Chapter 2781: News about the Ice Pole Plane

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Chapter 2781: News about the Ice Pole Plane

Within the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall, the visiting prodigies had already left one after another. Only Jin Hong, Jian Chen, and He Qianqian were left inside.

The gathering today had already ended, and Jin Hong was clearly thinking about leaving, but he seemed rather hesitant. He glanced at Jian Chen, as if he wanted to ask him something, but he stopped himself in the end.

In reality, he had always been curious about what Jian Chen possessed. He wondered why his bloodline would become uncontrollably restless, or even overcome with desire, whenever he approached Jian Chen.

This question had bugged him ever since they were in the Two World Mountains. However, none of them had any power over their fates back then. They did not even know whether they could emerge from the Two World Mountains alive, so why would he be in the mood to care about this? As a result, all he did was dismiss it temporarily.

Now that he had settled down, he became eager to get to the bottom of this mystery again.

However, he, Jin Hong, had his own morals to follow. He hesitated because the thing that roused his bloodline could be extremely important to Jian Chen. If he just asked about it rashly, it would be very inappropriate. It would be if it led to any misunderstandings.

He was a member of the Wolf clan. He was born with a sharp sense of smell, and he had gained the legacy of a Grand Exalt, which made his sense of smell even sharper.

Through this, he could clearly identify Jian Chen to be someone worthy of befriending, so he had wanted to become Jian Chen’s acquaintance a long time ago. He did not want to make things difficult for Jian Chen over something like this either, which would make them drift apart.

After hesitating for quite a while, Jin Hong decided to continue hiding the curiosity in his heart. He bid farewell to Jian Chen and He Qianqian before leaving the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall.

“Yang Yutian, Jin Hong seems rather interested in you.” He Qianqian had noticed Jin Hong’s expressions, so she turned around and smiled slightly at Jian Chen.

“Perhaps.” Jian Chen did not deny it. He obviously knew what Jin Hong was hesitating over. Clearly, he had been drawn to the essence blood from the ancient Skywolf.

He knew it was impossible for Jin Hong to know that he possessed a droplet of essence blood, but by being attracted to it, Jin Hong could clearly deduce that Jian Chen possessed a great fortuitous encounter to him.

Faced with an enticing fortuitous encounter, regular people probably would have tried stealing it from him already, regardless of the consequences. However, Jin Hong remained calm the entire time, without giving off a single hint of brutality or desire, which instead increased Jian Chen’s respect for Jin Hong.

In the Saints’ World, he had witnessed far too much deception and scheming. At the same time, he had seen far too many examples of people betraying good friends over cultivation resources. Someone as morally upright as Jin Hong was uncommon.

At this moment, He Qianqian’s voice rang out again, “The Darkstar World hasn’t been very peaceful lately, so it’s best if you don’t leave the Hundred Saint City for now. The grievances between our city and the seventh divine hall has grown. If you were just a regular person, it would be fine. The Darkstar race would not care. However, you’re different. With your talent, you’ll probably be hunted down the moment you leave the city…” Subsequently, He Qianqian took the initiative and told him about what she had roughly gone through after leaving the Two World Mountains. In particular, she went into great detail about the conflict with the seventh divine hall so that Jian Chen could gain a clear understanding about the current situation.

“The fifth divine hall is only protecting us temporarily, but if we can’t produce what the fifth divine hall requires, they’ll abandon us sooner or later. As a result, before the fifth divine hall has actually granted us a promise for protection, it’s best if we don’t leave the city,” He Qianqian said sternly. Her worries for the future were quite obvious from her expression.

When he heard that, Jian Chen’s expression became rather strange. He seemed to smile. “I never thought you’d actually go through so much after leaving the Two World Mountains, much less almost dying to the hands of the seventh hall master. But don’t worry, I won’t leave the city without good reason.”

Jian Chen continued, “Oh right, I heard your Heavenly Crane clan is located on the Ice Pole Plane of the seven sacred planes. Can you tell me about the Ice Pole Plane, such as what other powerful organisations there are apart from the renowned Ice Goddess Hall?”

He Qianqian walked over to a chair and sat down. She said in a self-deprecating manner, “The seven sacred planes? That’s already a matter of the past. The current Ice Pole Plane is only a sacred plane in name. Even the Ice Goddess Hall that once dominated the entire place has been claimed by some minor organisation that even our Heavenly Crane clan did not take seriously in the past.”

Jian Chen was stunned by that. “What? A minor organisation has actually taken over the Ice Goddess Hall? I’ve never seen the Ice Goddess Hall before, but I’ve heard it’s an extremely powerful god artifact. If even a minor organisation can claim it, why didn’t your Heavenly Crane clan do anything? Don’t tell me your Heavenly Crane clan can’t even defeat that minor organisation anymore?”

“Oh right, what’s the minor organisation called?”

He Qianqian broke into laughter. “The organisation is called the Moon God Hall. It’s said that the Moon God Hall did not even have a Grand Prime in the past. Their strongest was the master of the Moon God Hall, a mere Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. An organisation like that can’t even make it into the top twenty in the Ice Pole Plane. In the eyes of our Heavenly Crane clan, it indeed is just a minor organisation.”

“After all, our Heavenly Crane clan is a powerful organisation that ranks third on the plane. Aside from the Ice Goddess Hall, the Ice Pole Plane has a total of eighteen organisations with Grand Primes. It’s obvious just how powerful we are to be able to rank third among so many organisations. Even if the Moon God Hall has a Grand Prime now, they’ll just be a low level Grand Prime at most. With the strength of our Heavenly Crane clan, we can annihilate the Moon God Hall with a lift of a finger.” When she reached there, He Qianqian showed a sliver of disdain. Clearly, she did not take the Moon God Hall seriously.

“As for why our Heavenly Crane clan did not take over the Ice Goddess Hall, that’s obviously due to a form of respect towards the Ice Goddess Hall. That is the representation of our Ice Pole Plane after all, as well as the glory of our plane. Even though it has already declined, it’s still something that cannot be desecrated to our Heavenly Crane clan…” He Qianqian’s voice became softer and softer; this continued until the very end, when even she did not believe her words.

Her eyes flickered. Only after a moment of hesitation did she say with uncertainty, “Perhaps there’s something that I don’t know about going on behind the Moon God Hall taking over the Ice Goddess Hall, as logically speaking, the Ice Goddess Hall is the pride of our Ice Pole Plane, an existence that cannot be blasphemed. Yet in the end, despite so many peak organisations more powerful than the Moon God Hall, none of them interfered and stopped them. Instead, they allowed the Moon God Hall to take over the Ice Goddess Hall. It makes no sense at all.”

Jian Chen was rather speechless. Originally, he wanted to learn a little bit about the Ice Goddess Hall and the Moon God Hall from He Qianqian. After all, one of these two places was connected to his elder sister, Changyang Mingyue, while the other was connected to fairy Hao Yue. Yet, in the end, he discovered that He Qianqian did not even know as much as him despite being from the Ice Pole Plane.

Though, it did make sense. He Qianqian was just a Godking after all, and she was young. She obviously would not know much about overly secret information.

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