Chapter 2774: Confronted Calmly

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Chapter 2774: Confronted Calmly

Sen Ran hesitated for a while outside the Two World Mountains. He was rather uncertain about entering the Two World Mountains.

But in the end, he still bit the bullet and rushed in boldly. Afterwards, he used his secret technique to sense the direction that Jian Chen had travelled off in. He tailed behind him carefully.

Sen Ran was clearly extremely fearful of the Two World Mountains. Even a hall master, a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like him, had to be extremely cautious and careful in the outskirts of the Two World Mountains.

And, he even used a secret technique to erase all of his presence. He would tread lightly as he moved through the forest and mountains, afraid of creating any disturbance that would alarm the nearby Life-devouring Beasts.

He had to do everything that he could to avoid any battles within the Two World Mountains. If he fought, it was possible for his presence to leak out. Even if only a tiny sliver leaked out, it would be infinitely magnified by the special environment of the Two World Mountains. In the end, all the regional king Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains would discover him and eventually surround him from all directions.

By then, even if he was in the outskirts, the regional king Life-devouring Beasts would still pursue him relentlessly.

“This damned Two World Mountains and the damned ancestor of the Wood Spirits…”

As Sen Ran advanced carefully, he cursed inside. To think that a mighty hall master like him, who possessed such an honourable status within the Darkstar race, would have to resort to something like sneaking around. Clearly, this was extremely insulting to someone like him who dwelled at the top most of the time.

Kun Tian, I’ve had to make a compromise and enter the Two World Mountains because of you. You have to give me a good surprise…

Sen Ran was still a Primordial realm expert after all. Even though he concealed his presence and treaded lightly, he still moved extremely quickly. Before long, he had passed through the outskirts and entered the depths of the Two World Mountains.

Immediately, a powerful, restrictive force exerted itself on Sen Ran, passing through his body and ignoring all protective items, marking him deeply like a brand. He was unable to escape from it no matter what.

Sen Ran immediately felt that circulating the energy in his body became even more tedious. The attacks he could usually launch without much effort now took several times the energy, and his energy depleted much faster now.

It was not just his cultivation. Even his soul suffered from the same restriction. He felt like his soul was now covered in shackles. Not only would it be much more arduous whenever he used his soul, but the power of his soul would also be depleted several times or even dozens of times faster than usual.

The suppression from the depths were several dozen times more severe than the outskirts.

If Godkings of the Darkstar race entered the depths, the suppression they suffered would also be extremely severe, but it would not be as terrifying as what Sen Ran experienced right now. Once Primordial realm experts set foot in here, the suppression would be startlingly powerful.

Sen Ran was originally a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, but now, he had been forcefully suppressed to the strength of the Second Heavenly Layer.

“Kun Tian is actually venturing even further still. Just where is he going?” Behind, Sen Ran used some unknown, special secret technique to track Jian Chen’s location as he felt excited inside.

The Two World Mountains were a forbidden zone to cultivators of the Darkstar race. In particular, the depths were a forbidden zone that even Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race were reluctant to set foot in. Yet, not only had Kun Tian entered the depths, but he was even rapidly approaching the central region, which immediately made Sen Ran feel surprised and delighted, feeling like he had discovered some great secret.

However, Sen Ran failed to sense the changes that occured when he entered the depths. When the various aspects of his abilities became severely restricted, the indiscernible senses of a soul extended over carefully from the depths, catching all of his actions.

The senses of the soul were extremely powerful, and it was slightly different from regular senses too. At the same time, it was of higher quality compared to the senses of souls of most Infinite Primes, and it was purposefully hidden. Under these various factors, Sen Ran failed to sense the existence of the senses of the soul. He continued with the actions that he believed were extremely well-hidden and could not be sensed by any person or Life-devouring Beast as he passed through the thick mist silently.

His body had become translucent as well. He basically seemed like a ghost.

Several hundred kilometers ahead of Sen Ran, Jian Chen stood atop a large tree, also with his presence erased. He raised his head and glanced in the direction that he had come in. His eyes shone with a strange light as he murmured, “I never thought I’d be tailed just for visiting the Two World Mountains, and the person tailing me is the master of a hall. Has he already developed doubts towards my identity?”

Jian Chen carefully recalled everything he had gone through recently within the Darkstar race before shaking his head in the end. He dismissed the possibility that he had given himself away. “There hasn’t been any issues in my actions within the Darkstar race. Even if there is, the three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall and Feng Xue of the tenth divine hall should sense it first, as they’ve always been the people closest to Kun Tian. If even they have not sensed anything, then it’s impossible for hall master Sen Ran who barely interacts with Kun Tian at all to notice anything odd.

Since there’s nothing wrong with my identity, then Sen Ran must be tailing me for some other reason.” At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly recalled how Sen Ran had tried to test him using an extremely discreet method when he first met Sen Ran in Kun Tian’s disguise. He immediately came to an understanding.

It looks like Kun Tian, or perhaps I, possesses something that interests Sen Ran.” Reaching there, Jian Chen suddenly sneered. At that moment, a sharp light flashed through his eyes swiftly.

He has come at the perfect time. I just happened to be worrying over the lack of opportunities to weaken the Darkstar race, yet Sen Ran has presented me with an opportunity himself. I’ve already killed one of the hall masters, so let’s kill another one today.” With a flash, Jian Chen left the treetop and continued to fly deeper into the Two World Mountains.

Along the way, he did not alarm any Life-devouring Beasts at all. He flew extremely quickly.

Behind, Sen Ran followed Jian Chen carefully. He used a special secret technique of the Darkstar race to cover his tracks, which was why he had not alarmed any Life-devouring Beasts either. He moved quite quickly too.

Before long, the two of them had already ventured ten million kilometers into the Two World Mountains. They were extremely close to the central region now.

That’s strange. Why have his tracks vanished here?” At this moment, Sen Ran stopped. He scanned around in doubt.

Soon afterwards, he closed his eyes and began to use the secret technique as hard as he could to sense for Jian Chen. A while later, he seemed to find something. His expression changed drastically as he immediately raised his head to look at the sky.

A blurry figure vaguely hovered in the sky shrouded by thick, grey mist. He faded in and out, as if he had already become part of the surrounding environment. It was impossible to discover his existence without actively looking for him.

“Kun… Tian…” Sen Ran uttered Kun Tian’s name in a rather tongue-tied manner. He knew he had been discovered. Right now, hidden in the mist, Kun Tian was staring right at him calmly. The only thing that surprised him was that not only did Kun Tian give off no presence at all right now, but the space there was empty too when he scanned it with the senses of his soul. He could only see him with his eyes.

If it were not for the fact that his secret technique could sense Kun Tian’s location, he probably would have missed Kun Tian altogether with how he seemed to be fused with the mist right now.

Exposed, Sen Ran did not feel awkward at all. He composed himself very quickly and smiled. “Kun Tian, since when did you grasp such a powerful concealing technique? You’ve even managed to elude me.”

Jian Chen drifted down slowly from the air. He hovered before Sen Ran as he looked at him in a rather strange manner. “When I’ve grasped the concealing technique is not important. What is important is another question instead. Why are you here?”

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