Chapter 2802: Clearing Away the Mysteries

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Chapter 2802: Clearing Away the Mysteries

Even Jin Hong struggled to maintain his composure as he faced the droplet of Grand Exalt’s essence blood before him. His heart heated up as blood flowed through his body faster than ever. The power of his bloodline smouldered, as if it was about to burn.

This was because the droplet of Grand Exalt’s essence blood in Jian Chen’s possession shared the same origins as his bloodline. They had come from the same person. The powers that could be unleashed from the essence blood would obviously become highly limited in the hands of others, but it would be a completely different story when it came to Jin Hong.

Not only could he absorb it completely and use all the energy within the essence blood, but he could even use the essence blood to strengthen his bloodline, or even make his bloodline evolve to a higher level.

Jin Hong stared at the unconscious Jian Chen with mixed feelings. He obviously understood it would be a piece of cake if he wanted to take the essence blood from Jian Chen right now, but he did not do that. Despite what he was feeling, his eyes remained clear the entire time. He had not become blinded by desire.

He pointed at Jian Chen’s throat and pure energy surged out, arriving in Jian Chen’s mouth and leading the Grand Exalt’s essence blood that had wanted to flee the entire time back into Jian Chen’s body.

Afterwards, he took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring. The moment he removed the lid, a dense aura of life immediately radiated out.

The aura of life was tremendous and extremely pure. Moreover, it had completely exceeded the Truth Tier, well and truly reaching the God Tier. Just the aura of life it gave off turned the wasteland within a thousand meters into a lush path of greenery.

It was clearly impossible for this item to have been brought in from outside. It was something rare from the Darkstar World.

JIn Hong drippled some of the green fluid that was rich with the aura of life onto Jian Chen. The moment the green fluid came in contact with Jian Chen’s skin, it silently dissolved, having been absorbed already.

In the next moment, Jian Chen’s frighteningly horrific wounds began to heal at a visible rate. Even the pieces of missing flesh began to regrow.

The green fluid filled with the tremendous aura of life clearly had unbelievably wondrous effects when it came to healing wounds. In less than a minute, Jian Chen had made a complete recovery.

Of course, only his flesh wounds had been healed. His heavily-damaged soul was clearly unable to be completely healed. As a result, even though all wounds vanished from his body, Jian Chen was still pale-white.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen opened his eyes. He remained in a feeble state, his face haggard and his eyes dim.

He gazed at the crouching Jin Hong beside him and opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he was stopped by Jin Hong. Jin Hong said sternly, “Don’t talk for now. I’ll bring you back to the Hundred Saint City immediately. We’ll talk once we get back.”

With that, Jin Hong was about to return to the Hundred Saint City with Jian Chen.

“There’s no need to return to the Hundred Saint City. My wounds are mostly fine now. I just need a safe place to rest up, and I’ll be fine.” Jian Chen struggled to his feet. He glanced past the several thousand Godkings Chu Jie and the others had brought with them, but he had no intentions of killing them all. Afterwards, he took to the air in a wobbly manner, flying into the distance. At the same time, he said, “Jin Hong, I know you have questions. Let’s find a place where I can explain it all to you slowly.”

On the outskirts of the Two World Mountains, on a mountain peak shrouded by dense mist, Jian Chen sat with his legs crossed in his robes soaked with blood. He was enveloped with a dense layer of vital energy, such that he basked in the blood-red light. It seemed like a huge, blood-red cocoon.

Jin Hong sat beside him. As he gazed at the red light around Jian Chen, his eyes became filled with mixed feelings, along with deep suspicion and intense curiosity.

He was obviously curious about the origins of the droplet of the ancient Skywolf’s essence blood.

As for Jian Chen’s wounds, Jin Hong had instead stopped worrying. First, with the Spring Water of Life, and now, with the power from the Grand Exalt’s blood, he believed Jian Chen could make a complete recovery very soon under the healing of these two powers.

However, unbeknownst to Jin Hong, the power of the essence blood was not as wondrously effective to Jian Chen as he imagined it to be. Jian Chen purposefully radiated with the power of the essence blood as a disguise, to make everything he went through seem reasonable.

Moreover, there was something else that Jin Hong had failed to notice. An invisible power enveloped a radius of hundred thousand kilometers around this place and cut off all presences, such that even if presences leaked out, it would not reach the capital city of the Darkstar race.

This was Jian Chen’s ultimate will. Actually, he had already enveloped this region with his ultimate will when he began using the power of the essence blood.

All of his wounds, the unnatural activity of the essence blood in his body, and even the fainting had been an act that Jian Chen had purposely put on.

He did this to give off a false impression of being feeble.

He had appeared so feeble in front of Jin Hong, even clearly exposing the existence of the Grand Exalt’s essence blood to him, in order to see how Jin Hong would react. He wanted to see if Jin Hong would try and take it for himself.

In the end, Jin Hong’s response did not disappoint Jian Chen at all, and Jian Chen began to recognise Jin Hong from the bottom of his heart.

“You must be very curious where the droplet of essence blood in my body comes from, right?” At this moment, Jian Chen’s voice rang out as he healed. He was enveloped by the red cocoon, so it was impossible to make out his figure.

Hearing that, Jin Hong could not help but turn his head and gaze at Jian Chen in the vital energy. After a moment of thought, he said, “Are you saying you know the origins of the droplet of blood in your body?”

“I do. Not only do I know its origins, but I even know where you obtained your Grand Exalt’s legacy, as a late friend and I accidentally opened the place containing the ancient Skywolf’s legacy,” Jian Chen said calmly.

“What?” Jin Hong was stunned. He sprang onto his feet. In that moment, the shock that Jian Chen had brought him was even more intense than when Jin Hong discovered the ancient Skywolf’s essence blood on him.

His Dire Wolf clan had always treated the discovery of the ancient Skywolf’s legacy as the clan’s greatest honour. They believed they had been blessed by heavens, and it was destined by fate.

However, never did he imagine that this was actually all connected to Yang Yutian. The reason why he had obtained the Grand Exalt’s legacy in the first place was all because of Yang Yutian seated right beside him. Yang Yutian had instead become his greatest benefactor.

For a moment, Jin Hong had no idea how to respond. His emotions were extremely mixed. If it really was like what Yang Yutian said, did that not mean he owed a huge favour to Yang Yutian?

And, this favour would be so great that he would probably never be able to return it, even throughout his entire life.

After all, if Yang Yutian had not opened the location of the legacy, he would have never received the legacy. Without the legacy, he, Jin Hong, would probably still be someone insignificant in his clan. He would have never been able to enjoy his current glory.

Without any exaggeration, Yang Yutian had basically given him a new lease on life.

Jin Hong took a few deep breaths before taking a few steps back slowly and bowing deeply towards Jian Chen. His face was filled with sincere gratitude.

“Brother Jin Hong, there’s no need for you to be like this. Chosen as the successor by the ancient Skywolf, this is a fortuitous encounter that belongs to you. I’m just curious why you never tried taking the droplet of essence blood from me? I’ve already become heavily injured. With your strength, taking the droplet of essence blood from me would be a piece of cake. Aren’t you interested in the essence blood at all?”

“That’s a droplet of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood after all, and it shares the same origins as your legacy. It can have an unimaginable effect on you,” Jian Chen continued.

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