Chapter 2796: Falling into an Encirclement

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Chapter 2796: Falling into an Encirclement

There were many people who had comprehended the Laws of Space in the Saints’ World and plenty who had comprehended the Laws of Time. However, basically all of these people only grasped one of the laws. There were extremely few cultivators in the Saints’ World who had comprehended both the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space. Describing them as mythical existences was no exaggeration at all.

This was because a slight connection existed between the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time to a certain degree. Once both laws were grasped, the difficulty of comprehension would multiply, sometimes by as much as several dozen fold or hundred fold.

Yet now, Jian Chen had run into a cultivator who had grasped both the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space, and his cultivation had reached an impressive Godking realm.

If this were a cultivator of the Darkstar race, then Jian Chen would not have been so surprised, as cultivators of the Darkstar race had plenty of time to slowly comprehend. However, what mattered was the person who had comprehended both the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time was an outsider.

What did this mean? This meant he was less than a thousand years old, or he never would have been able to set foot in the Darkstar World.

In a single millenium, he had elevated his comprehension of both the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space to Godking. The difficulty of that was unparalleled to comprehending other laws. His talent could truly be regarded as unprecedented.

“He’s already an early Godking, yet the space he’s created is so tough that even mid Godkings will struggle to destroy it. A combination of the Laws of Space and Laws of Time really is powerful.” Jian Chen sighed in admiration. According to his observations, the space was already enough to trap most late Godkings. This was simply unimaginable.

“You possess impressive insight, sir. I never thought you’d already see through the toughness of my World of Heaven and Earth before I’ve even done anything. However, you’ve still underestimated my World of Heaven and Earth. More correctly, even late Godkings will struggle to destroy my World of Heaven and Earth. As for mid Godkings, no one can get through it unless they’re prodigies that possess the talent of supreme Godkings and can challenge those at higher cultivation levels.”

A peaceful voice rang out. A young man in white robes appeared out of nowhere a hundred meters in front of Jian Chen. He did not seem old, only around eighteen or nineteen. He had fine facial features, and he seemed like he was still wet behind his ears at first glance.

He gave off a peaceful presence, enough to bring peace to the surroundings, which made his presence merge perfectly with the world around him. It was as if even his body was a part of the surroundings. He had truly attained “becoming one with nature”.

“The World of Heaven and Earth? You call this domain the World of Heaven and Earth?” Jian Chen asked. However, he did understand that calling this domain composed of the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time a “world” made perfect sense, as the space had already become completely independent, just like a real miniature world. The flow of time here had completely separated from the Darkstar World.

“That’s right. To me, time is heaven and space is earth. A combination of time and space creates a world, so this world of mine is called the World of Heaven and Earth,” the young man said with composure. He stood with his arms crossed, also levitating at an altitude of a thousand meters. He did not take any action.

“Did the Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong sect send you to deal with me? Are you really that confident you can keep me trapped in your World of Heaven and Earth?” Jian Chen stared at the young man, and his gaze gradually sharpened.

The young man did not deny that. He nodded gently. “Yang Yutian, I’ve already heard you possess extraordinary battle prowess, enough to rival the young master of the Dire Wolf clan who’s obtained a Grand Exalt’s legacy. While my World of Heaven and Earth won’t be able to keep you trapped for long periods of time, keeping you trapped for a while won’t be a problem.”

“There normally aren’t any good consequences awaiting those who oppose me. Have you ever considered the consequences of opposing me? Even in the Saints’ World, you’re a supreme prodigy to be able to comprehend both the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space to Godking at such a young age. If you just die, that’s far too great of a pity. If you leave right now, I’ll turn a blind eye to everything you’ve done,” Jian Chen said coldly.

“Apologies. I’m just acting on someone’s request. Since I’ve already agreed to it, I must uphold my word.” When he reached there, the young man smiled mysteriously. He stared at Jian Chen like he was looking at a dead man and said, “Moreover, even if you can defeat me, you won’t get the chance, as if nothing goes wrong today, you shouldn’t be able to leave.”

“World of Heaven and Earth—Open!” The young man suddenly spread his arms. All of his limbs sprawled out. The Laws of Time and the Laws of Space revolved around him, merging together and disturbing the space around him, such that the region that he resided in became a new miniature world. The miniature world suddenly expanded outwards with his cry, forcefully increasing its area by several fold in that instant.

As the miniature world expanded and absorbed even more space, the people who were originally on the edge of the original miniature world were naturally enveloped too.

These people were split into five groups, amounting to almost four thousand people. Every single one of them radiated with the aura of Godkings.

The five groups of people were the sacrificial Godkings of the Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong sect, while the people leading them were Chu Tian, Zhao Wenbin, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, and Zhou Zhi.

As soon as they saw Jian Chen, their eyes became flooded with hatred. In particular, with Chu Tian, not only did his eyes explode with killing intent, but his hatred was so extreme that it twisted his face. It made him seem especially vicious.

“Hahahaha. Yang Yutian, we’ve finally gotten the chance to catch you! Weren’t you pretty arrogant back then in the Two World Mountains? Why’re you all scared now? Do you feel afraid inside?” Chu Tian stood among the sacrificial Godkings and laughed in delight, as if he had finally obtained the opportunity to redeem himself for the humiliation in the past.

“Yang Yutian, never did you think you would face something like this, did you? Only a single fate awaits those who offend us, which is death…”

“Yang Yutian, weren’t you pretty impressive back then in the Two World Mountains? I’d like to see just how many attacks you can last before our formations…”

“Today, you’re done for…”

“No one can save you…”

Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhou Zhi, and Zhao Wenbin all sneered too. They all looked at Jian Chen with surging grievance, as well as extremely, extremely deep hatred.

This hatred, this grievance, all originated from the humiliation they had originally suffered.

They had been humiliated in the eye of the public!

Back then in the Two World Mountains, the five of them had lost many sacrificial Godkings. Even they themselves had almost died at Yang Yutian’s hands. Now, the five of them were teeming with confidence, as if victory was already within their grasp. They did not take Yang Yutian seriously at all, as they had already fallen into formation beforehand.

Right now, their power and the power of the many sacrificial Godkings merged together through the formation. They were all Godkings, but they possessed the battle prowess of the Primordial realm.

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