Chapter 2761: Condition

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Chapter 2761: Condition

Getti’s expression eased up slightly from that. He cared about the upcoming great ceremony very much. Actually, it was not just him. All of the Primordial realm experts in the Darkstar race valued the great ceremony more than their own lives.

This was because once the ceremony succeeded, the will of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits would weaken, and the restraints it posed on them would decrease. By then, the limit of their cultivation would no longer be Infinite Prime. There would be hopes for them to reach Chaotic Prime.

However, the great ceremony was neither easy to succeed with, nor was it simple. It was extremely complicated, and it required the participation of all Primordial realm experts. They had to go through many steps and even just a tiny error on one of the steps could make the ceremony fail.

As a result, Getti understood that if Kun Tian’s soul remained damaged and he suddenly lost control of himself during the ceremony, it would probably all end in failure even with the increased success rate due to the essence blood of the divine beast.

As a result, from a certain perspective, Kun Tian’s recovery would directly benefit Getti’s interests.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll spare the Hundred Saint City for now. However, they’ve killed and injured many of our clansmen today. I will be collecting this debt of blood some day,” Getti said emotionlessly, before turning around and leaving dramatically.

An Lie and Kasol of the seventh divine hall glanced at the Hundred Saint City that almost completed its formations. They said nothing and left with their hall master.

Now, only Jian Chen and the three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall remained outside the city. The four of them hovered in the air and all looked at it from above.

By now, the barrier around the Hundred Saint City had already developed ninety-nine layers. When the ninety-ninth layer completely enveloped the city, the energy of the entire city suddenly soared. Extremely violent energy surged out from beneath the place. It actually managed to affect the space there, causing it to twist and distort.

The ninety-nine layers of the barrier gradually fused together as well. As they merged together, the barrier constantly grew thinner, but its defences skyrocketed.

A while later, the ninety-nine layers had all fused into one, becoming a paper-thin, spherical barrier that was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Only now did the prodigies in the city let out sighs of relief. They completely settled down now, because the formations of the Hundred Saint City had completely developed and its defences were completely activated. Even if the seventh hall master returned, they could last a few days with the formation.

“Quick, send people to repair the teleportation formation immediately!”

A person immediately passed an order within the city. With that, over a hundred cultivators who were rather knowledgeable about teleportation formation left the group, rushing towards the teleportation formation as quickly as possible.

The teleportation formation was directly connected with the exit that led to the Spirits’ World. It was their only path of retreat right now.

Jian Chen hovered over above and studied the city. He could not help but find it to be rather admirable.

He had already managed to see through the formations of the city. They were extremely powerful and constructed out of various different smaller formations. The paper-thin barrier on the surface was only the Hundred Saint City’s first line of defence. Apart from the barrier, many other formations had secretly unfurled as well, fusing with the space there and operating silently.

Just the defences of the city could easily block the powerful attacks of Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

Aside from the defensive formations, the Hundred Saint City was also hiding offensive formations, trapping formations, illusion formations and so on. These formations layered upon each other perfectly. They were extremely difficult to destroy.

“To think that just the combination of some supreme quality saint artifacts can create such a powerful formation. They truly are the peak clans of the Saints’ World. Their handiwork is truly extraordinary,” Jian Chen sighed in admiration. It was not difficult to forge so many supreme quality saint artifacts. What was difficult was combining them to create a defensive formation that could even block the attacks of Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

In the city, Jin Hong, He Qianqian, Ping Yisheng and the prodigies all looked at the four people in the air. They all appeared hesitant.

They obviously could not recognise Jian Chen right now with his disguise as Kun Tian.

However, all of them saw how Jian Chen stopped Getti and nullified Getti’s lethal attack from before.

Logically speaking, Jian Chen was their savior as he had just saved their lives. Yet, a barrier currently separated them. There was something morally wrong about that.

However, what they experienced in the past made them all cautious of the Darkstar race, so they all became rather afraid to open the formation and let him in.

The difference in their strength was just too great. If the four of them possessed ill will, they would basically be letting in the enemy.

They must also be one of the ten divine halls of the Darkstar race. What do we do? Should we open the formation and invite them in, so we can properly thank them and potentially establish some ties with them…

This person must be the master of a hall, seeing how he confronted the seventh hall master. We’ve operated among the Darkstar race for all these years, but all we’ve managed to rope in are a few vice hall masters. We’ve never roped in the master of a hall before. This is a fantastic opportunity presented right before us…

Once we gain the support of a hall master, why would we still have to fear the seventh divine hall…

No, absolutely not. We don’t know what they want, so we can’t take any further risks. Just the slightest carelessness could doom us…


The leaders of the various organisations all communicated with each other secretly. They engaged in an intense discussion.

“The fifth hall master has personally come to visit the Hundred Saint City. Why aren’t you welcoming him?” At this moment, Bing Yuan who stood behind Jian Chen called out with a frown. Clearly, he was displeased with the rudeness of the Hundred Saint City.

“These people sure are ignorant. If the hall master hadn’t interfered and saved them, they would have all died to Getti already. They wouldn’t still be alive right now.” Tarot and Dou Wujin’s faces sank slightly as well, displeased with their behaviour.

Jian Chen remained at ease. He was not displeased at all. Instead, his lips curled up into a nonchalant smile, filled with good will. He said with a mild voice, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve saved you, I definitely won’t harm you. And, as long as this hall master is here, no one will be bold enough to target you in the Darkstar World.” When he reached there, Jian Chen paused slightly and changed the topic slightly, “Of course, I’m not helping you for nothing. My condition is that you must bring in some heavenly resources or pills that can heal the soul from the outside world.”

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