Chapter 2797: The Scion of Five Point

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Chapter 2797: The Scion of Five Point

The young man who grasped the space and time glanced at the five of them indifferently. Even though the five of them already possessed the battle prowess of the Primordial realm through the formations, the young man was not fearful of them at all. Instead, he showed faint disdain, as if he looked down on them slightly.

“I’ve completed your request. Don’t forget about your promise,” the young man said nonchalantly.

“Scion of Five Point, you don’t need to worry at all. We will definitely uphold what we’ve promised to your Five Point sect.” Kong Feiying laughed aloud.

“That would be for the best!” The young man known as the Scion of Five Point nodded in satisfaction, about to withdraw his World of Heaven and Earth. Once Chu Tian and the others began fighting and erupted with the power of the Primordial realm, his World of Heaven and Earth would be as flimsy as paper, even though it could temporarily stop late Godkings.

However, when Jian Chen heard the Five Point sect, his eyes flashed. He turned towards the Scion of Five Point in surprise and asked, “Are you from the Five Point sect of the Star Brilliance Plane?”

Gong Ruize seemed to think of something from that. Suddenly, he laughed aloud. “Hahaha, that’s right, the Scion of Five Point comes from the Five Point sect, one of the ten great organisations on the Star Brilliance Plane. Moreover, his status in the Five Point sect is extraordinary. He’s the chosen scion of the entire sect. His status only pales in comparison to the sect master’s. Yang Yutian, don’t tell me you’re trying to claim you have some connection to the Five Point sect at a time like this?”

The Scion of Five Point said nothing. He hovered in the air and stared at Jian Chen calmly.

Jian Chen came to a realisation. He ignored Gong Ruize and said to the Scion of Five Point, “No wonder you could comprehend both the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time to Godking at such a young age. So you actually come from the Five Point sect. The Point Cloud Venerable of the Five Point sect is one of the few experts of this day and age who has comprehended both the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time to Grand Prime. It’s rumored that he received the guidance of the Space-Time Elder in the past, giving him extremely great mastery over the Way of Space and the Way of Time.”

The Scion of Five Point changed slightly in expression. “You actually know my master received guidance from the Space-Time Elder in the past? That’s not something an independent cultivator should know. Let alone independent cultivators, even the descendants of peak organisations won’t be able to come into contact with that information unless they’ve achieved sufficient status. Just who are you?”

“Your master? The Point Cloud Venerable is actually your master? Now that’s surprising.” Jian Chen was rather taken aback. He could not help but study the Scion of Five Point properly. “The Point Cloud Venerable has helped me out in the past, even though I could tell he had other intentions in mind when he assisted me. Though, I must admit, the assistance he lended me back then was of extremely great use.”

“Since you’re the Point Cloud Venerable’s disciple, I’ll spare you today for the Point Cloud Venerable’s sake. However, you may have escaped death, but not punishment.” With that, Jian Chen directly struck. In that instant, he became surrounded by powerful sword Qi in the form of dazzling, scorching-white light. Afterwards, it turned into a huge strand of sword Qi that stabbed towards the Scion of Five Point.

The strand of sword Qi was completely condensed from the Laws of the Sword. Even though it was just at the level of mid Godkings, the sword intent it contained was powerful enough to influence the Scion of Five Point’s World of Heaven and Earth.

Under the powerful sword intent, the World of Heaven and Earth trembled violently. The space twisted viciously as the flow of time was forcefully interrupted.

The Scion of Five Point changed in expression. He immediately pointed at the space before him and said gently, “Worlds Differ! Inches Away, but Worlds Apart!”

As he pointed out, the entire World of Heaven and Earth underwent a drastic change. This independent and incompletely miniature world seemed to split in two in that instant, separating Jian Chen and him into two completely different regions of space and time.

The result was they seemed less than a hundred meters apart, but in reality, the space between them was under influence, elongating the distance between them such that it became hundreds of kilometers, thousands of kilometers, tens of thousand kilometers, or even longer.

The time it would actually take to cross through this region would be incalculable.

That was because not only did this touch on space, but there was interference from time too.

“The combination and supplementary effect between the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time truly is profound. It’s just a pity that your cultivation is too low. You can’t restrain me.” Jian Chen’s voice rang out. The sword Qi under his control suddenly exploded with light, as if it could destroy space and cut through time. It tore through all the restraints of the World of Heaven and Earth like it was unstoppable, reaching the Scion of Five Point instantly.

In that instant, the Scion of Five Point was unable to maintain the same composure as before. His face changed drastically, overcome by shock. The power of space around him surged violently, as if he was trying to forcefully alter the space around him so that he could avoid the sword Qi.

However, the sword Qi’s power had completely surpassed the Laws of Space he had grasped. Even the power created from a combination of the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time was unable to influence Jian Chen’s sword Qi at all.


With that, Jian Chen’s sword Qi slammed against the Scion of Five Point mercilessly. It did not penetrate the Scion of Five Point like something sharp. Instead, the sword Qi automatically exploded when it approached the Scion of Five Point under Jian Chen’s precise control. In the end, it turned into a ball of energy and light that contained the same sharpness of the sword Qi and sent the Scion of Five Point flying viciously.

At the same time, the Scion of Five Point’s World of Heaven and Earth completely crumbled and collapsed.

The Scion of Five Point had been blasted far away with a pale face. The luxurious robes on him had already been reduced to dust, revealing a set of tight-fitting armour.

The armour was a supreme quality saint artifact, but it had already dimmed now, covered in tiny cracks.

“Y- you actually defeated me in a single attack! T- that’s impossible! That’s completely impossible…” A thousand meters away, the Scion of Five Point rose up in the air in a horrible shape. His face was filled with disbelief, as if he was unable to accept this.

He had learnt about Yang Yutian’s various feats in the Two World Mountains before all of this, and he had gained a rough idea of Yang Yutian’s strength too. He was confident that with his combination of the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time, even defeating Yang Yutian was not impossible, let alone trapping him.

However, never did he think that reality would be so cruel and so difficult to accept. He could not even withstand a single blow from Yang Yutian.

If it were not for the fact that the attack did not contain killing intent, he would probably be dead, or close to death.

To the other side, Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, and Zhao Wenbin were shocked by how Jian Chen had defeated the Scion of Five Point in a single attack. The battle prowess that Yang Yutian demonstrated right now seemed to be even greater than what he possessed in the Two World Mountains.

However, they had already fallen into formation, already possessing the power to contend with the Primordial realm. As a result, even though Yang Yutian’s performance had taken them by surprise, they did not show any fear at all.

At the same time, Jin Hong sat on his throne with his eyes shut, resting in the divine hall of the Dire Wolf clan in the Hundred Saint City. He was not cultivating, but constantly keeping an eye on the movements of the divine halls that belonged to the Chu family, Zhou family, Gong family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong sect. He was watching over Yang Yutian in the Hundred Saint City so that he could prevent Chu Jie and the other leading figures from secretly slipping out and using the Primordial realm formations against Yang Yutian.

However, just as the Scion of Five Point’s World of Heaven and Earth was destroyed, Jian Chen’s surging sword Qi was freed from the restraints of the World of Heaven and Earth and leaked into the Darkstar World. Jin Hong seemed to sense it in his divine hall, and his eyes suddenly snapped open, immediately shining brilliantly. With a sway, he appeared on top of the divine hall instantly, directly throwing a punch at the Chu family’s divine hall from afar.

Boom! Jin Hong immediately left a ten-meter-deep dent in the Chu family’s formation. Afterwards, the senses of Jin Hong’s soul flooded in through there.

Within the divine hall, he discovered the sacrificial Godking disguised as Chu Jie. Both his presence and appearance was exactly like Chu Jie’s, but he was still a sacrificial soldier after all, let alone one that had consumed a Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill and only had the lifespan of a century.

As a result, under Jin Hong’s close inspection, the sacrificial Godking who posed as Chu Jie immediately had his cover blown.

“What a substitution!” Jin Hong was furious. His face darkened, and he immediately charged out of the Hundred Saint City. He did not even bring a single sacrificial Godking with him, rushing towards the place of the battle alone.

“The World of Heaven and Earth has been destroyed! The disturbance here will probably reach the Hundred Saint City very soon! We don’t have much time! Let’s do it and finish him off quickly!”

To the other side, Chu Jie suddenly bellowed out and launched an attack without any hesitation at all. The power of several hundred sacrificial Godkings gathered in him through the assistance of the formation. He swung the sword in his hand violently, and the weapon immediately erupted with light, conjuring a huge strand of sword qi a hundred meters long. It slashed towards Jian Chen.

His attack contained the power of the Primordial realm. The tremendous might within it immediately churned up the sky as the colossal pressure flooded out in the surroundings, alarming all cultivators within a range of several hundred kilometers instantly.

In the instant Chu Tian struck out, Zhou Wenbin, Zhou Zhi, Kong Feiying, and Gong Ruize all took action as well.

Immediately, five powerful attacks that had reached the Primoridla realm hurtled towards Jian Chen, sealing off all of his paths of retreat.

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