Chapter 2792: Seeds of Time

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Chapter 2792: Seeds of Time

However, although the Soil of Divine Blood only appeared in the Darkstar World, it was clearly extremely scarce. Whenever it appeared, the peak organisations in the Hundred Saint City would undergo a fierce bidding war, or they would reach an agreement with other organisations in the city to split the Soil of Divine Blood.

As a result, obtaining Soil of Divine Blood became difficult. This was why a few prodigies almost began to drool the moment Lei Yun took out the Soil of Divine Blood.

However, most of them stared at the three pieces of jade. The jade seemed extremely ordinary no matter how they looked at it. There was nothing special about them at all. They did not even possess the slightest energy. However, Lei Yun had sprinkled something as precious as Soil of Divine Blood over them, which made everyone curious.

The vice hall master of the fifth divine hall, Bing Yuan, stared at the three pieces of jade too. Doubt appeared on his face, as he actually failed to see what the three pieces of jade were hiding with his cultivation as an Infinite Prime.

Within the huge Pantheon Divine Hall, only Jian Chen sensed something. Not only had his soul surpassed the First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime that Bing Yuan was, it had mutated, having ceased to be ordinary a long time ago. As a result, he could sense that the three pieces of white jade seemed to be hiding something.

He furrowed his brows and thought hard. Only after a careful analysis did he gain an inkling. “There seems to be three invisible seeds that no regular person can sense hiding within the jade. These seeds have something to do with the Laws of Time. They seem to be the seeds of the Laws of Time?

When he reached this conclusion, even Jian Chen gasped despite his knowledge. He had no idea how laws could be transformed into a seed, nor did he know whether these seeds were formed naturally or had been condensed by someone through great power. However, its existence was a miracle in and of itself.

Most importantly, these seeds of the Laws of Time did not possess any inherent energy, and the Laws of Time contained within had reached early Godking at most. As a result, they could not be regarded as items of the God Tier, which was why they could be brought in from the outside world without breaching the limit of the passageway.

At this moment, the three pieces of white jade began to change. The Soil of Divine Blood Lei Yun had sprinkled on them suddenly shone with a blood-red glow. Immediately, extremely pure vital energy seeped out. It was turbulent and tremendous. The pure vital energy was enough to force back the prodigies in the surroundings.

Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly. Perhaps due to his special soul, he could sense much more from the vital energy. That was an emotion, an emotion filled with regret, resentment, fury, and blazing hatred.

This made the vital energy seem like it had come alive, giving off its own emotions.

However, Jian Chen knew that the emotions within the vital energy had been left behind by its past owner. However, the owner of the vital energy was just too powerful and just too terrifying, possessing the power to turn even the foul into the wondrous. Even though he was already dead, the blood was contaminated by his will from when he was still alive. Even after all this time, the will still had not dispersed.

At this moment, a portion of the vital energy within the Soil of Divine Blood actually merged with the three pieces of jade, sucked away one by one in the very end.

Perhaps, it was better to say that the seeds within the jade were absorbing a mysterious power within the vital energy. This mysterious power seemed to be extremely beneficial to the seeds of time within the jade. After absorbing this power, the three seeds of time actually grew with startling speed. As they grew, the intense power of the Laws of Time began to pulse, unable to be concealed any longer.

As for the vital energy that had seeped out from the Soil of Divine Blood, they seemed to lose their backbone after the seeds of time had absorbed the mysterious power. They were unable to remain in their condensed state, so they vanished into thin air and merged with the world.

Time passed silently. In five minutes, the vital energy from the Soil of Divine Blood had completely dispersed. The Soil of Divine Blood that the major organisations all coveted had been reduced to a clump of regular soil under everyone’s gazes. As for the three seeds of time, they seemed to have received sufficient nourishment and completely began to grow. Slivers of the power of the Laws of Time they leaked out with accidentally seemed to influence the flow of time in the space around the jade, causing the area to become rather hazy.


Suddenly, the three pieces of jade exploded with no prior signs at all. The three seeds of time hidden within the jade were no longer restricted anymore. All of the power of the Laws of Time erupted completely like horses freed from their reins, forming a temporal vortex a meter wide. The Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood, which had been placed to one side, was enveloped by the temporal vortex too.

In the temporal vortex, time flowed at an extremely alarming rate. The Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood underwent changes at a speed visible to the naked eye. The fruit that was only the size of a cherry swelled up, becoming even redder and even more crystalline.

The Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood was growing at an unbelievable rate. It was currently evolving towards the God Tier.

All the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall were dumbfounded. Even Bing Yuan, a Primordial realm expert, was dumbstruck by this sight.

Although he was respected as a Primordial realm expert, Bing Yuan’s knowledge and insight probably could not even match the Godkings in the Patheon Divine Hall.

That was because the strongest expert Bing Yuan could come in contact with in the Darkstar World was the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, the Darkstar Emperor. As for experts higher up, Chaotic Primes, they were just a legend within the Darkstar World. They could only learn a little bit about them from ancient records or the mouths of outsiders.

As for the Godkings in the Pantheon Divine Hall, they had even seen Grand Primes, let alone Infinite Primes. Many of them could directly contact them too.

As a result, the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall obviously surpassed him in terms of knowledge and insight.

However, even these prodigies who had witnessed plenty of miracles from great experts were stunned, let alone Bing Yuan. After all, he was basically no different from a country bumpkin, someone who had yet to see the world.

Before long, the temporal vortex dispersed as the power of time ran out, and the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood had experienced a mysterious amount of time in there. In short, when it reappeared before everyone, it already gave off a heavy fragrance.

Just a single whiff of the fragrance could cleanse everyone’s minds, as if their souls had been purified.

In that moment, the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood had truly evolved to the God Tier.

Looking at the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood and sensing the pulse of energy it gave off that had truly reached God Tier, the prodigies’ eyes were close to falling out from how wide they had become. Their faces were filled with disbelief and inconceivability.

“I never thought God Tier heavenly resources can be nurtured rapidly like this. This is truly a wonder, truly a wonder…”

“Speeding up time will interfere with the laws, and heavenly resources don’t just need time and energy to evolve to God Tier. It isn’t that simple. They have to undergo a baptism of the ways of the world too. As a result, nurturing God Tier heavenly resources through speeding up time has already been disproven by many peak experts in the Saints’ World, as it’s just impossible. I have to say, it’s a miracle that this Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood could succeed with it…”

“The reason why the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood could succeed is definitely not just because of the Laws of Time. The Soil of Divine Blood must be the actual component vital to it all…”

For a moment, discussions rose up everywhere in the Pantheon Divine Hall. Many peoples’ eyes lit up. At that moment, they all thought the same thing. If the Soil of Divine Blood really was capable of something like this, did it not mean they could nurture large quantities of God Tier heavenly resources as long as they possessed sufficient Soil of Divine Blood?

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