Chapter 2800: Counter Attack

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Chapter 2800: Counter Attack

Jin Hong finally arrived. He had used a secret technique, pushing his speed to the limit and crossing a tremendous distance in a flash. He was currently flying towards Jian Chen. Before he arrived, the senses of his soul had already expanded over, giving him a complete grasp of the situation here.

He saw the Primordial realm formations that Chu Jie and the others had assembled, radiating with surging pulses of energy.

He also saw the bloodied Jian Chen, who had become heavily injured by their Primordial realm strength. His life force was so weak that it seemed like it could go out at any time.

Jian Chen’s circumstances made Jin Hong furious. He was unable to remain relaxed and indifferent to everything like before anymore. He surged with fury as his eyes shone with icy killing intent.

At the same time, the power of the bloodline within him reacted to the vitality that the ancient Skywolf’s essence blood gave off, riling up as a result. The sense of desire it gave off was unprecedented. The intense temptation and attraction rammed against Jin Hong’s will power as a bewitching force, expressing what it felt to Jin Hong.

However, Jin Hong completely ignored the activity from his bloodline. With his iron will, he forcefully suppressed the effects of the bloodline on his mind. His eyes were filled with raging fury as he drew closer at extreme speeds with killing intent.

Because he was still several million kilometers away from Jian Chen, it still took him some time to cross this distance even with the speed he moved at right now.

Perhaps it would not take too long, but he could see that Jian Chen was already between the jaws of death, unable to last much longer. Facing such dire circumstances, just a few seconds were enough for too many irreversible matters to occur.

“Oh no, Jin Hong has actually come…”

“How has he come so quickly? Qu- quick, we have to kill Yang Yutian before Jin Hong arrives, or all the arrangements we’ve made today will go to waste…”

Their faces changed and immediately became frantic, as they knew that once Jin Hong arrived, it would probably be impossible for them to kill Yang Yutian, let alone obtain the fortuitous encounter that Yang Yutian possessed.

None of them dared to underestimate Jin Hong. He was the successor of a Grand Exalt after all. Just that identity alone made them extremely cautious and fearful.

The five of them immediately unleashed their powerful secret techniques again, regardless of the costs and consequences.

Immediately, the figures of the Grand Prime ancestors and high quality god artifacts appeared again, pulsing with alarming energy.

“How dare you!”

Jin Hong’s voice boomed out. His rage was unstoppable. He immediately performed a series of seals before pointing out.

The gesture seemed to possess paramount power. With that, the laws in the space before him immediately descended into chaos, as if it had been interfered with by something invisible. The space became extremely disorderly.

Jin Hong directly rushed into the disorderly space. He vanished instantly. By the time he reappeared, he was already several million kilometers away, appearing like he had teleported.

He had crossed the distance in a single instant, such that he was only a thousand kilometers away from Jian Chen now.

Afterwards, his energy gushed out like a tsunami, and a tremendous pressure filled the surroundings. The illusionary figure of the ancient Skywolf had appeared behind him silently. Afterwards, all of his energy surged, and he let out a howl at the sky.

Immediately, a howl seemed to fill the entire Darkstar World. With that, the very ground shook as the yin and yang of the world inverted. Everyone seemed to yield in subservience, and the world trembled.

Just when the five of them were prepared to launch their condensed secret techniques, the wolf howl arrived. The howl pierced everything, bypassing all defenses and directly penetrating the protective energy of their Primordial realm formations. It reached their minds like a clap of thunder.

The howl possessed an indescribably terrifying power to stun. It moved through their ears and directly interfered with their souls, making their very consciousness halt for an instant. They were thrown into a daze, frozen in the same postures as before.

This was an extremely strange sight, as if Jin Hong’s howl had made space freeze and time halt. It made the brains of the five of them and the several thousand sacrificial Godkings short circuit, throwing them into a complete daze.

In the next moment, a string of explosions erupted in the formations. The formations that linked their powers suddenly collapsed. In a mere five seconds, the Primordial realm formations that the five of them depended on the most collapsed just like that. Even the powerful secret techniques they had condensed seemed to lose control with the destruction of the formations, dispersing in the surroundings as tremendous energy.

This sight stunned the Scion of Five Point, who was watching on from a distance. He was overcome by shock.

He knew extremely well how powerful the Primordial realm formations were, yet a formation as powerful as that had actually collapsed from a single howl from Jin Hong. They seemed so feeble.

“This is… a Grand Exalt’s secret technique…” The Scion of Five Point gulped. In that moment, his fear towards Jin Hong ran so deep that it reached his bones.

Then he looked at Jian Chen. Although he had not been able to roughly identify the origins of the vital energy that Jian Chen gave off like Chu Tian and the others, as he did not have any contact with Jin Hong, he could still tell it was something extremely impressive from the startling might the vital energy gave off. As a result, he too was tempted to a certain degree.

However, after weighing the consequences, he chose not to act recklessly in the end.

This was because neither his identity or the power of the sect behind him could support any reckless actions he took in the Hundred Saint City.

At this moment, the five of them all returned to their senses. They gazed at the collapsed Primordial realm formations and at Jin Hong, who was a thousand kilometers away. Their faces paled. As they felt shocked over how easily Jin Hong had destroyed their formations, they also found this extremely difficult to accept.

They were not afraid of Jin Hong, as even when they knew they could not defeat Jin Hong, Jin Hong would never actually kill them.

They represented the clans behind them. Even though their status was nowhere close to Jin Hong’s in the Wolf clan, they still carried some of their clans’ pride and dignity.

What they refused to accept was how they could only watch helplessly as they brushed past the possible Grand Exalt’s legacy on Yang Yutian.

They could only watch helplessly as a tremendous fortune that could potentially change their lives brushed past them. The tremendous feeling of disappointment made them develop intense regret and resentment.

This resentment was obviously directed towards Jin Hong!

“Hahahaha, how are you going to kill me now without the Primordial realm formations? Looks like the one who’ll die today is not me, but you.” At this moment, Jian Chen let out a roar of laughter with his bloody mouth. The vital energy that the essence blood from the ancient Skywolf had been condensed with all the power within him into five meter-long arrows of vitality before shooting towards the five of them like red bolts of lightning.

Of course, the arrows of vitality were just a cover, as Jian Chen was still unable to control the power of the essence blood as he wished, much less use the power to injure anyone.

The true killing intent in this move was a feeble strand of sword qi hidden within the vital energy.

The sword qi was feeble, but the power it contained would be described as earth-shattering in the Darkstar World.

That was because this was a terrifying strand of sword qi that could kill Primordial realm experts.

At this moment, Jian Chen had finally found a suitable opportunity. He used the vital energy as a cover to launch a counter attack.

This counter attack would result in certain death!

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