Chapter 2789: Ambition

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Chapter 2789: Ambition

In the Pantheon Divine Hall, over a hundred seats surrounded a large table. When Jian Chen arrived with He Qianqian, they discovered most of the seats were already filled. Jian Chen was familiar with everyone who had the right to sit down. Although he could not exactly name all of them, he had seen them in the Two World Mountains.

This was because all of these people were representatives of organisations. They were not all Godkings. They were a few Overgods among them.

The people he had clashed with in the Two World Mountains, Chu Jie, Kong Feiying, Zhou Wenbin, Gong Ruize, and Zhou Zhi, happened to be among them too.

When they saw Jian Chen arrive, Jin Hong, Ping Yisheng, and the prodigies who had a high recognition of him all stood up and clasped their hands at him, giving him a simple greeting.

As for Chu Jie, Kong Feiying, Zhou Wenbin, Gong Ruize, and Zhou Zhi, their faces all sank, and their eyes shone with veiled killing intent.

Jian Chen glanced at the five of them deeply before shifting his gaze away, standing behind He Qianqian like nothing had happened at all.

Jian Chen could obviously sense their killing intent. They hid their killing intent very well, enough to fool everyone present except for Jian Chen.

They were just five Godkings. He had never even taken them seriously.

After waiting for a while, everyone finally arrived in the Pantheon Divine Hall. At this moment, a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties broke the silence. “I’ve assembled you all here today to discuss the matters regarding the conditions put forth by the fifth divine hall. Right now, the seventh divine hall resents our Hundred Saint City deeply. If we want to remain here, we’ll need the fifth divine hall’s protection, so we have to fulfil the fifth divine hall’s requests no matter what.”

When he reached there, the middle-aged man paused for a moment before continuing, “I do believe you’ve all received the response from your various clans. May I ask which clans or organisations are able to complete the mission from the fifth divine hall?”

Yang Yutian, this person is a member of the Heavenly Lightning clan. Lei is his surname, and his name is a single word, Yun. He’s called Lei Yun!” As the middle-aged man spoke, He Qianqian introduced him to Jian Chen secretly.

After Lei Yun finished speaking, Hao Chen of the Hao family said, “I can see that you’re teeming with confidence, fellow Lei Yun. It is like you have a plan already. Your Heavenly Lightning clan must have found a method to deal with it already.”

Lei Yun smiled with that. “I really can’t hide it from brother Hao Chen. It’s just like what you said. Through the efforts of the seniors of our Heavenly Lightning clan, we’ve already found a method to fulfill the fifth divine hall’s request.”

As he said that, Lei Yun scanned the crowd. He became rather arrogant and said, “May I ask if there’s anyone else present who can fulfil the fifth divine hall’s request?”

“I’ve received news from our Jade Pill clan that our ancestors have already emerged from seclusion. They’re personally creating a pill formula. With their mastery over the Way of Alchemy, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to come up with a pill that hasn’t reached God Tier but exceeds God Tier pills. I do believe the pill should be refined before long, and then it will be delivered to the Darkstar World,” said the prodigy of the Jade Pill sect. His eyes met Lei Yun’s before both of them smiled mysteriously.

Afterwards, no one else in the Pantheon Divine Hall said anything. Many were dejected.

Apart from the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect, there were actually no one else among the several dozen peak organisations that could fulfill the fifth divine hall’s request.

Seeing that, Lei Yun’s smile grew even heavier, as if victory was within his grasp. He continued, “We can’t let this happen, can we? After all, the vice hall master of the fifth divine hall said the fifth divine hall will protect whichever organisation that is able to provide it with what it needs! Now that only our Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect can fulfil the fifth divine hall’s request, wouldn’t that mean only the two of us can remain in the Hundred Saint City safely? Won’t the other organisations lose their footing in the Hundred Saint City?”

“But we can’t let that happen. When we built the Hundred Saint City, all of our clans and organisations had put in a lot of effort. If you just leave, our Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect will be left alone in the huge Hundred Saint City.”

When they heard that, the faces of many of the prodigies present became extremely twisted. There were also other people whose eyes shone, looking at Lei Yun and the prodigy from the Jade Pill sect like they were in thought.

“I do have a suggestion, but I don’t know whether it’ll work or not.” The prodigy from the Jade Pill sect stood up. His eyes twinkled with hidden excitement as he said, “If, and I say if, there aren’t any other clans or sects left in the Hundred Saint City, just our Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan, wouldn’t that mean the fifth divine hall would be able to protect the entire city?”

When he heard that, Hao Ran snickered. He stared at the prodigy from the Jade Pill sect rather coldly and said, “So what your Jade Pill sect is trying to say is for us clans and sects that can’t fulfil the fifth divine hall’s request to join your Jade Pill sect or the Heavenly Lightning clan?”

The prodigy from the Jade Pill sect smiled. “That’s just a thought I came up with. Within the Darkstar World, all of our organisations in the Hundred Saint City can join with the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan and follow us, but once you leave the Darkstar World, you’re not bound by anything. We’ll still be able to go our own ways.”

“Hahaha, that suggestion isn’t necessarily impossible. Of course, it’s just a temporary measure, just something on the surface. This is all just so everyone can maintain their footing in the Darkstar World, for the sake of your organisations’ interests. It’ll have nothing to do with your rankings in the Saints’ World.” Lei Yun chuckled.

“You actually want so many organisations to join your Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan such that we’ll all have to follow you? Are you out of your mind? How can you think of something like that? Aren’t you afraid of biting off more than you can chew and choking yourself to death?” Man Yunjun of the Man family sneered.

“Jade Pill sect, Heavenly Lightning clan, how bold of you! Aren’t you afraid of offending our Hundred Battle clan such that you’ll suffer in the future?” Baizhan Xiong of the Hundred Battle clan sneered as well. His gaze was filled with disdain.

“Please watch yourselves, the two of you. If you anger the ancestor of our Hao family, just your Jade Pill sect and Heavenly Lightning clan probably won’t be enough to endure our Hao family’s wrath.” Hao Chen’s face sank too, and he wore a cold smile.

In short, the suggestion from the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan basically angered all the organisations present. Everyone responded with glares and sneers. Only very few clans showed interest, remaining quiet.

“Please calm down, please calm down. This is just a suggestion, that’s all. We had absolutely no intentions of insulting you. As for whether it’ll work out or not, it’ll still depend on what you think, is it not?” Lei Yun of the Heavenly Lightning clan smiled in a hurry in an apologetic manner.

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