Chapter 2766: A Colossal Discovery

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Chapter 2766: A Colossal Discovery

Jian Chen was truly surprised this time. He knew the Godking grass Bing Yuan spoke of was actually the Hundred Tribulations grass to the outsiders. It was just a different name for it.

He had been in contact with the people of the Hundred Saint City when he was in the Two World Mountains. He had learned from them that the Hundred Tribulations grass used to refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills were extremely precious, because the grass only grew in the Darkstar World. As a result, they would often have to spend quite a large sum in exchange for stalks of Hundred Tribulations grass from the Darkstar race.

He originally believed that even if the Darkstar race did produce the main ingredient to the pill, they could not produce too much of it. Only after hearing it from Bing Yuan did he learn just how worthless the Hundred Tribulations grass were in the eyes of the Darkstar race, despite being valued by all the prodigies.

The Darkstar race could produce several tens of thousand stalks of Hundred Tribulations grass every century. After all these years, the Darkstar race would have produced a truly unimaginable amount of Hundred Tribulations grass.

“Then just what is the difference between Godking grasses of different qualities?” Jian Chen continued. Right now, he felt rather fortunate, fortunate that he was disguised as Kun Tian who had lost his memories. Otherwise, with how clueless he was with the common knowledge of the Darkstar race, it would be just too easy for him to be exposed.

Now that he was supposed to be an amnesiac, it provided a fantastic cover for his ignorance.

Bing Yuan pondered the question for a while, as if he was trying to find where to start.

“Hall master, let me explain instead.” Dou Wujin clasped his fist, “While we haven’t managed to pinpoint the exact differences between the different grades of Godking grass, but we’re able to deduce a rough difference if we use the sacrificial Godkings that the outsiders have nurtured with the Godking grass as a reference.”

“We divide Godking grass into a total of three grades, which are low grade, mid grade and high grade. You’ve already seen the effects of Godking pills refined from low grade Godking grass, hall master. They can elevate any cultivator to early Godking within a short amount of time, but the downside is that they only possess the strength of early Godkings without grasping the laws of Godkings. Moreover, their lifespan will be limited to a century at most, which is why the outsiders called it the Hundred Tribulations Godking pill!”

“As for mid grade Godking grass, we’ve managed to deduce from many years of research that the result should be similar, but the person who ingests the Hundred Tribulations Godking pill refined from mid grade Godking grass should also possess the same level of comprehension. In other words, if you refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills with mid grade Godking grass, not only will the ingestor possess a cultivation at early Godking, they will have grasped the laws of early Godkings too. Their lifespans will still be limited to a century.”

“As for the final high grade Godking grass, our Primordial realm experts and emperor have personally forecasted that they should make up for all the flaws of Godking pills. Only Godking pills refined from high grade Godking grass can be considered to be perfect, because high grade Godking pills can break the restraints of the century-long lifespan, allowing the ingestor to truly become a regular Godking. Not only will they possess the cultivation and comprehension of the Godking realm, their lifespans will be unaffected too.”

“Moreover, cultivators who ingest low grade or mid grade Godking pills have no chance at breaking through again. Until death, their strength will remain at early Godking. However, this is different for people who broke through with high grade Godking pills. They can keep cultivating, with hopes of reaching higher realms of cultivation…”

Jian Chen was utterly astounded when he heard about the nigh impossible effects of high grade Godking grass. Even with his mental fortitude, he struggled to remain calm.

That was because he knew just too well what high grade Godking grass represented. If he possessed a large quantity of high grade Godking grass, he could easily create a permanent army of Godkings.

Most importantly, this army of Godkings could continue to grow stronger through their own hard work.

Of course, this was only one aspect. There were also a large number of cultivators in the Saints’ World who had an extremely slim chance at becoming Godkings, or no chance at all. If they knew that there was a pill that could turn them into Godkings without any side effects, it was as clear as day that these people would go crazy for it. They would be willing to give up everything they possessed just for an opportunity to become a Godking.

And among these people, there would definitely be a few precious items that they managed to obtain through various special circumstances.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways growing in the Darkstar World was the best example of this.

And, the peak organisations of the Saints’ World also required a large number of Godkings to fill up their ranks. Among these peak organisations, Infinite Primes were all figures on par to elders. Godkings formed their primary force.

In that instant, Jian Chen thought of many things. It also allowed him to see the value of high grade Godking grass more clearly.

If just a few stalks of high grade Godking grass were brought to the Saints’ World, it obviously be far too insignificant to make any ripples, but if a large quantity was brought over, it would be a completely different story.

“How many stalks of high grade Godking grass are there?” Jian Chen did his best to hide his excitement as he asked with a calm front.

However, he became extremely nervous when he asked that question. Even his heart began to thump uncontrollably.

He was worried, extremely worried that there would not be enough high grade Godking grass. If there were just a few stalks, they would not be as useful.

If there were enough, he would definitely be able to create an army of Godkings in the Saints’ World.

In his understanding, only the Darkstar World could create an army entirely composed of Godkings, because the Darkstar race never fought amongst themselves. They had managed to accumulate a large number of Godkings over all these years.

As for the Saints’ World, where intense battles were rampant and it was filled with deception, even peak organisations with several million members would not be able to assemble an army of Godkings.

“Hall master, high grade Godking grass doesn’t appear as easily as low grade Godking grass. They’re much rarer. Out of the several tens of thousand stalks of Godking grass we produce each century, ninety-nine percent of them are low grade Godking grass. Only the remaining one percent is mid grade and high grade Godking grass.”

“And among that one percent, roughly ninety-nine percent of them are mid grade Godking grass. As a result, the chance for high grade Godking grass to appear is one in ten thousand.”

“On average, only a single stalk of high grade Godking grass will appear within ten thousand stalks…”

Dou Wujin explained.

“Only a single stalk of high grade Godking grass will appear within ten thousand stalks, but you produce several tens of thousand stalks of Godking grass each century. That means that there’s a few stalks of high grade Godking grass every century. If you calculate like that, a millennia would be several dozen stalks, ten millennia would be a few hundred stalks and a million years would be several tens of thousand stalks. We still should have amassed quite a lot of high grade Godking grass over these years, right?” Jian Chen’s heart beat faster and faster. He squinted his eyes slightly at Dou Wujin as he forcefully maintained his composure, eager to hear his reply.

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