Chapter 2799: A Grand Exalt’s Legacy

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Chapter 2799: A Grand Exalt’s Legacy

“God dammit, just how hard is he to kill? Why is he still alive?” Chu Jie finally could not help but curse aloud. With how heavily injured Yang Yutian was, just a single glance of him was enough to send a chill down his spine. If regular cultivators had suffered wounds as severe as his, who knew how many times over they would have died already. Yet, Yang Yutian just hung on.

“Damn it. He’s already so injured. I refuse to believe we can’t kill him today. Attack his soul.” Zhou Zhi grinded his teeth. His eyes had become slightly bloodshot. He seemed to be going crazy.

“Yang Yutian’s flesh is very, very tough, and the head is the toughest part of the body. I’ve struck him three times in the head with the strength of the Primordial realm, yet I haven’t even put a dent in it.”

“Even if we can’t destroy his head, we have to shake apart his soul. Everyone, let’s use our full strength and target his head with secret techniques.”

Immediately, the five of them ground their teeth as they began to use powerful secret techniques.

These secret techniques were powerful attacks the ancestors of their organisations had personally emerged from seclusion and specially created for the formation they used. It could make their attacks even greater.

In the Darkstar World, they had used this secret technique a total of two times. The first time was when they took back the Hundred Saint City, when they encircled the vice hall master Duff, forcefully elevating their battle prowess at the First Heavenly Layer to repel the Second Heavenly Layer Duff.

The second time was when the seventh hall master, Getti, personally arrived at the Hundred Saint City. They had used this secret technique to endure Getti’s attack. Even though it was almost useless before Getti, the secret technique’s power made it their greatest trump card, something that they took pride in.

However, it would place an extremely great burden on both them and the sacrificial Godkings in the formation when the secret technique was used, so they could not afford to use it unless it truly mattered.

Immediately, a terrifying pressure that rivaled peak First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes radiated out. A blurry figure appeared in their formations, radiating with chilling, terrifying pressure.

These figures were the ancestors of their organisations. They had used the secret technique to conjure a figure of their Grand Prime ancestors. Even though the energy was limited to the First Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, it did contain an indescribable power of ways.

Of course, not everyone’s secret techniques were the same.

An illusionary sword would appear out of nowhere in one of their formations, radiating with blinding light.

The sword was their clan treasure, a high quality god artifact, wielded by their strongest ancestor.

There was also a formation that condensed a pitch-black finger out of pure energy, radiating with chilling, black light.

In short, the figures they condensed with their secret techniques all varied, but it all reached the peak of the First Heavenly Layer, or even approaching the Second Heavenly Layer.

In the next moment, the five secret techniques hurtled towards Jian Chen with enough power to make any Godking pale.

This time, they all targeted Jian Chen’s head.


Within the rumble, Jian Chen was launched far away. The powerful shockwaves wreaked havoc in the surroundings as the ground below was reduced to a mess, covered in great fissures.

The five of them were slightly out of breath as they stared right at Jian Chen’s head. They wanted to see whether their strongest attack had managed to shatter Jian Chen’s head or not.

However, their hearts sunk slightly very soon, as they discovered that Jian Chen’s head was still intact apart from being covered in blood. It had not shattered like they had been hoping.

“Even if his head hasn’t shattered from such a powerful attack, his soul must have been shaken to pieces,” said Gong Ruize as he stared straight at Jian Chen, who had been launched away.

This time, Jian Chen flew several dozen kilometers away before falling to the ground, laying there without moving. However, this only lasted for less than ten seconds under their nervous and uneasy gazes. Jian Chen climbed up “with difficulty” from the ground. His face was covered in blood, which was quite a vicious and horrifying sight. They could no longer make out his face.

“He’s still not dead?”

“How is he still alive?”

Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, and Zhao Wenbin all behaved like they had seen a ghost. Their eyes were wide open as their faces were filled with disbelief.

Nearby, the Scion of Five Point who had been spectating the entire time blinked his eyes as hard as he could. He too was filled with disbelief.

“Hahahaha, I obtained a Primordial realm expert’s legacy. I possess many methods to protect myself, or I would have never been able to emerge from the Two World Mountains. Your strength right now is still not enough to kill me…” Covered in blood, Jian Chen laughed aloud. His presence was extremely feeble as his flames of life wavered, as if they could go out at any time.

But at this moment, an extremely powerful and pure vital energy suddenly blossomed in his body. Even though just a tiny sliver of it leaked out of his body, it immediately affected the world around him. The wind began to blow, and the sky within several hundred thousand kilometers turned blood-red in a single instant.

It was as if this vital energy possessed an absolute power that could change the world. Even just a sliver of it could shake up the world and alter time and space.

As a matter of fact, the vital energy could interfere with the ways of the world to a certain degree.

It was as if the vital energy itself was a manifestation of ways.

Chu Jie and the others’ faces changed rapidly. They could sense a paramount pressure from the vital energy, along with an extremely ancient and weathered sensation. This feeling was like a great power hiding unfathomable mysteries, which led to an extremely severe influence over their souls. As they felt shock, the urge to drop to their knees and yield bloomed inside them.

“W- what is that…”

“W- what kind of legacy is that? Why do I feel like yielding before this vital energy? It’s even more intense than when I face our ancestor…”

“This presence seems… seems… seems to be rather similar to Jin Hong…”

Immediately, the five of them shuddered inside. They stared at Jian Chen with their eyes wide open as their faces were plastered with extreme shock, disbelief, doubt, and joy. These emotions flashed across their faces rapidly, which was quite an interesting sight.

This was because they all thought of the same thing at that moment. It was exactly this thought that made their hearts surge.

They had always known Yang Yutian obtained the legacy of a Primordial realm expert. Originally, they thought it was just a regular Primordial realm expert, so they never cared about it. But now, the vital energy he gave off was extremely similar to the presence Jin Hong emitted when he used his Grand Exalt’s secret techniques in the Two World Mountains, which immediately made them connect the dots and arrive at a conclusion so terrifying that they struggled to believe it.

“A Grand Exalt’s legacy. Don’t tell me Yang Yutian has obtained a Grand Exalt’s legacy?” Their heart began to beat faster as blood surged through their body. It was no wonder Yang Yutian could last so long under their attacks. He had actually obtained a Grand Exalt’s legacy.

Now, there was no longer a need for them to say anything else. They all knew what they had to do. At that moment, the five of them completely forgot about their hatred towards Yang Yutian. Their eyes had already become filled with joy and greed. They all rushed towards Jian Chen madly.


At this moment, a great voice boomed out from the distance like thunder, erupting in their ears. It was filled with anger.

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