Chapter 2772: Returning to the Two World Mountains (One)

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Chapter 2772: Returning to the Two World Mountains (One)

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin all did their best to convince Jian Chen otherwise. They all thought their ‘hall master” had lost his memories, completely forgetting about the dangers of the Two World Mountains, so they explained just how dangerous and just how terrifying the mountains were in detail to Jian Chen.

Basically all their descriptions clearly disclosed a single piece of information. As long as they were a member of the Darkstar race, their lives would be in danger if they entered the Two World Mountains, even if they possessed great strength at the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

As a matter of fact, anyone from the Darkstar race who entered the Two World Mountains had a chance to die, apart from the Darkstar Emperor. The ten hall masters were no exceptions either.

Listening to the vice hall masters describe just how terrifying the Two World Mountains were, Jian Chen was secretly surprised. He knew the Two World Mountains could suppress the Darkstar race, but he never thought the suppression would be so powerful, enough for Primordial realm experts to pale in fright.

However, Jian Chen had already made up his mind about venturing to the Two World Mountains. No one could change that.

That was because He Qianqian and the others had already reclaimed the Hundred Saint City. He had wanted to check on the situation since a very long time ago. Just as he was troubled over the lack of an appropriate opportunity, he never expected Getti would instead provide him the chance.

With that, he could use going to the Two World Mountains to retrieve the essence blood as an excuse to shed his identity, which was a perfectly reasonable excuse to make “Kun Tian’ vanish for a while.

He was basically deceiving everyone flawlessly.

As for retrieving the essence blood of the divine beast, Jian Chen knew that even if he refused to do so, the Darkstar race would still bring it back regardless of the cost.

After all, the Darkstar Emperor was an expert with battle prowess on par to Chaotic Primes. Jian Chen met many Chaotic Primes in the Saints’ World, so he knew just too well just how terrifying their battle prowess was. A tremendous difference definitely existed between Chaotic Primes and Infinite Primes.

With the Darkstar Emperor’s strength, he might not have been enough to unleash a massacre in the Two World Mountains, but retrieving a single droplet of essence blood would be just too easy.

However, Jian Chen also bore in mind that he was a hall master with a lofty status. If he risked his own life to venture into the Two World Mountains just to undo the seal for the outsiders, it would seem slightly illogical in everyone’s eyes. As a result, he needed another reason if he wanted to enter the Two World Mountains.

He sat silently on the hall master’s throne in thought for a while, before saying, “Actually, the reason why I’ve decided to enter the Two World Mountains is not just because of Getti’s condition. When I broke through in the Land of Soul Destruction, I seem to have unwittingly fused with a fraction of the memories from the planetary beast.”

“What? Hall master, you’ve gained some of the planetary beast’s memories?”

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin immediately became shocked. They stared at Jian Chen with widened eyes as surprise, disbelief and joy flooded their faces.

Among the Darkstar race, there had always been a legend where it was possible to obtain memory fragments left behind by the planetary beast in the Land of Soul Destruction. Unfortunately, the ancient records only listed a small handful of people who had actually managed to obtain the memory fragments in the lengthy history of the Dakstar race. However, without any exception, it was a tremendous fortuitous encounter for every single one of them who managed to obtain the memory fragments while still being able to cultivate normally.

Of course, there were even more people who emerged from the Land of Soul Destruction in a deranged state, blabbering nonsense. Perhaps a small fraction of these people had obtained something along the lines of the planetary beast’s memories, but their souls were a mess and they had lost their minds. They were crippled for the rest of their lives and were no longer normal people.

“There’s always been a rumor among our ten divine halls that the reason why our emperor cultivates so quickly and is so terrifying in battle is because he also obtained memory fragments of the planetary beast when he cultivated in the Land of Soul Destruction in the past…” Bing Yuan murmured as his eyes shone brighter and brighter. The Darkstar Emperor had obtained memory fragments of the planetary beast in the Land of Soul Destruction, while his hall master had obtained the same thing now. He knew exactly what this meant for their fifth divine hall.

“I only absorbed a bit of the planetary beast’s memory fragments. These fragments are very disorderly and very powerful too. They’ve been constantly affecting me. There have been many times when I’ve become uncertain about who I am under the influence of these fragments, but I just have a feeling that the information in the fragments are related to the Two World Mountains. As a result, I must pay a visit to the Two World Mountains,” Jian Chen said while in thought.

This time, the three vice hall masters all remained silent. They looked at one another. They wanted to stop him, but they were unable to say anything now that this was related to the memory fragments of the planetary beast and a potential fortuitous encounter for their hall master.

Jian Chen continued, “If I’ve guessed correctly, then my strength should increase once I emerge from the Two World Mountains, and this increase should be very large. By then, it won’t shouldn’t be an issue for me to overwhelm Getti by force!”

“Really? T- that’s fantastic. Hall master, the Two World Mountains is basically a land of fortune made for you. The Two World Mountains are worth visiting then…”

As soon as they heard how he could potentially overwhelm Getti, Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin were all overjoyed. They went from their initial objection to completely supporting his decision now.

If their hall master could really overwhelm Getti, then the status of their fifth divine hall would immediately shoot up among the ten divine halls. As vice hall masters, they would be able to hold their heads and chests even higher too.

“You can all go. I’ll prepare a little and set off for the Two World Mountains tomorrow morning.”

In the morning on the next day, Jian Chen gave detailed orders to Bing Yuan regarding the matters of the Hundred Saint City and strictly ordered the three vice hall masters to not become involved in any internal struggles of the Hundred Saint City. Afterwards, he left the fifth divine hall and ventured to the Two World Mountains.

Before he departed, he left the Space Ring with the droplet of the divine beast’s essence blood in the fifth divine hall. He knew the essence blood had been contaminated with the aura of the Darkstar race, so from a certain perspective, it was possible to say that it had developed an obscure connection with the world which the Darkstar race resided in. If he took it with him, he could be discovered by the Darkstar race through secret techniques no matter how he hid himself, which would instead increase his risks of exposure.

With a flash of the fifth divine hall’s teleportation formation, Jian Chen vanished from there. Only the three vice hall masters remained outside, having sent him off.

“Let’s go back. Remember to keep the hall master’s journey to the Two World Mountains a secret…”

After sending off Jian Chen, the three vice hall masters returned to the divine hall too.

However, what they failed to realise was that a guard posted beside the teleportation formation of the eighth divine hall nearby had been glancing over, perhaps by design.

When Jian Chen vanished from the teleportation formation and the three vice hall masters had returned to the divine hall, the guard immediately left his post, entering the eighth divine hall to find the hall master Sen Ran.

“Hall master, the fifth hall master has left alone, with his destination unknown.”

The eighth hall master, Sen Ran, who sat on his throne with his legs crossed slowly opened his eyes. He glanced in the direction of the fifth divine hall and waved his hand, dismissing the guard.

After the guard had departed, the light in Sen Ran’s eyes wavered. He murmured, “There had all been reasons for Kun Tian’s departures from the fifth divine hall in the past few times, but he’s left with no clear reason this time. Where is he going? To do what?”

“Or should I say, the situation is really like what I suspected and Kun Tian’s obtained a fortuitous encounter in the Land of Soul Destruction? If that really is the case, there’s definitely a purpose for his departure this time.” Eagerness appeared in Sen Ran’s gaze, along with some well-disguised excitement.

“After monitoring him for so long, he’s finally begun to move. Immediately investigate where Kun Tian had teleported to! Remember to keep it a secret. We can’t let anyone find out…”

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