Chapter 2786: Asking for the Pill Formula

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Chapter 2786: Asking for the Pill Formula

The reason why He Qianqian had given such a detailed introduction about the Hao family and the Heavenly Lightning clan to Jian Chen was because they possessed terrifyingly great backgrounds. One had the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, while the other had an archean clan.

However, only the Hao family sent people to attend this banquet among the two organisations. The Heavenly Lightning clan was not present.

Of course, aside from these two organisations, there were other powerful organisations that the Heavenly Crane clan feared within the Hundred Saint City, but they paled in comparison to the Hao family and the Heavenly Lightning clan. He Qianqian only warned Jian Chen about them and did not give him an overly detailed introduction.

Very soon, the banquet formally began in the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall. As the main star, he was fated to be the busiest person today. After giving a speech at the beginning, he walked around with a wine cup with a smile on his face, modestly toasting the people from the various organisations.

It did not matter whether these people present today were leaders of an organization or mere envoys or servants. They were guests. As long as they could make it today, it was a form of recognition, so Jian Chen would obviously handle them with courtesy.

As he did that, many organisations secretly or openly extended a recruiting hand towards Jian Chen, offering him numerous, lavish conditions and many benefits for him if he joined their clan.

In short, the offers he had received were so great that they could interest any Godking independent cultivator; it could even drive them crazy. The offers were even enough to tempt experts who had just broken through to the Primordial realm to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, Jian Chen was not a Godking, but a Primordial realm expert, and not any regular Primordial realm expert either. After all, he was a figure who was so wealthy that he could tempt Grand Primes. As a result, the offers from these organisations obviously did not pique his interest. He turned them all down with the excuse that he did not want to be tied down.

The reason why these organisations were willing to attend this banquet for his sake was mainly because they wanted to rope Jian Chen in. All of them were well-prepared. Seeing how their resources were unable to tempt Jian Chen, they all made a signal by glancing.

Immediately, many women who had attended the banquet with them stood up. Every single one of them were great beauties who were chosen after careful selection. Both their appearances and figures were the best of the best. With enchanting smiles, they all approached Jian Chen, conversing with him gently. Some of these women even tried to ‘accidentally’ brush past Jian Chen. Their eyes were filled with admiration, and they were in a trance.

But what hadn’t Jian Chen been through already? He remained utterly unfazed from something like this. He seemed composed, shifting his feet gently and avoiding them easily.

Jin Hong and He Qianqian took note of this from nearby. Jin Hong remained the same as before, but He Qianqian smiled in interest. She said gently, “I never thought Yang Yutian would be more warmly received than I imagined. He’s earned the favour of so many large organisations, and they’re even trying to seduce him with women now. Some of these women are people who’re well-versed in techniques of enchantment. They’re no good in battle, but they’re almost unmatched when it comes to seducing men. I wonder if Yang Yutian can control himself.”

“Don’t worry, Yang Yutian is anything but ordinary. These techniques are all going to be useless against Yang Yutian.” Jin Hong remained indifferent. He held the leg of a beast in his hand, wolfing it down. Dense life force would ooze out with each bite.

This leg of an unknown beast clearly originated from the Life-devouring Beasts of the Two World Mountains.

He Qianqian looked at Jin Hong and said seriously, “Young master Jin Hong, you’ve assisted Yang Yutian time and time again. I don’t think it’s completely out of gratitude for what he did in the Two World Mountains, is it? You’re also interested in roping in Yang Yutian, right?”

Jin Hong only replied after careful consideration, “I really haven’t considered roping in Yang Yutian before, as I don’t see how my clan is suitable for him. Though, in my opinion, your Heavenly Crane clan has a very good chance.”

“Oh? Tell me about it? Just what is our Heavenly Crane clan supposed to offer to entice a prodigy like Yang Yutian into joining? If Yang Yutian really joins my clan, it’ll be quite the deed,” He Qianqian said. There were no organisations in the Saints’ World that would give up on monstrously talented geniuses. Organisations could fight over someone like Yang Yutian.

Jin Hong gazed at He Qianqian deeply and said, “First come, first served. Yang Yutian is technically a part of your Heavenly Crane clan right now, so how difficult can it be to rope him in? If you personally tried to capture Yang Yutian’s heart, you really have quite a high chance.”

He Qianqian was clearly taken aback, and then she smiled bitterly. “Young master Jin Hong, I’m different from you. You’re already the young patriarch of your clan. You possess an extremely special status, where even your Grand Prime ancestor takes special care of you. As for me? I’m just a slightly talented clansman of the Heavenly Crane clan. My talent is nowhere close to yours, much less my status. The fate and marriage of a clansman like me is destined to be arranged by the seniors in the clan. Even if I get married, my husband will definitely be a member of a large organisation with a great background.”

“Yang Yutian and I are people of two different worlds.”

The banquet ended, and the guests dispersed. Very soon, the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall recovered its usual peace. He Qianqian arrived before Jian Chen and seemed to smile at him. “There were so many alluring beauties in the banquet. None of them caught your eye?”

Jian Chen remained calm. He said seriously, “In my mind, there are only two thoughts, cultivation and becoming stronger. There is no room for the affairs of love. And, as an independent cultivator, I have gone through much more and experienced much more than people like you, born into those large clans. The affairs of love no longer hold much significance to me at all.”

He Qianqian studied Jian Chen with a strange expression. “People have seven emotions and six desires. Even some old monsters who have cultivated for millions or even tens of millions of years are unable to let go of them, still bewitched by them, enough to go crazy for them. You’re not even a thousand years old, yet you say you’ve already detached yourself from the desire of love. Is that a flaw in your personality? Or your talent?”

Jian Chen did not want to dwell on this topic anymore, so he changed the conversation’s topic. “Basically all of these organisations possess Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills. Surely the formula for the pill isn’t particularly precious, right?”

He Qianqian’s eyes flashed from that. She replied with a question, “Don’t tell me you’re interested in the formula for refining Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills?”

“That’s right, I’m very interested in the pill. How can I get my hands on the pill formula?” Jian Chen asked.

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