Chapter 2795: Space and Time

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Chapter 2795: Space and Time

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously and said without minding at all, “If I were that easy to kill, I would have died in the depths of the Two World Mountains a long time ago. Why would I still be alive right now? You don’t have to worry, miss Qian. I don’t even have to take Chu Tian and the others seriously.”

He Qianqian shot an exasperated glance at Jian Chen. “I know you’re very strong. I’m just warning you, so you’ll be prepared, just in case you get caught off guard.”

Afterwards, He Qianqian warned Jian Chen about a few things seriously and in great detail, regardless of whether Jian Chen knew about it already or not. In short, she explained everything she knew about the Two World Mountains and everything that required Jian Chen to be careful of patiently to him. She supplemented all aspects of Jian Chen’s knowledge regarding the Two World Mountains.

Jian Chen was a powerful Primordial realm expert, enough to move around freely in the Two World Mountains, and he possessed an extremely deep understanding of the Two World Mountains already, but he still benefited greatly from what He Qianqian told him. He learnt about many secrets he had yet to uncover.

After all, the Hundred Saint City had already operated in the Darkstar World for countless years. They had entered the Two World Mountains even more than the Darkstar race, so their understanding of the Two World Mountains even surpassed the Darkstar race in certain aspects.

Jian Chen left the Hundred Saint City alone. He did not disguise himself at all, just swaggering his way over to the Two World Mountains.

As for the several hundred sacrificial Godkings gathered in the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall, He Qianqian split them up into multiple groups and sent them into the depths of the Two World Mountains.

She could not rely on Jian Chen alone to hunt down Life-devouring Beasts, as she knew that just a single corpse or two would never be enough. Only when they gathered a lot, so much that the fifth divine hall was unable to ignore them, could they earn the fifth divine hall’s promise of protection.

As a result, in order to hunt down as many Godking Life-devouring Beasts as possible, she needed to send as large of a force as she could muster into the Two World Mountains.

He Qianqian was not the only one who took action in the Hundred Saint City. Many peak organisations sent out many sacrificial Godkings too. Even Jin Hong was not an exception.

Although Jin Hong had already received the ancestor’s notice, giving him permission to abandon their operations in the Darkstar race at any time, that would be a decision he would make when there was no hope at all. Now that a ray of hope had appeared, he obviously had to grasp it.

Jin Hong currently stood in the doorway of the divine hall that belonged to the Dire Wolf clan. His gaze was fixed on the city gates. He could not help but frown. “He Qianqian has actually still chosen to send Yang Yutian into the Two World Mountains. Doesn’t Yang Yutian know that those who resent him have been keeping an eye on him the entire time? He didn’t even try to disguise himself when he left the city.”

“Guards!” Jin Hong suddenly called out.

“Young master!” Two Overgods of the Wolf clan immediately appeared, but from their attires, they seemed more like caretakers than guards.

“Send people to keep an eye on the Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong sect immediately. Contact me the moment they make any movements,” Jin Hong said.

“Yes, young master!”

At the same time, many sacrificial Godkings gathered in the divine halls that belonged to the Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and the Yuqiong sect. Chu Jie, Gong Ruize, Zhao Wenbin, Kong Feiying, and Zhou Zhi all sat high up, making a series of arrangements.

A while later, the five of them put on their disguises, blending in as members of the sacrificial Godkings. Not only had their appearances changed, but even their presences changed through the use of a few special items.

Although their method of disguise seemed rather rough, such that they could easily give themselves away at a close range, it could fool the senses of souls to a certain degree.

After disguising themselves as sacrificial Godkings, the sacrificial Godkings they replaced underwent the same procedure to replace them.

“Remember, before I return, you are forbidden from taking a single step out of the hall, nor can you activate the formation in the hall. Even if you speak, you have to copy my voice, understood?”

After exchanging identities, the five of them sternly instructed the sacrificial Godkings replacing them.

“Yes, young master!” The sacrificial Godkings all answered.

Afterwards, Chu Jie, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhao Wenbin, and Zhou Zhi all blended into the sacrificial Godkings, setting off from their respective divine halls and flying towards the city gates.

The moment the five of them set off, the senses of Jin Hong and He Qianqian’s souls swept over, completely enveloping these sacrificial Godkings. After circling around for a short while, they failed to discover anything wrong, so they both withdrew the senses of their souls.

Although the leaders of the various organisations in the Hundred Saint City had all reached an agreement to remain within the city due to the situation of the Darkstar World, to prevent the people of the seventh divine hall from scheming against them in the wilderness, He Qianqian and Jin Hong were clearly worried that they would still make a reckless move. As such, they constantly paid attention to the movements of the five.

“The Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong sect have all sent out part of their sacrificial Godkings. It completely matches the strength required to hunt down Life-devouring Beasts. However, even if these sacrificial soldiers want to do something to Yang Yutian, they shouldn’t be able to match his speed.”

“Yang Yutian, all I can do right now is keep an eye on Chu Tian, Zhou Zhi, Zhao Wenbin, Gong, Ruize and Kong Feiying for you. As long as the five of them aren’t present, the sacrificial Godkings won’t be able to fall into formation, and without the Primordial realm formation, they shouldn’t be able to threaten you.” He Qianqian stood on the top of the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall in white clothes and muttered to herself as she stared in the direction of the city gates.

“Young master, we’ve just received news that Chu Tian, Gong Ruize, and the others are all in their divine halls.” On another side of the city, Jin Hong received the report of their investigations, and he immediately eased up a lot. After waving his hand and dismissing the servant, he crossed his legs and sat on the throne, sinking into his thoughts.

He could not help but think of the sight when he could barely suppress the power of his bloodline whenever he approached Yang Yutian again, as well as the emotions of extreme craving it pulsed with.

Just what does Yang Yutian possess? I may be mistaken, but the reason for the rousing of my bloodline is not because of some item, but because his bloodline is also unique, sharing the same origins as our Dire Wolf clan.

Should I find an opportunity to ask him once he returns?” Jin Hong thought to himself. He had ruminated over this for just too long, but he had his qualms. He was afraid of affecting his relationship with Yang Yutian, which was why he had never mentioned it.

Outside the Hundred Saint City, Jian Chen flew at an altitude of a thousand meters as he made his way towards the Two World Mountains at a steady pace. However, he did not travel along a straight path. Instead, he detoured slightly to one side, avoiding the shortest path that constantly flowed with people.

However, the corner of his mouth seemed to remain curled the entire time. Sometimes, a sneering light would flash through his eyes.

At this moment, the space around Jian Chen suddenly blurred. At the same time, the flow of time in the blurry space underwent an upheaving change. The flow of time actually sped up by several dozen times in that instant.

Moreover, Jian Chen could clearly sense that the space he resided in seemed to be forcefully changed into a miniature world that differed from the Darkstar World. Not only did the space become independent, but the space also possessed its own Laws of Time.

“Is this the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time? I never thought I’d run into a prodigy who’s grasped both space and time in the Darkstar World. Even in the Saints’ World, people like that are like mythical existences.” Jian Chen stopped and hovered in the air with his arms crossed, making a small remark to himself at complete ease. At the same time, he closely sensed the changes in the space with a hint of interest.

More accurately, he was sensing the Laws of Time that filled the surroundings and altered the flow of time.

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