Chapter 2776 – Sen Ran’s Death (One)

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Chapter 2776: Sen Ran’s Death (One)

Suddenly, Sen Ran seemed to understand something. His eyes immediately widened as he stared at “Kun Tian” before him in disbelief. His heart churned.

“I- I understand now. Y- you’re not… Kun Tian at all. W- who are you exactly? Who?” As he said that, Sen Ran’s shock and disbelief reached a startling level. At the same time, he experienced deep fear.

The fear was so heavy that it made his soul shudder. It made his entire body tremble uncontrollably.

He had already realised that if the Kun Tian before him was an imposter, the imposter would definitely be an outsider.

And, any outsider older than a thousand years could not pass through the passageway between the two worlds and step foot into the Darkstar World. However, the outsider who was pretending to be Kun Tian was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime through and through. As a matter of fact, his battle prowess was even much greater than those who had just broken through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

What did this mean?

It meant that the outside world had produced a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime less than a thousand years old.

And, this expert managed to slip into their Darkstar World silently and infiltrate their upper echelon, becoming the mighty master of a hall in possession of great authority.

This was simply too terrifying, so terrifying that Sen Ran’s fear reached an unprecedented level.

“You’re pretty clever, aren’t you? You’ve seen through my disguise so quickly.” Jian Chen’s lips curled into a mysterious smile as he said, “Sen Ran, do you remember that outsider who made a mess out of Darknight City recently?”

Sen Ran’s eyes widened completely. He said in utter shock, “S- s- so you’re that outsider called Gu Qi. Y- you…” Sen Ran had become so shocked that he was speechless. However, he did understand that such a powerful outsider scheming and infiltrating the upper echelon of the Darkstar race was definitely hiding a startling, unspeakable secret.

Suddenly, the great ceremony that the Darkstar race was about to hold that could determine the fate of the entire race flashed through his mind. He immediately became extremely nervous.

I can’t die here. I cannot die here. I have to return. I have to escape from here with everything I have and report this startling piece of news to the emperor.” Sen Ran’s eyes immediately became crazed. His life force depleted at an extremely terrifying rate. Not only was his life force being burned away, but even his vital energies had been ignited. He was using a secret technique at the cost of his life.

“You want to run? Sen Ran, do you still think I’ll let you leave here alive now that you know my greatest secret?” Jian Chen sneered. He kicked Sen Ran’s head, sending him flying from the tremendous force.

Sen Ran’s soul was heavily shaken up. He felt his head spin as his soul shuddered uncontrollably, as if it was about to crack into pieces. The fleeing secret technique he was preparing to use had been forcefully interrupted.

Around him, the thunderous roars of beasts sounded out constantly as the presence of the Primordial realm flooded the entire place. Over forty Life-devouring Beasts were converging from all directions. They moved extremely quickly.

Among them, the fastest one was only a few hundred kilometers away from them. This distance seemed to be quite large, but to a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast, it would take less than a minute to cover.

This was an avian that flew rapidly through the air. It was impossible to describe just what kind of creature it was. It had the head of a huge hawk and the body of a leopard, with two pairs of wings on its back, one large and one small. Its wings were riddled with beautiful and fascinating patterns, like the wings of a butterfly.

As the two pairs of wings fluttered, it kicked up a great gale in the air, causing the mist to surge. It even formed blades of wind that shot off in all directions with incredible sharpness. Many towering trees below had been cut to pieces. The many Life-devouring Beasts thriving in the mountains and forests all collapsed on the ground, trembling.

Behind this strange avian, the ground shook violently and rhythmically. In the mist behind, a colossal figure, standing over three hundred meters tall, could be vaguely made out, running along the ground.

It was impossible to imagine just how heavy it was. With each step, the ground would shake, and the mountains would totter. As it ran along, it collided against everything that blocked its way. Countless trees and boulders were reduced to fragments, as if even the endless mist there would be dispersed by its terrifying power when it made contact against its colossal body.

This was a huge Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast. It was truly unstoppable. Wherever it passed by, it would leave behind an empty hole in the mist and environment. It rushed off in Jian Chen’s direction, tearing through everything.

These two Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts were the ones closest to Jian Chen. In the surroundings, many more Life-devouring Beasts gathered over, except due to their varying distances and speeds, they would make contact with Jian Chen and Sen Ran at different times.

Sen Ran sensed the rapidly approaching Life-devouring Beasts in the surroundings too. He was ashen, and despair filled his eyes. He said viciously, “Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to live either. You’ve already become surrounded by many regional king Life-devouring Beasts. Under their attacks, you won’t be able to escape even if your strength hasn’t been suppressed by the Two World Mountains.”

“If I were you, I’d choose to leave this place in a hurry, just in case I become surrounded and die here. After all, this is the Two World Mountains, not outside.”

As he listened to that, Jian Chen could not help but scan around. His expression immediately became serious. The strength of the Two World Mountains could not be underestimated. It was no weaker than the Darkstar race. This time, there were a total of twelve Life-devouring Beasts above the Fifth Heavenly Layer. This number had already surpassed what the Darkstar race possessed.

This was because the Darkstar race only had the ten hall masters and the Darkstar Emperor as people who had exceeded the Fifth Heavenly Layer. And, the emperor rarely showed himself.

However, just as Jian Chen’s attention was directed to the surroundings, determination immediately flashed through Sen Ran’s eyes. In the next moment, there was a thunderous boom, and Sen Ran’s body exploded loudly. His tremendous cultivation at the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime had actually turned into a finger one meter in length instantly, radiating with startling might.

This finger had condensed all of Sen Ran’s power. It was the entire cultivation that a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had developed across countless years, all condensed into the finger. As a result, the strength of the finger had completely surpassed the limits of the Fifth Heavenly Layer. It had already reached the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, or even touching the boundary to the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

However, Sen Ran was not dead. His body had been destroyed, but his soul remained. His dim soul had been wrapped up in energy, turning into a streak of light and fleeing from the Two World Mountains as his body exploded.

As for the finger that condensed all of his power, it shot towards Jian Chen with terrifying force enough to rip through space.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone. He could clearly sense an ancient and powerful will within the finger. It was also the existence of this will that prevented the restrictive powers of the Two World Mountains from touching the finger, allowing the finger to completely unleash its power within the special environment of the Two World Mountains without weakening at all.

A sliver of the Darkstar race Grand Exalt’s will?” Jian Chen murmured. With a flash, he vanished instantly, and when he reappeared, he was already a hundred kilometers away.

However, his presence had been locked onto, so the startlingly powerful finger of energy turned into a black streak of light in pursuit of Jian Chen. It pierced through space along the way, completely neglecting the distance that existed. It travelled across a hundred kilometers in an instant, appearing before Jian Chen. Afterwards, it passed through Jian Chen’s body without the slightest obstruction.

However, that was just a blur Jian Chen had left behind. His actual body had already appeared another hundred kilometers away through the use of the Laws of Space. He stood on the back of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast that had arrived first, the one with a leopard’s body and a butterfly’s wings.

In the instant that Jian Chen appeared, the Life-devouring Beast had sensed him, but it was in no shape to pay attention to the figure that had appeared on its back. Its eyes narrowed as it stared straight at the finger of energy that shot towards it with lightning speed as a streak of black light.

This Life-devouring Beast’s strength was around the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Faced with a finger that bore a sliver of the Darkstar race Grand Exalt’s will that had already reached the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, it experienced a sense of unprecedented danger.

Its intelligence was insufficient for it to realise that the finger was not targeting it, but the figure on its back. Its instincts told it that since the finger was rushing towards it, it was its enemy.

Its two pairs of wings immediately emitted a dazzling glow. They furled up, forming a huge blade of light that directly cut into the incoming finger of energy.


Within the thunderous sounds, the attack from the Life-devouring Beast was utterly useless before the finger of energy. It was pulverised instantly, and the finger of energy continued onwards, landing on the Life-devouring Beast mercilessly with the power of the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

The Life-devouring Beast let out a painful wail. Its colossal body fell out of the air as dark green liquid flowed out of its hawk head. Its entire head had cracked, and the butterfly wings on its back had become extremely tattered. As a matter of fact, a small part of it had become missing, such that the wings were no longer complete.

As for Jian Chen, who had been standing on its back, he had already vanished at a certain time.

To the other side, Sen Ran’s soul rapidly fled outside under the protection of a ball of energy. Even though he had already been reduced to a soul, his presence still leaked out in all directions, allowing all the Primordial realm experts to sense him.

When he was in possession of his body, Sen Ran could use secret techniques to mask his presence, but now that he was just a soul, he could not disguise his presence even if he wanted to. As such, he became a glowing lightbulb in the eyes of all the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts within the Two World Mountains.

As for Jian Chen, his presence had already vanished completely when Sen Ran’s finger of energy struck the butterfly-winged Life-devouring Beast.

“I may have lost my body, but that’s an attack condensed from my entire life’s worth of cultivation. Even if your strength has completely reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer, it still won’t be easy for you to block it. By the time you’ve caught your breath, the regional king Life-devouring Beasts would have gotten to you already. All that awaits you is death.”

“I might not be able to hide my presence when I’m just a soul, but I’ve sped up instead. There’s no chance for these Life-devouring Beasts to catch up to me. Kun Tian, no, I should say Gu Qi, you’re still lacking a little if you want to kill this hall master…” Sen Ran sneered as he fled. He was not pained by the loss of his body at all.

The greatest advantage of the Darkstar race was their lack of internal strife, allowing them all to live extremely lengthy lives. As long as their souls remained, they would all have ample time to recover their lost cultivation.

“I’m lacking a little if I want to kill you? Hall master Sen Ran, aren’t you overestimating yourself a little too much?” But at this moment, a nonchalant and slightly sarcastic voice rang out from ahead.

The voice was like the god of death’s declaration. It immediately made Sen Ran’s soul tremble, as shock, despair, and disbelief flooded his eyes.

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