Chapter 2762: Reactions of the Essence Blood

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Chapter 2762: Reactions of the Essence Blood

The disciples and descendents of the various organisations were all stunned by what Jian Chen had said. As a matter of fact, many of them even tried cleaning out their ears, as if they had heard incorrectly.

The Darkstar race often made deals with them. As a matter of fact, they had even undertaken numerous high-valued deals with high ranking members of the Darkstar race in the past. However, the people they dealt with every time would basically be Godking subordinates. Primordial realm experts rarely ever showed themselves.

This was the first time in all these years for a hall master to personally appear like this.

As a result, everyone became rather stunned by what Jian Chen had said.

However, they returned to their senses very soon. They were surprised and overjoyed. In the past, the ten divine halls had only made contact with them using Godkings under the orders of vice hall masters, yet a hall master was actually standing right in front of them today. Everyone realised just how rare this opportunity was.

If they made good use of this chance, they could potentially rope in a major figure like a hall master.

This was much better than roping in a few vice hall masters. At the very least, the vice hall masters they had bribed with numerous resources had been completely useless when the seventh hall master attacked.

The fifth hall master before them right now was different. He was a vicious person bold enough to directly oppose the seventh hall master. If they obtained the support of someone like him, it would save them a lot of trouble from the Darkstar race in the future.

And, the threat of the seventh divine hall would be resolved in the process too.

Agreeing on this point, the people in the Hundred Saint City gradually became excited.

However, there were still many people who wavered over opening the barrier and letting in the fifth hall master.

“Open the barrier and invite the fifth hall master in!” In the end, it was Jin Hong who made the decision. He secretly communicated to all of the prodigies, “Don’t worry, everyone. If the fifth divine hall wants us to die, he wouldn’t have saved us earlier. And, I believe the fifth hall master won’t stoop as low as laying his hands on us with the honourable status he possesses.

This directly touched on everyone’s safety, so Jin Hong did not have full control over this decision. He needed everyone’s approval.

In the end, with everyone’s agreement, the barrier of the Hundred Saint City gradually opened up. It did not recede completely. Only a passageway the size of the city gates opened in the air.

Afterwards, Jin Hong flew out of the city first. He approached Jian Chen steadily, displaying high levels of respect.

Behind him, a few prodigies finally made up their minds after a while of hesitation and also flew over.

All of them set aside their normal arrogance. They all behaved extremely submissively, showing great deals of respect.

They understood that while in the Saints’ World, they were figures who held great influence, even able to directly call upon certain Infinite Primes or even Chaotic Prime, but in the Darkstar World, they were nothing. They did not even have control over their lives.

Not to mention, they had barely survived a threat just earlier.

As a result, none of them dared to act arrogantly now.

Jian Chen hovered in the air with his hands behind his back. He seemed to be in thought. He wondered about how he should undertake the negotiation with these people of the Hundred Saint City.

He had saved the city from Getti under the guise of healing his damaged soul. Since that was the case, he had to set up a series of conditions and demands befitting this reason, and he had to be strict with his demands to avoid raising suspicion.

Just as Jian Chen pondered, the droplet of essence blood from the ancient Skywolf in his body began to rouse. As if it had been summoned, it awakened from its slumbering state and became active.

The reaction from the essence blood immediately alarmed Jian Chen. He saw Jin Hong rapidly draw closer. Only then did he remember Jin Hong had received the legacy of the ancient Skywolf. Whenever they were in close proximity of one another, the droplet of essence blood would act up.

And, Jin Hong would be able to sense the reaction from the essence blood too at close distances.

Previously in the Two World Mountains, Juan Chen had managed to read Jin Hong’s mind from how he reacted. However, he was the fifth hall master Kun Tian right now. If Jin Hong sensed the essence blood on him, he could be easily exposed.

“I’ll leave the discussions to you. You know what I want.” Jian Chen knew he had to go. He handed the matters to the vice hall masters before turning around and leaving. In just a single step, he had travelled several dozen kilometers, and by the time he took the second step, he had completely vanished.

Having followed Kun Tisan for all these years, the three vice hall masters found Jian Chen’s sudden departure to be rather sudden, but they did not think too much about it.

“I am Jin Hong. Greetings to the three vice hall masters. The three vice hall masters and the hall master have saved our lives. We will never forget your kindness.” Jin Hong had already arrived before the three vice hall masters now. He hovered around three meters below the vice hall masters as he bowed with his hands clasped.

Behind him, the various prodigies all copied him. Without a hint of arrogance, they all bowed in utter respect.

Looking at these courteous outsiders, the three vice hall masters remained unfazed. With their statuses in the Darkstar race, they had already grown numb to courteous greetings.

“Bing Yuan, we’ll leave it all up to you. We’ll be waiting for the good news from you,” said Tarot in a rather bored manner. He left with Dou Wujin.

Bing Yuan had grown accustomed to this already. He was the weakest in the fifth divine hall. During the times when the fifth divine hall was in charge, he basically handled all the affairs that required a Primordial realm expert. He ran around everywhere.

Bing Yuan looked at them calmly and said nonchalantly, “Spare the gestures of courtesy. Let’s cut to the chase and get right to it. You all know the reason why our hall master saved you. Our fifth divine hall is in need of pills and medicines that can heal the soul. Of course, rare heavenly resources can work too. Yep, anything is fine as long as it’s beneficial to the soul. Our divine hall won’t mistreat you if you can produce those items.”

As soon as Bing Yuan had finished talking, many prodigies began to rummage through their own Space Rings.

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