with this second group of people?

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