Chapter 2788: He Qianqian’s Suspicion

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Chapter 2788: He Qianqian’s Suspicion

When he saw the news at the end, Jian Chen became extremely excited. He was overjoyed.

Senior Mo Tianyun actually killed his way onto the Ice Pole Plane, even forcing his way into the Ice Goddess Hall and slaying the fleeing hall master of the Moon God hall, Nan Potian. Nan Potian is a colossal enemy of fairy Hao Yue. With his death, that’s basically revenge for her. I just wonder how she is doing,” Jian Chen thought. As soon as he remembered that fairy Hao Yue’s fate was unknown, he became worried.

I hope nothing happens to fairy Hao Yue,” Jian Chen prayed inside. He did not have a lot of friends, but fairy Hao Yue happened to be one of them.Right now, he was so worried for her that he was almost tempted to immediately venture to the Ice Pole Plane.

However, Sacredfeather was still trapped, so he was forced to remain in the Darkstar World.

This was because everything had already happened on the Ice Pole Plane. If something had really happened to fairy Hao Yue, it would be very difficult for him to do anything even if he rushed over. However, the situation with the Darkstar race was different. Sacredfeather’s fate was completely within his grasp.

As Jian Chen worried for fairy Hao Yue, He Qianqian was greatly perturbed. She seemed like she had been completely shaken up, muttering in a daze, “The three ancestors of the Hefeng clan have actually all died. T- this can’t be true. This can’t be true.”

Jian Chen suppressed his worries for fairy Hao Yue when he heard her and asked, “What kind of organisation is the Hefeng clan on the Ice Pole Plane?”

“On the Ice Pole Plane, the Hefeng clan ranks fourth, right below our Heavenly Crane clan. However, I’ve heard from the great elders that while the Hefeng clan ranks below us, their strength is basically the same as ours, with no great difference. Our Heavenly Crane clan only outranks them because we’re stronger in terms of great elders,” He Qianqian said in a daze. The deaths of the three ancestors of the Hefeng clan seemed to have an extremely great impact on her, such that her face paled slightly.

“Who is the Empyrean Demon Lord? He’s actually killed the three ancestors of the Hefeng clan. That’s three Grand Primes. How did they just die like that?”

“That’s a difference in intermediate strength. In other words, the peak strength of the Hefeng clan and the Heavenly Crane clan are similar.” Jian Chen was not overly shocked by the deaths of the three ancestors of the Hefeng clan. Instead, the strength of the Heavenly Crane clan weighed in his mind.

Mo Tianyun could easily destroy the Hefeng clan that ranked fourth. In other words, it probably would not be too difficult for him to destroy the Heavenly Crane clan either.

I wonder just what Heavenly Layer senior Mo Tianyun has reached as a Grand Prime,” Jian Chen thought. He pondered that for a moment before asking He Qianqian, “Miss Qian, may I ask why you’ve told me this news?”

He Qianqian sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed down her turbulent emotions. Very soon, she suppressed all of her chaotic thoughts and calmed down once more. An icy presence radiated from her body naturally.

“Weren’t you interested in the news of the Ice Pole Plane? In order to satisfy your curiosity, I specially asked a great elder in my clan about this. Technically speaking, this information is still something beyond my reach. It’s all because I’m in the Darkstar World that the great elders have done all that they can to fulfil my needs. That’s the only reason why I received this information,” He Qianqian said.

“You’re mistaken, miss Qian. I was only a little curious about the Ice Pole Plane because of the Heavenly Crane clan. How can you say that I’m interested?” Jian Chen laughed.

He Qianqian’s eyes flashed. She stared straight at Jian Chen as she said seriously, “Yang Yutian, I might not be a particularly clever person, but don’t treat me like a complete fool. In the Hundred Saint City, there are many organisations much more powerful than our Heavenly Crane clan. With your talent and battle prowess, you could easily join an organisation more powerful than ours, and you’ll be favoured no matter which organisation you join. Yet, you just had to choose our Heavenly Crane clan.”

“And, a few days ago, you asked me about the Ice Pole Plane when you just returned to the Heavenly Crane clan. You said you were just curious and wanted to know a little more about the Ice Pole Plane, but you were completely unaware that your expressions had already sold you out. Back then, your expression was definitely not simple curiosity. Instead, you responded like you cared very, very much.”

“There’s one last point. During the banquet earlier today, so many peak organisations wanted to recruit you, even offering you lavish conditions. Any single one of them is tempting enough that a Godking born as an independent cultivator would never decline, yet you were completely unfazed. As a matter of fact, your gaze remained as clear as ever. What does that mean? It means that the offers from the clans could not even pique your interest. Am I right?”

Reaching there, He Qianqian paused. She stared at Jian Chen deeply before continuing, “Yang Yutian, it definitely wasn’t a coincidence when you chose to join our Heavenly Crane clan back then. Instead, you did it on purpose. I’m very curious about the reason why you chose our Heavenly Crane clan.”

“Miss Qian, you’re overthinking. I had no reason in choosing your Heavenly Crane clan. If you insist that I did, then that’s to find something to rely on in the Darkstar World. After all, I’m just a stranger in a strange place among the Darkstar race. If I continue travelling alone, I might not even be able to take another step further. As for those offers from the clans, I’ll be honest with you. Their offers did not interest me. I might be an independent cultivator, but I’m still an independent cultivator who had a fortuitous encounter and obtained the legacy of a Primordial realm expert. I obviously possess some resources for myself.”

“And finally, the Ice Pole Plane. I plan on visiting the Ice Pole Plane one day in the future, which is why I’ve been paying relatively more attention to news regarding it. I want to understand the plane and plan for the future,” Jian Chen fended her off with composure.

He Qianqian did not continue. She simply stared straight at Jian Chen with her shining eyes, as if she wanted to see through his thoughts.

She clearly still had her doubts over Jian Chen’s explanation.

Jian Chen stared at He Qianqian too. His face was filled with helplessness and innocence, as well as a slightly bitter smile.

Though, speaking of which, He Qianqian’s eyes really were beautiful. Her pupils were extremely bright, and her large eyes were like black gemstones, shining with light that seemed to penetrate the hearts of people. Combined with her alluring, bleak appearance, it possessed a deadly charm to men.

At this moment, an old man who seemed to be a caretaker walked in from outside. He reported, “Miss, I’ve just received news. They’re inviting all the organisations to venture to the Pantheon Divine Hall.”

“Understood. You can go.” He Qianqian withdrew her gaze. She no longer looked at Jian Chen, gazing in the direction of the Pantheon Divine Hall at the centre of the Hundred Saint City instead. “I don’t care what you say. As long as you’re in the Darkstar World, you’re still a member of our Heavenly Crane clan. You’re forbidden from doing anything that might harm our Heavenly Crane clan.”

“Of course!”

“Let’s go. Let’s go to the Pantheon Divine Hall. They’ve summoned everyone there probably because an organisation has already come up with an idea to fulfill the fifth divine hall’s request. It’s a pity that our Heavenly Crane clan is powerless against the fifth divine hall’s request. There might not be a lot of time left before our Heavenly Crane clan will be forced to withdraw from the Darkstar World.”

Filled with pity and regret, He Qianqian made her way out of the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall with Jian Chen and directly headed to the Pantheon Divine Hall.

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