Chapter 2775: Jian Chen Strikes

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Chapter 2775: Jian Chen Strikes

Under Jian Chen’s gaze, Sen Ran immediately felt uneasy, as the gaze made him seem like he was looking at a dead person. This made Sen Ran extremely uncomfortable.

Of course, he definitely did not believe he was no different from a dead man in Jian Chen’s eyes right now. He still believed that the one standing before him was the fifth hall master. It was just that Kun Tian had lost his memories, which was why he seemed a little strange from time to time. Killing one another was forbidden in their Darkstar race, let alone figures as lofty as the ten hall masters.

“Kun Tian, you must know that the city lord of the Darknight City, Bai Jin, has already died in the Two World Mountains, so the droplet of essence blood allocated to him has ended up here too. I’ve obviously come here to retrieve the droplet of essence blood. After all, it ties into the fate of our entire race,” Sen Ran said with composure. He really was unable to stand Jian Chen’s gaze, so he turned his head and purposefully avoided it, acting like he was observing the surroundings.

“Oh, so you’ve actually come for the droplet of essence blood.” Jian Chen smiled in a pondering manner. He said, “But the essence blood hasn’t fallen here. You’re travelling in the opposite direction of the essence blood right now.”

Sen Ran was unflustered. Clearly, he was rather unfazed. He explained, “I originally entered the Two World Mountains for the essence blood, but I discovered your traces soon after I entered here. Out of curiosity, I followed you here.”

“Hall master Sen, do you really think I’m as easy to fool as a kid? I don’t have time to listen to your excuses. Tell me, why have you been tailing me? And how did you find my tracks?”

Sen Ran was helpless. He wanted to continue quibbling, “Kun Tian, I don’t care whether you believe me or not. I really…”

Jian Chen ran out of patience. He interrupted Sen Ran violently and growled. “Cut the bullsh*t. Ever since I lost my memory, I’ve become quite short-tempered. It’s very easy for me to act rashly. This is the Two World Mountains. Sen Ran, I hope you don’t end up forcing me to attack you, or once I alarm those regional king Life-devouring Beasts, I might be fine, but it’ll be difficult to say for you.”

With that, Sen Ran’s expression immediately changed. He did not doubt “Kun Tian’ at all. Recently, Kun Tian had embroiled in a great battle with the seventh hall master, Getti, over some petty matters. He had even received reliable news that Kun Tian had actually declared madly that he would never spare Getti if he touched the unimportant outsiders in the Hundred Saint City.

This matter was no secret among the ten divine halls. At the same time, it allowed the upper echelon of the Darkstar race to understand something, which was Kun Tian really was capable of doing anything once he lost his temper in his current state of memory loss.

This might have been the Two World Mountains, where Kun Tian could alarm all the regional king Life-devouring Beasts as long as he leaked even a sliver of his presence, but Sen Ran understood that Kun Tian was actually bold enough to do that.

Kun Tian has already reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Even under the suppression of the Two World Mountains, he’s still stronger than me. If he actually lures over the regional king Life-devouring Beasts, I’ll be the one to suffer. I might not even be able to escape from the Two World Mountains.” Sen Ran was troubled inside.

Before him, Jian Chen saw how Sen Ran remained silent. He had already begun to lose his patience, and his presence had already begun to radiate from his body slightly. His gaze turned into a glare too.

Sen Ran was alarmed. He immediately cried out, “Stop, Kun Tian. Stop this foolish act! I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything.”

Jian Chen immediately withdrew his presence. He said nothing more, just staring at Sen Ran coldly.

Sen Ran came clean and told him the truth. “Kun Tian, your strength increased so much after you broke through in the Land of Soul Destruction, so I suspected you must have obtained some kind of fortuitous encounter there. You entered the Two World Mountains for no good reason this time, so I thought it was extremely likely that it had something to do with your fortuitous encounter from the Land of Soul Destruction. Perhaps you had obtained some memories of the planetary beast, and you had only come here despite the dangers under the guidance of the memories. I was curious, which was why I risked my life to see what was going on with you.”

“I hid so well along the way, so just how did you find my traces?” Jian Chen asked again. He had to get to the bottom of this. After all, he had been to the capital city before and had come in contact with many hall masters. If the Darkstar race possessed some mysterious method to plant some kind of imprint on a person without them knowing, then the Darkstar race would be able to discover his true identity once he resumed his identity as Jian Chen.

If that really did happen, then all of his hard work and the disguises he had undertaken recently would go to waste.

“This is because I’ve also entered the Land of Soul Destruction, and I also had a bit of a fortuitous encounter there. I learnt a secret technique from a small fragment of the planetary beast’s memories. I can track anyone who has entered the Land of Soul Destruction with this secret technique.”

“Of course, this doesn’t last for too long either. Once it exceeds ten millennia, the presence that the person has become contaminated with when they entered the Land of Soul Destruction will vanish. Once this presence is gone, I can’t use my secret technique on the person anymore,” Sen Ran answered.

“Is there anyone else who has grasped this secret technique apart from you?”

“There isn’t. Actually, only a handful of people have managed to obtain a fortuitous encounter in the Land of Soul Destruction. Among our race right now, probably only the emperor and us have benefitted from there. It’s just a pity that what I’ve gained is basically useless.” Sen Ran said in pity, “I’ve already shared my secret with you. Kun Tian, it’s time for you to share your secret. Just what did you obtain from the Land of Soul Destruction? And why have you come to the Two World Mountains?”

Jian Chen sneered. “Since you want to know so much, I’ll let you know.” With that, Jian Chen directly launched a palm strike. Energy surged out of his hand as violently as a tidal wave. It hurtled towards Sen Ran with terrifying power at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

At the same time, his presence erupted in an earth-shaking manner, causing the thick mist in the depths of the Two World Mountains to churn violently, like a dragon making the seas churn.

Under the effects of the mask, his presence had been disguised as the presence of the Darkstar race.

The presence of the Darkstar race clearly received special treatment in the Two World Mountains. As soon as Jian Chen’s presence appeared, it was propelled by a mysterious power in the mountains, spreading in all directions at an unbelievable speed. It reached every corner of the mountains in a single instant.




Immediately, tremendous roars of beasts rang out from all directions in the depths of the Two World Mountains. They were thunderous, and the voices possessed a pressure special to Primordial realm experts. There were several dozen of them.

With the leaking of a Darkstar race Primordial realm expert’s presence, all the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts lurking in the various regions of the Two World Mountains had been directly alarmed. They behaved like they had found their public enemy, like the moment for them to carry out their orders had arrived. At that moment, all the Primordial realm experts set off, casting their territorial behaviour aside and rushing in from all directions hungrily.

At the same time, Jian Chen’s palm strike landed on Sen Ran’s chest. With Sen Ran’s cultivation at the Fifth Heavenly Layer, he was not Jian Chen’s opponent even at his peak condition, let alone now, when his strength had been firmly suppressed by the Two World Mountains. He was even less of an opponent.

With a grunt, Sen Ran was knocked away as he spurted blood. His face paled as half of his chest had been reduced to a bloody mess. He laid on the ground powerlessly for quite a while, unable to get up.

Coughing with blood, Sen Ran stared straight at Jian Chen. His face was filled with disbelief and confusion as he stuttered, “Kun Tian, w- w- why are you d- d- doing this? A- and your strength… your strength actually isn’t… isn’t… affected by the Two World Mountains. T- this is impossible…”

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