Chapter 2780: Various Reactions

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Chapter 2780: Various Reactions

In the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall, Jian Chen, He Qianqian, and Jin Hong were visited by over a dozen organisations soon after they had returned. Moreover, these organisations were personally led by their prodigies, and they arrived with lavish gifts.

These people were obviously all warmly received by He Qianqian. She personally went out, inviting these representatives into the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall. Then, she arranged a banquet to entertain them.

“Yang Yutian, looks like we’ve all underestimated you. We never thought you could actually survive for so long in the depths of the Two World Mountains. Your strength and courage are truly admirable…”

“Brother Yang Yutian, it was all thanks to you for standing forward and luring away the late Godking Life-devouring Beast king back then. If the beast king managed to make its way into the group, the consequence would be unthinkable with its terrifying ability to devour life force…”

“Brother Yang Yutian, tell us how you managed to escape from the Life-devouring Beast king? Did you use the Laws of Space to completely outrun it? Though, you really are bold. The depths of the Two World Mountains are shrouded with mist, limiting your range of vision severely. Even the senses of souls are heavily suppressed. Under those circumstances, you were still bold enough to travel using the Laws of Space, completely undeterred by the possibility of running into a nest of danger from moving too quickly…”

“Brother Yang, tell us how you managed to survive for all these days in the Two World Mountains, as well as what kinds of dangers you encountered so that we can all learn from you…”

A large, round table was covered with delicacies as the prodigies gathered around it, drinking and talking merrily. Candid laughter would ring out from time to time amidst the conversations.

Jian Chen maintained a smile the entire time, dealing with everyone’s questions calmly. As for what he went through in the Two World Mountains, he explained it all by weaving facts with lies. All of the facts were descriptions about the strangely-shaped Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains. As for any parts that seemed dangerous, he touched on them lightly before moving on easily.

Even though Jian Chen had described it with great ease, everyone present understood that the dangers and threats hidden within had completely exceeded their imaginations.

After the banquet, the visiting prodigies all took out their gifts for Jian Chen; they wanted to express their gratitude and befriend him.

Back in the Two World Mountains, these people had never been so enthusiastic, as even they were uncertain about whether they could emerge from the mountains in one piece. They had also contemplated whether Yang Yutian would end up dying in the Two World Mountains, so they all held back with how they treated him.

Now that they had emerged successfully and the path of retreat had already been repaired, their lives were no longer under threat, so they clearly considered a much larger picture. They became interested in roping in a prodigy like Yang Yutian. After all, not only was he exceptionally talented, but he was also extraordinarily powerful.

Of course, the true reason why these people were interested was because Yang Yutian was still an independent cultivator.

As for the lavish gifts they had given out, they were just some supreme grade divine crystals, various heavenly resources, pills, and so on. Someone even gave him the notes on cultivation from a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

After all, Jian Chen was just a mid Godking in their eyes. They believed the standard of gifts they had given out would be extremely enticing to any Godking, not to mention this was the Darkstar World where resources were scarce. As a result, these gifts became even more precious.

Jian Chen really was uninterested in any of these items, but given the situation, he could only accept them reluctantly.

“I think we should hold a grand banquet for Yang Yutian in three days’ time. We should invite all the organisations of the city to attend, to celebrate brother Yang Yutian’s safe return.” At this moment, Jin Hong came up with a suggestion. His suggestion made all the prodigies at the table fall into a temporary silence.

Many of them were uncertain. They wanted to say something, but they hesitated, as they all felt that Jin Hong’s suggestion was a bit of an overkill.

In their eyes, they did indeed owe Yang Yutian a favour for his sacrifices in the Two World Mountains. However, favours came in different shapes and sizes. The favour they owed to Yang Yutian was not that big. They believed all they had to do was offer him some benefits. If they did not mind Yang Yutian’s lowly identity as an independent cultivator, or they were interested in befriending and roping him in, they would just personally pay a visit like right now at most and thank him out of courtesy. That should have been enough.

However, if they were supposed to hold a special, grand banquet that all organisations in the city participated just for Yang Yutian for this favour they owned him, it would indeed be going a little too far.

If Yang Yutian possessed a major background, then they would be perfectly fine with Jin Hong’s suggestion. However, he just happened to be an independent cultivator, someone without a sect or clan. It made the prodigies seated here rather reluctant to go along with it.

“Hahaha, alright. That’s quite a good suggestion, brother Jin Hong. I, Ping Yisheng, will represent the Empirelotus Sword sect and provide full support in arranging the banquet for Yang Yutian.” The silence lasted for just a few seconds before Ping Yisheng expressed his opinion first, expressing his complete support of the idea.

With someone taking the lead, all the prodigies present could only smile and express their agreement and support. Since they had come here in person, it had already expressed their take on this. They obviously could not change their minds now.

First of all, this suggestion had come from Jin Hong. Given that there were no major conflicts of interest, they would never want to offend Jin Hong for no good reason. Moreover, these people were interested in befriending or roping in Jian Chen, so they obviously would not want to displease him over something as petty as this.

“I thank you all for your kind intentions, but you really mustn’t…” Jian Chen tried to decline immediately, but under the persuasions of Jin Hong, He Qianqian, and the prodigies, his objection became rather powerless.

As a result, the matter of the grand banquet was decided like this.

This news reached the various organisations in the city as quickly as possible.

Among these organisations, basically everyone who admitted they owed Jian Chen a favour had already gathered in the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall. The rest clearly did not take him seriously. They all believed that Jian Chen was supposed to make the sacrifices he did in the Two World Mountains. As such, as soon as they received the news, over half of the organisations sneered in response.

“What’s wrong with Jin Hong? He actually wants to make such a ruckus to hold a grand banquet for a mere independent cultivator, even requesting us all to attend. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s too powerful for me to be his opponent and he’s the successor of a Grand Exalt, I really should slap him across the face…”

“Jin Hong, oh Jin Hong. Do you really think we’re still in the Two World Mountains, where you’re in charge of everything? We’ve already taken back the Hundred Saint City successfully, so the alliance from before no longer exists. Even if you have the halo of a Grand Exalt’s successor, you don’t have any power over us anymore. As for this so-called banquet, what a joke. It’s as foolish as you can get…”

Similar responses rang out in the divine halls in various regions of the city. Many prodigies snorted in contempt when they heard Jin Hong’s suggestion.

Of course, there were some exceptions too. In a completely-violet divine hall, a young man sat on the throne in thought, clutching an invitation.

A while later, a smile appeared on his face. He murmured, “Jin Hong is clearly trying to befriend Yang Yutian with this, while the dozen or so other organisations are clearly participating because they’re interested in Yang Yutian. Though, this Yang Yutian person really is quite capable. He can enter here, which means he’s under a millennium old. To be able to reach his current level of cultivation at such a young age, he’s even more monstrous than those prodigies raised by peak clans in the Saints’ World. And, he just happens to be so powerful too. Deducing from his performance in the Two World Mountains, Yang Yutian’s overall strength probably approaches Jin Hong’s.

Yep. If I can rope in a person with such monstrous talent into the clan, he’ll definitely have grand achievements in the future once he’s nurtured by the clan. It’ll obviously be a service of great merit for me too as the person behind it all.” When he thought up to this point, the young man’s eyes lit up. He immediately called out, “Guards, immediately pick out some of the most beautiful women for me. They’ll attend the banquet as representatives of our Violet Spirit clan. Tell them that if any of them manage to capture Yang Yutian’s heart and gets him to join our Violet Spirits clan, I’ll personally put in a good word for her to the patriarch so that our Violet Spirits clan will focus our efforts on nurturing her.”

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