Chapter 2759: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (Four)

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Chapter 2759: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (Four)

“Oh no, a Primordial realm expert of the Darkstar race has arrived. They’re at the Fifth Heavenly Layer at the very least, or even stronger than that!” The prodigies in the Hundred Saint City all changed drastically in expression. The voice made their hearts that had just relaxed tighten up once more.

The defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City were just too complicated, so they required some time to activate. Now that the process was still incomplete, it was incapable of stopping stronger Primordial realm experts.

Afar, the seventh hall master Getti’s face was sunken. He was furious as he radiated with heavy killing intent. He had already pulled ahead of An Lie and Kasol, rushing towards the Hundred Saint City as quickly as he could.

The senses of his soul had already engulfed the Hundred Saint City. He could see everything inside. Those pools and streams of blood and those corpses of his clansmen astrewn on the ground had completely set off Getti’s killing intent.

Although he had learned about the battle near the Hundred Saint City from general Guan, he had not been too worried, because he believed that even if the army stationed here could not fend off the outsiders, they would be able to last for a while with vice hall master Duff’s support.

As a result, Getti had been in no hurry as he made his way over.

However, never did he think that he would see a ground littered with corpses of his own clansmen when he arrived at the Hundred Saint City, and that the city would have fallen to the hands of the outsiders.

He could ignore the casualties of his clansmen, but the loss of the Hundred Saint City truly angered him.

That was because he was the one who had passed the order to take the Hundred Saint City. Now that the outsiders had taken it back, it completely humiliated Getti. It was basically an issue of his pride now.

Getti hovered several hundred meters in the air with a darkened expression outside the city while his tremendous presence flooded out. He scanned past the people of the Hundred Saint City coldly and said, “Do you really think you’ll be fine if you just hide in the city? None of you will be escaping today.” With that, Getti immediately lit up with golden light. The Laws of Metal in the surroundings condensed rapidly, forming a golden sword before Getti in a single instant. It glistened brightly, dyeing the surroundings golden.


The golden sword shot off extremely quickly. It flew towards the rapidly-forming barrier of the Hundred Saint City in a single instant.

Over sixty layers of the barrier had already formed around the Hundred Saint City. The layers were pressed together, like a thick wall.

When the golden sword stabbed into the first layer, the first layer gave way easily like paper.

Following that was the second layer…

Third layer…

Fourth layer…

Tenth layer…

The golden sword was unstoppable. It pierced through over forty barriers in the blink of an eye, and it rapidly continued through the remaining twenty or so barriers as well.

Every single layer of the barrier was able to block the attack of a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, but before Getti, even several dozen of them were useless.

All of the prodigies witnessed this, and they all paled.

“The formations of the Hundred Saint City still need another half a minute at the very least to completely activate. It won’t make it. Everyone fall into formation. We need to make some time for the formations.” Jin Hong became extremely stern. He immediately gathered everyone, falling into formation with the sacrificial Godkings.

“Yeah, quick, quick, quick. Fall into formation…”

“Quick, fall into formation as quickly as possible. We have to make time so the formation can reach completion…”

In the face of death, everyone erupted with the potential they were hiding and fell into formation as quickly as they could.

Finally, several dozen Primordial realm formations appeared just before the golden sword could pierce through the barrier completely. Several dozen balls of light immediately erupted in the city. Everyone unleashed their strongest attack at the golden sword in the air.

It was also at this moment that the golden sword finally pierced through the barrier and reached the city. It immediately collided with the several dozen First Heavenly Layer attacks.


With the deafening boom, the golden sword finally collapsed completely, due to expending too much energy to pierce all those layers of the barrier. It turned into a powerful storm of energy, wreaking havoc in the city.

The storm was so powerful that it was even stronger than the storms from when they clashed against Duff. When this storm swept through them with the Laws of Metal, sacrificial Godkings in the formations spurted with blood like they were all heavily injured. They were blown far away, scattered everywhere.

In the blink of an eye, several dozen Primordial realm formations collapsed just like that.

The difference in their strength was just too great. It was basically an untraversable chasm. It could not be made up with quantity.

Although they could unleash the might of the Primordial realm with their sacrificial soldiers and formations, it was at the First Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime at most, and all it possessed was the energy of the Primordial realm, not the laws. A difference still existed when they faced actual Primordial realm experts.

This was more than enough for dealing with First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. They could even kill a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime if they all worked together. Even for those at the Second Heavenly Layer, they could handle them with sufficient teamwork.

It would be rather difficult if it was the Third Heavenly Layer. Even though there were several dozen organisations, which was equivalent to several dozen Primordial realm formations, the only thing awaiting them would be defeat if they faced against a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Even their chances of survival would be slim.

This was the case with just Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, so it went without saying what would happen against Getti who even surpassed Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes of the Saints’ World in terms of battle prowess.

As a result, even with their most powerful formations, even when they used everything they had, they were unable to endure a half-hearted attack from Getti.

On the ground in the city, He Qianqian, Ping Yisheng, Baizhan Xiong, Guan Wanhua and the prodigies were all sheet-white. Blood flowed from the corner of their lips as they gazed at the seventh hall master in despair. They had already lost the ability to fight back.

All they needed was less than a minute, and the defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City would be completely activated. By then, even if they faced against a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like Getti, they would still be able to last until they fixed the teleportation formation, which would allow them to leave safely.

It was just a pity that they did not have this time. Although the defensive formations of the city were still developing and strengthening, there was a powerful Primordial realm expert right outside the city walls. Why would he just stand aside and wait for the defensive formations to be completed?

All of the prodigies understood that their lives were completely at the whim of this person now.

Nearby, the pale-faced Jin Hong who had also been injured stood up with difficulty. He raised his head to look at the hovering Getti. He also seemed rather helpless.

He had obtained the legacy of a Grand Exalt. He had grasped various powerful abilities and secret techniques, so his battle prowess was extremely great. However, it was nowhere close enough for him to hold off a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime as a mid Godking.

“Senior of the Darkstar race, this one comes from the Chu family. I am willing to represent our Chu family to negotiate with your esteemed race. I hope-” Chu Jie wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and said to Getti politely in the crowd. However, before he could finish, he was interrupted by a cold snort from Getti.

“Hmph, I don’t care which clan you represent from the Saints’ World. You’ve killed so many of my clansmen today, so no one can save you today. All of you will die,” Getti said icily. His killing intent was extremely heavy.

He knew the defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City were still developing. Once it was completed, it would take quite the effort to get through even for him, so he no longer wasted any more time. He waved at the city gently.

With that wave, golden light immediately unfurled, transforming into a cloud of golden sword Qi. They were as densely packed as rain as they directly shot towards the city as long streaks of light.

All of the prodigies could sense the power within these golden strands of sword Qi in the city. All of them became despaired, reluctant to just die like this.

If this was the Saints’ World, it would be impossible for them to be slain by a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime so easily, because they came from peak clans of the Saints’ World. Their clans had bestowed them with various powerful trump cards and forms of protection. Even against Chaotic Primes, there was a chance for them to escape.

Unfortunately, the rules that came with their entry into the Darkstar World forbid them from bringing in anything at the God Tier with them. This was why all of them seemed so helpless as they faced Getti.

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