Chapter 2765: Godking Grass

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Chapter 2765: Godking Grass

Just as the senses of Jian Chen and Getti’s souls collided, the tenth hall master Feng Xue slowly opened her eyes in a secret room within the tenth divine hall nearby. She looked in the direction of the fifth divine hall and seemed to be able to see through the various obstacles in the way, locking onto Jian Chen’s current position with great precision.

“Kun Tian and Getti have just clashed with the senses of their souls. He actually failed to lose the upper hand. He can contend with Getti evenly now. I never thought Kun Tian’s soul would grow by so much from his breakthrough this time. Looks like his soul must have been viciously refined in the Land of Soul Destruction,” Feng Xue said softly as she smiled. Clearly, she was in an extremely good mood.

However, when she thought about how Kun Tian could not recall a single detail of the past, she sighed and murmured, “I wonder if he’s recovered his memories.”

The heavy door to the secret room gradually opened. Feng Xue tidied her clothes and smoothed out her hair, before walking out quickly with small strides.

In the seventh hall, Getti’s face had sunken from anger as he sat on the hall master’s throne. He struck the armrest viciously and reduced it to dust. He grinded his teeth, “Why is Kun Tian becoming more and more powerful? He’s only just broken through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, yet not only has his battle prowess completely exceeded what he should possess after just breaking through, even his soul’s become so much stronger. It’s actually no weaker than mine now.”

“There’s something wrong with his soul right now, so it should be affected to a certain degree no matter what. How is it still so powerful?” Getti struggled to understand this. Ever since Kun Tian broke through in the Land of Soul Destruction, his strength had basically shot off like a rocket. It increased in an overwhelming manner, completely upheaving logic.

“Perhaps Kun Tian actually obtained a fortuitous encounter in the Land of Soul Destruction?” Thinking up to there, Getti immediately sank into his thoughts. Even though he had already guessed this a long time ago, he had never been willing to admit it, because Kun Tian was his rival. The stronger Kun Tian was, the more disadvantageous it would be for him.

“Hall master, has Kun Tian already recovered his memories?” Vice hall master An Lie asked below.

Getti shook his head, “I know Kun Tian extremely well. If his memories have returned, I’ll be able to discern it instantly from the way he acts and speaks. However, the Kun Tian I saw earlier still seemed to be extremely unfamiliar, so his memories must not have returned yet.”

“Then hall master, about the Hundred Saint City…” An Lie said.

Getti gradually calmed down. He sat on the throne for a while in thought, before saying slowly, “Kun Tian’s extremely determined to protect the Hundred Saint City, while he behaves like a madman without his past memories. I could tell from his gaze back then that he’s willing to fight me to the death for the Hundred Saint City. He’s probably willing to go to whatever lengths he needs to to recover his memories.”

“Let’s not touch the Hundred Saint City before Kun Tian recovers his memories.”

After some consideration, Getti chose to give up on the Hundred Saint City temporarily. If he could destroy the Hundred Saint City effortlessly, he would never let the opportunity slip by. However, if it came with the risk of a vicious battle with Kun Tian, that he would be injured if he wanted to touch the Hundred Saint City, he did not believe it was worth it.

All battles occurred under the circumstances that it could provide enough benefits to justify it. If there were sufficient, justifiable benefits to the battle, he would be willing to fight Kun Tian. However, the destruction of the Hundred Saint City was clearly not worth that much in Getti’s eyes.

In the fifth divine hall, Jian Chen repelled Kun Tian’s soul like he had done something insignificant. He cast his gaze towards the three very pale vice hall masters and said slowly, “My memories still haven’t returned. These heavenly resources and pills are rather low in grade, so their effects on me are limited. Keep negotiating with the people of the Hundred Saint City and get them to find a way to bring in items of better quality and grades.”

When he said that, Bing Yuan became troubled, “Hall master, due to the limitations of the passageway between the two worlds, the heavenly resources and pills that the outsiders can bring in must be below God Tier. It’ll be quite difficult.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Just conveying what I said to them. Oh right, which products of our Darkstar World do the outsiders value the most, which they will purchase at high prices?” Jian Chen asked.

Bing Yuan contemplated the question, “So far, there are six heavenly resources and four materials from our world that attract the outsiders the most. All of these items have reached God Tier.”

“The formation of these items is linked to the ancestor of our race and the planetary beast. Some of these heavenly resources and wondrous ores have mutated over countless years from the blood, presence and energy left behind by our ancestor and the planetary beast. All of these items valuable enough to caused a bloodbath between peak organisations in the Saints’ World.”

“That’s because some of these items can be used to forge high quality or even supreme quality god artifacts and supreme quality God Tier pills…”

“Of course, we’ve never traded any of these items with the outsiders. One reason is because of their rarity, while another is because the outsiders just can’t produce anything of equal value…”

Bing Yuan explained to Jian Chen in detail. Although he had never been to the outside world, he had his fair share of contact with the outsiders. And, the outsiders he had come into contact with all possessed extraordinary statuses in the outside world. Moreover, the Darkstar race had also tried to obtain some records of the Saints’ World from these outsiders, so they did know quite a lot about the Saints’ World.

As a matter of fact, they understood the Saints’ World better than most cultivators of the Saints’ World.

“Aside from these God Tier items, there’s also the Godking grass. The outsiders have a huge demand for the., because they need the Godking grass to refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills,” said Bing Yuan.

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat, “Yep! I saw how the outsiders possessed quite a lot of sacrificial Godkings. We must possess quite a lot of Godking grass then.”

Bing Yuan smiled mysteriously, “You’re completely correct, hall master. Godking grass is nothing precious to our race, because our race can grow it constantly. We can produce several tens of thousand stalks every century. In our eyes, Godking grass is worth nothing. Only the outsiders treat it like treasure.”

“And Godking grass is divided into various grades as well. What we trade with the outsiders is only Godking grass of the lowest, most inferior quality, and the quantity is controlled, such that each organisation can receive no more than five thousand stalks. Otherwise, if they get their hands on too much Godking grass and produce hundreds of thousands or even millions of Godkings, we would be in quite the trouble.”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 2765: Godking Grass

  1. In the fifth divine hall, Jian Chen repelled Kun Tian’s soul like he had done something insignificant.

    Shouldn’t it be:

    In the fifth divine hall, Jian Chen repelled Getti’s soul like he had done something insignificant.

    Because Jian Chen is Kun Tian. How can he repel himself? Or does it mean he camouflaged his soul to look like Kun Tian’s soul?


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