Chapter 2794: Hunting Operation

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Chapter 2794: Hunting Operation

With that, all the organizations that were unable to produce God Tier pills or heavenly resources beamed with joy. In that moment, they felt like the moment before they drowned, they had suddenly grabbed a straw, giving them the hope of surviving. This obviously touched their hearts.

Hunting Godking Life-devouring Beasts was a test of life and death riddled with difficulties from the perspective of other outsiders. Just the slightest carelessness could annihilate their entire group. However, this was not completely impossible to the organisations in the Hundred Saint City.

This was because they all had experience moving around in the Two World Mountains, making frequent contact with Life-devouring Beats. They had truly accumulated quite a lot of valuable experience. Combined with the numerous sacrificial Godkings under their command, hunting Life-devouring Beasts was not impossible as long as they made sufficient arrangements. It would even be easier than when they moved through the Two World Mountains.

That was because they were in a completely reactive position as they moved through the Two World Mountains. Every single battle had occurred extremely hastily, with no path for retreat either.

But now, they would be proactive with the Darkstar World behind them. They could be on the offence and on the defence. Moreover, they had time to set up a series of arrangements, so hunting would obviously become much easier.

Compared to their exhilaration, the people from the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan’s faces became as warped as possible.

They had already reached an agreement in the past, planning to use this opportunity to rearrange the standings of the organisations in the Hundred Saint City so that they could maximise their benefits. In the end, just a single sentence from Bing Yuan had shattered their wonderful dream. As the two organisations were filled with regret, they also began to resent Bing Yuan slightly.

God dammit, why would it be like this? Our Heavenly Lightning clan has gone to such great lengths to nurture a Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood to satisfy the fifth divine hall, yet these people actually just need to do something as simple as kill a few Godking Life-devouring Beasts, and they’ll get a chance to be protected by the fifth divine hall? This is unfair! This is unfair!” Lei Yun fumed inside, but he was just unable to show it. This was the territory of the Darkstar race after all. No matter how powerful the Heavenly Lightning clan was, they were unable to lecture people in the Darkstar World.

“Vice hall master, Godking Life-devouring Beasts may be worth a lot, but you still can’t compare it to the God Tier pill and heavenly resource provided by our Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan. Their values are on completely different levels. If other organisations just need to provide some corpses of Godking Life-devouring Beasts, and they’ll be able to enjoy the same treatment as our Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan, that’ll be far too unfair.” The prodigy from the Jade Pill sect stood up and grumbled. In order to produce the pill that the fifth divine hall required, the ancestors of their Jade Pill sect had even emerged from secluded cultivation, personally creating the pill formula. They were going to much greater lengths than just killing a few Godking Life-devouring Beasts.

“You don’t have to worry at all. Your Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan have provided our hall master with what he needs, so the majority of the merit obviously goes to you. If our hall master is satisfied with your pill and heavenly resource, our fifth divine hall will reward you depending on your merit. By then, you’ll have plenty of benefits. As for them…” Bing Yuan looked around and said indifferently, “I only said I’d only ask the hall master to show some mercy to them if they provide us with Godking Life-devouring Beasts. I can’t guarantee whether the hall master actually recognises them or not in the end.”

The people of the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect eased up slightly with that, while the other organisations in the Pantheon Divine Hall became rather uneasy after their excitement. They were afraid of spending all their efforts hunting down Godking Life-devouring Beasts, only for it to go to waste.

However, they also understood that if they hunted down Life-devouring Beasts and handed them over to the fifth divine hall like what Bing Yuan had said, there was a chance that they could obtain the fifth divine hall’s protection at the very least. Otherwise, they would not have any chance at all, and the end result would be either yielding to the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan or abandoning their business here.

Vice hall master Bing Yuan did not remain in the Hundred Saint City for very long. He returned to the fifth divine hall very quickly with the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood that had evolved to God Tier. With his departure, the many organizations gathered in the Pantheon Divine Hall obviously dispersed, returning to their own territories and immediately doing two things.

The first thing was to record down the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood’s process of evolving to God Tier in detail before immediately sending people to deliver the information back to their clans in the Saints’ World.

The second thing was to gather numerous sacrificial Godkings in their divine halls.

Three or four hundred sacrificial Godkings had already been gathered in the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall. They stood in a neat rectangle in front of He Qianqian, showing great respect.

The Heavenly Crane clan had brought in almost a thousand sacrificial Godkings. A few fell in battle as they crossed through the Two World Mountains, with around seven or eight hundred people remaining. Currently, the sacrificial Godkings gathered in the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall already amounted to half of the remaining number.

He Qianqian sat on the throne sternly, radiating with coldness, which made the entire hall seem like a cavern of ice. It was extremely cold. She glanced past the sacrificial Godkings below sharply before landing on the white-clothed Jian Chen, who stood indifferently. She spoke with a voice that she believed to be very authoritative, “Yang Yutian, you’re a member of our Heavenly Crane clan when you’re in the Darkstar World, so any business of our Heavenly Crane clan is also your business. Protecting the interests of the Heavenly Crane clan is also part of your responsibility. The Heavenly Crane clan needs you now, so will you fight for the Heavenly Crane clan?”

Jian Chen smiled and clasped his fist. “That would obviously be an unavoidable duty of mine!”

“The clan requires you to venture to the Two World Mountains and hunt down Godking Life-devouring Beasts. I’ll dispatch half of the sacrificial Godkings from the clan to you. They will listen to your command. I hope you don’t disappoint us,” said He Qianqian.

“It’s just that miss Qian, I’ve only emerged from the Two World Mountains recently. Why do you have to send me back in so hurriedly and so soon?” Jian Chen smiled bitterly.

He Qianqian was helpless. “We’ve already reached a critical moment that determines whether our Heavenly Crane clan can remain in the Darkstar World or not, and in the clan, you happen to be the strongest, so I have no other choice.”

“But you don’t have to worry. When I leave here, I will definitely personally report the sacrifices you have made for your clan to the clan so that you earn a greater reward.”

“Fine then. I’ll hunt down these Godking Life-devouring Beasts, but I won’t be needing these sacrificial Godkings. The strength they can offer is unnecessary to me, and I’ve grasped the Laws of Space, so it’s actually much easier for me to move around alone. It’ll actually be inconvenient if I have them around,” said Jian Chen.

He Qianqian nodded. “If that’s the case, I won’t allocate these people to you. However, you must be careful when you move around alone. The threats you face definitely aren’t as simple as just the Life-devouring Beasts of the Two World Mountains. You have to be careful about the Darkstar race too. If the Darkstar race learns of your strength and talent, they definitely won’t spare you according to how they’ve behaved in the past.”

“And, you need to be a little more cautious about Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Zhao Wenbin, Kong Feiying, and Gong Ruize.”

“Due to the situation in the Darkstar World, none of the people in charge of the organisations can leave the city without proper reason, so we can’t partake in the hunting operation. However, I’m afraid that they’ll send sacrificial Godkings to deal with you, so you must remain vigilant,” He Qianqian reminded him sincerely, revealing her concern for him.

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