Chapter 2763: Envoy of the Seventh Divine Hall

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Chapter 2763: Envoy of the Seventh Divine Hall

They had been sent into the Darkstar World by their clans this time to deal with the sources of instability, but also to gather some resources that only the Darkstar World could produce for their clans. This was why they all carried large quantities of cultivation resources.

These resources were basically all items that people of the Darkstar World required for cultivation. It spanned an extremely vast range, from the notes and experiences of cultivation and comprehension from past people, to various recovery pills and heavenly resources, to materials for forging artifacts.

As these items could not exceed the God Tier, none of them were particularly precious to the peak clans, so even if they were lost in the process, it did not matter too much. However, they were still desirable items that people of the Darkstar race were willing to fight over and bleed for.

That was because the Darkstar World could not produce anything like those.

That included heavenly resources and pills that could heal the soul. The prodigies all possessed quite a lot of them. Basically every single one of them had prepared some, just in case they needed to use it on themselves at times of need.

Now that they heard the seventh divine hall required these heavenly resources and pills, the prodigies did not hesitate at all. They took out all of their best pills or heavenly resources and delivered them enthusiastically to Bing Yuan.

They all knew this was a great opportunity to rope in the fifth divine hall, which would earn their clans some advantages within the Darkstar World in the future. None of them were willing to pass up such a rare opportunity.

Immediately, they produced a large assortment of heavenly resources and pills. All of them were precious items that were beneficial to the soul. There were over a hundred different types in total.

With so many heavenly resources and pills gathered in one place, they immediately blended together and produced off a special, heavy fragrance.

“This is something unique to our Darkness clan. It is highly beneficial to the soul. Not only can it mend the soul, it can also strengthen it. This junior will now be offering this to the fifth divine hall in hopes of making some contributions to the fifth divine hall.” The prodigy from the Darkness clan took out a black pearl. As soon as it appeared, it gave off the faint power of the soul.

Immediately, everyone’s gazes locked onto the black pearl. Many of them even cried out.

“That’s the Darkness clan’s Soul-storing pearl. It’s said that the way the pearl is created is extremely vicious. It requires a soul to be directly extracted from a cultivator, before being tossed into a cauldron and refined like a pill using a special secret technique of the Darkness clan. With the addition of a few special materials, it forcefully condenses the cultivator’s soul into a pearl.”

“Soul-storing pearls are priceless. It’s said that a single Soul-storing pearl is worth several dozen, or even hundreds, of times more than heavenly resources and pills of the same grade. And, it rarely ever appears on the market.”

“Although the method of creating Soul-storing pearls is rather cruel, their effects are extremely well-renowned. They are extremely beneficial to the soul, so their value only makes sense. And, I heard some of the items that go into refining Soul-storing pearls are extremely rare, such that even the Darkness clan can only refine very few of them at a time. Items are priced by their rarity after all.”

The appearance of the Soul-storing pearl immediately attracted the attention of many prodigies. They were astounded.

It was also something that could heal the soul, but it was completely different from the pills and heavenly resources they had offered up. That was because these pills and heavenly resources were not worth the attention of peak clans as long as they were below the God Tier, so to their clans, these were only goods of standard quality, or even substandard quality.

Soul-storing pearls were different. Regardless of how precious they were or their effects on the soul, they completely surpassed these heavenly resources and pills.

As a result, all of these prodigies felt like their heavenly resources and pills had become lacklustre as soon as the Soul-storing pearl appeared.

“This is a heavenly resource that grows in the forbidden grounds of our Wolf clan. We call it the Soul-grooming grass. I, Jin Hong, will be using this opportunity to offer it up to the fifth divine hall.” Jin Hong took out another heavenly resource and it immediately led to a series of gasps.

It was extremely difficult for Soul-grooming grasses to grow. They would only grow on the graves of the past seniors of the Wolf clan. It was also a unique product of the Wolf clan.

Afterwards, a few more prodigies weighed their options, before finally making up their minds and taking out what they actually valued.

They had originally prepared these wondrous items for themselves. At crucial times, they could even potentially save their lives. However, in order to rope in the colossal existence that the fifth divine hall was, they could no longer afford to hold back anymore.

Bing Yuan did not hold back either. He accepted all of the items from the prodigies, before passing over a Space Ring which held the unique products of the Darkstar World. He was trading with the prodigies.

All of these prodigies wanted to establish ties with the fifth divine hall, so they would never accept anything from Bing Yuan. All of them turned it down without any hesitation. They threw in a great deal of praises as well.

Bing Yuan was no fool. He could obviously tell what these prodigies were thinking. Fortunately, he did not insist on them to accept the Space Ring. He accepted the resources and said, “I will report to the hall master exactly what has happened here, but what happens in the end will still be up to the hall master’s decision.” Bing Yuan did not give any promises. He could obviously handle all regular matters with ease, but the problem that the Hundred Saint City faced originated from the seventh hall master. That was beyond his control.

With that, Bing Yuan left this place with all those items that specifically treated the soul. However, he had his doubts, “These items are nice. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even seen some of them before, but their grades are just too low. The hall master is a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, so will items at such a low grade really help the injuries of his soul?

Sigh, whatever. Heavenly resources that benefit the soul don’t appear in our Darkstar race, and they’re very difficult to raise as well. We can only rely on these outsiders now.

Jian Chen leaned on his arm as he sat back lazily in the throne that belonged to the hall master within the levitating fifth divine hall in the capital city. He furrowed his brows in thought.

“Hall master, just as you’ve ordered, I’ve brought back a large number of items that can heal the soul from the Hundred Saint City.” At this moment, Bing Yuan entered the hall, having returned from the Hundred Saint City. He took out a Space Ring and added, “The outsiders of the Hundred Saint City gave us all of these heavenly resources for free. They hope to earn your support, hall master.”

Jian Chen waved his hand and the Space Ring immediately flew into his hand. He rubbed the Space Ring with his finger as he smiled for some reason. He said, “Getti sure has some deep grievances with the Hundred Saint City. If I had been a little slower this time, probably all of the outsiders in the city would have died to Getti. These outsiders all know that it’s impossible for the defences of the city to keep Getti at bay long-term. They don’t want to lose the city. They want to maintain what they have in the Darkstar World, which is why they seek protection from our fifth divine hall.”

“However-” As soon as he reached there, Jian Chen suddenly raised an eyebrow and looked outside.

“Hall master, the seventh divine hall has sent an envoy to see you!” At this moment, an armoured guard stationed in the fifth divine hall rushed in and reported politely after kneeling down.

“The seventh divine hall’s sent an envoy? Hehe, we’re so close to one another, so why doesn’t Getti come find me himself? Why must he send an envoy?” Jian Chen’s smile became even more mysterious. He said, “Let him in.”

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