Chapter 2784: Creating a New Pill

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Chapter 2784: Creating a New Pill

At the same time, in a beautifully decorated hall within the Heavenly Crane clan, a ruddy old man radiating with the bearing of an immortal sat on a bed of freezing ice jade.

The ice jade bed was clearly extremely cold. The coldness it radiated with made the entire hall seem like a cavern of ice, and it would constantly emit an icy, mist-like aura, wrapping around the old man. It only made the old man seem even more sagely.

The old man was the first great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. He possessed so much influence that his authority only paled in comparison to the ancestor!

Currently, the old man clutched a pure-white feather in thought. He murmured, “That’s strange. That girl Qianqian is currently in the World of the Fallen Beast, so why has she suddenly sent someone to ask me about this? This isn’t something a mere Godking like her should know.”

“But since the girl has specially sent someone back to the clan from the World of the Fallen Beast for this information, it means she requires it. I don’t know why she would need it, but it definitely serves some purpose. So be it, so be it. It’s not like it’s an absolute secret anyway. If she wants to know, then I’ll let her know…”

Although the Heniu Plane’s ranking had fallen drastically among the forty-nine planes of the Saints’ World with the destruction of the Neptunean Divine Palace a few million years ago, there were still over a dozen peak organisations on the plane.

The Jade Pill sect happened to rank second among these peak organisations.

This ranking made the Jade Pill sect renowned on the Heniu Plane.

Currently, several Chaotic Prime great elders gathered together in the Jade Pill sect that wafted with the heavy fragrance of pills. Every single one of them frowned as they discussed among themselves. Their faces were all warped.

“That’ll be difficult, that’ll be difficult. The passageway leading to the World of the Fallen Beast was personally created by Grand Exalts. We possess exceptional mastery over the Way of Alchemy, and we can create new pills formulas with a flick of the hand. We can even mask countless weaker God Tier pills into regular pills with great ease, but something like that can only fool some weaker Grand Primes at most. It’s nothing more than a futile effort before the laws set down by Grand Exalts…”

“Then what are we supposed to do? It’s not like you don’t know about the batch of Twelfth Cycle Pills of Life and Death the Heaven-splitting clan of the Nine Clouds Plane and the Heaven’s sect of planet Cangmang ordered from our Jade Pill sect. High level God Tier pills like Pills of Life and Death have never been easy to refine. Even if you ignore the low success rate, we even need to push its effects to the peak, to the Twelfth Cycle. Only by adding some Water of Life from the Darkstar race do we have a chance at refining Pills of Life and Death of the Twelfth Cycle. If we lose our business in the Darkstar World, it’ll be difficult to collect Water of Life…”

“Yeah. Without the Water of Life, we won’t be able to refine Twelfth Cycle Pills of Life and Death, and we won’t be able to complete our deal with the Heaven-splitting clan and the Heaven’s sect. According to the deal, our Jade Pill sect will have to compensate them on fold. That’ll be a huge loss…”

“It’s not just the Twelfth Cycle Pills of Life and Death. Many high level God Tier pills we refine require materials from the Darkstar World. After all, the Two World Mountains was personally created by the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits. Even a blade of grass from there contains extremely high levels of life force. As a matter of fact, some of the heavenly resources even possess some shattered Laws of Life, which makes them the perfect material for refining various pills. Not only can they increase the success rate, but they can strengthen the effects of the pills too…”.

“This has too great of an impact on our Jade Pill sect. This is beyond our abilities. Let’s report it to the ancestor. Even if we have to pay quite the price, we have to protect our business in the Darkstar World…”

Very soon, the two Grand Prime ancestors in the Jade Pill sect received the news, and they immediately emerged from secluded cultivation. After gaining a detailed understanding, they both fell silent.

A while later, one of the ancestors said, “We have to protect our business in the Darkstar World no matter what. If we lose the Darkstar World, then we can only rely on other organisations to collect these precious items for us, but with that, our Jade Pill sect will become bound to others. And, they’ll definitely take advantage of this to extort us greedily.”

“Go and invite the Azure Ink Grandmaster of the Pill King clan, the Pill Worshipping Venerable of the Pill Nurturing clan, and the Sole Pill Ancestor of the Ancient Pill sect…”

“At the same time, contact the upper echelon of the Empyrean Demon Cult. Our Jade Pill sect is willing to offer a good price for ten thousand puresouls. They just have to be at peak Godking. We will create a new pill…”

The news from the Hundred Saint City directly alarmed several dozen peak organisations in the Saints’ World. The ancestors of many organisations even asked about this matter personally, as they required many of the resources that the Darkstar World produced. As a matter of fact, some special resources were necessities to certain peak clans.

Some of these resources just happened to be irreplaceable, and the only place that produced them was the Darkstar World.

As a result, the various peak organisations all attached great importance to this matter.

But in the end, the majority of the peak organisations were powerless against the fifth divine hall’s demands, or they were able to fulfill the demands, but the price was just too great, so great that it had exceeded the value that the Darkstar race could bring for them.

Consequently, only a handful of organizations came up with plans in the end, and they carried them out fervently.

Of course, only the peak organisations from the Hundred Saint City were distressed. All the other clans and organisations who had not joined the Hundred Saint City were completely unaffected. In contrast, these organisations even sent in groups of people eagerly, wave after wave, carrying tremendous amounts of divine crystals and various resources.

This was because the Darkstar race had announced they required large quantities of divine crystals, tremendous quantities of divine crystals. In exchange, they were willing to offer some precious items.

Just as the peak organisations were being riled up by the fifth divine hall’s demands, the person behind it all, Jian Chen, was receiving guests at the entrance of the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall. He received representatives of the various organisations who had come to attend the banquet.

The banquet was arranged with Jin Hong and He Qianqian in charge and the combined efforts of over a dozen organisations. They invited everyone to celebrate Jian Chen’s safe return.

Obviously, not everyone in the Hundred Saint City came to this banquet. Only two-thirds of the organizations actually attended.

Among the two-thirds, over half of them had just sent some attendants or envoys to participate as a courtesy, giving Jian Chen words of congratulations. Not a lot of people who held actual importance attended.

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