Chapter 2803: The Pill Formula Obtained

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Chapter 2803: The Pill Formula Obtained

Jin Hong took in a deep breath and said, “Brother Yang Yutian, that’s correct. I am extremely drawn to the droplet of Grand Exalt’s essence blood on you, and because it shares its origins with my legacy, it can probably benefit me even beyond my wildest imaginations. It might even be able to change my fate once again.”

“However, you just don’t understand me. You don’t understand what kind of person I am, because I, Jin Hong, am not one to develop ill intentions upon seeing the wealth of others, and I am even less of a bandit who only knows how to rob by force. Stealing someone else’s fortune has never been a part of my principles.”

“Everyone has their fortunes and luck. Being able to obtain the droplet of essence blood, that is your fortune and luck. Under the same logic, the legacy left behind by senior ancient Skywolf had chosen me instead of my many clansmen is my fortune and luck. If everyone develops ill intentions upon seeing the wealth of others like what you believe, if everyone robs by force when they see something good regardless of the consequences, this Grand Exalt’s legacy of mine probably would not be in my hands anymore. It would have been taken by the experts in the clan a long time ago.”

Jin Hong said that eloquently and generously, completely originating from the bottom of his heart. And, as he said that, he radiated with righteousness.

Jian Chen glanced at Jin Hong deeply. He could obviously sense Jin Hong’s righteousness. Throughout the vast Saints’ World, he really had not seen a lot of people who could be so generous like Jin Hong. As long as the benefits were large enough, as long as the temptations were great enough, even peak experts who had reached Grand Prime would try and take by force without any sense of shame.

In the past, when he fled through the Saints’ World with the Anatta Tower, there had been many examples of this.

There was also when Xiao Man became the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace. A group of Grand Primes had been drawn over in an attempt to take it by force.

“Jin Hong, let me ask you a question. Do you really not want the droplet of essence blood on me?” Jian Chen asked calmly.

“I do want it. How can’t I want it? If this droplet of essence blood belonged to nobody, I’d definitely contend for it, with the essence blood ending up with the strongest. However, the essence blood already belongs to you. And, I had only obtained the Grand Exalt’s legacy thanks to you opening the place of the legacy. As a result, I will never desire the droplet of essence blood on you, not even a bit. Otherwise, I’ll be betraying myself,” Jin Hong said.

“I hadn’t misjudged you.” The light around Jian Chen gradually subsided, revealing his body. But at this moment, he had already made a complete recovery. Apart from being slightly mentally exhausted, he seemed to be in perfect health.

Afterwards, the essence blood of the ancient Skywolf drifted out of Jian Chen’s body slowly. Dense, vital energy immediately seeped out, turning the surroundings completely red.

“Jin Hong, you have a much greater use for this droplet of essence blood. If you leave it with me, it’ll just gather dust, so I’ll give you the essence blood now so that it can return to the person it belongs with.” Jian Chen drifted the essence blood towards Jin Hong slowly. It was not a large droplet, but the terrifying vital energy and power hidden within could be regarded as earth-shaking.

That was because it was on just too high of a level, a level which people could only lift their heads and stare at.

Jin Hong immediately rejected him. “Brother Yang Yutian, you mustn’t do that. If you don’t have this droplet of essence blood, your strength will definitely be heavily affected.” Jin Hong had already come to believe that Jian Chen’s cultivation-defying battle prowess, his tenacious life force that made him seemingly unkillable, and his terrifying recovery rate all originated from this droplet of essence blood.

“Brother Jin Hong, this droplet of essence blood isn’t as useful to me as you think. However, it might even be able to change your fate in your hands. And, I’m not giving this to you for free. I want to exchange it for something.” Jian Chen was unfazed, as if the droplet of essence blood did not mean much to him at all. He remained as composed as ever.

Jin Hong took in a deep breath and asked, “What do you want to exchange it for?”

“I want the formula for refining Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills!”

“The formula of the Hundred Tribulations Godkings Pill was obtained by the seniors of my clan after paying quite the price, but it’s nowhere close to the value of a droplet of Grand Exalt’s essence blood,” Jin Hong said.

“Are you going to exchange with me or not? If you’re not, I can always exchange it with the Heavenly Crane clan. I’m certain they’ll be extremely willing to make this deal.” Jian Chen looked at Jin Hong with a slight smile.

“I’ll do the exchange!” Jin Hong gritted his teeth before bowing deeply towards Jian Chen again. He was overwhelmed with gratitude. “Brother Yang Yutian, I can never return this favour with how great it is. If you ever need me, I’ll definitely do everything I can to assist you.”

Afterwards, Jin Hong did not try to turn it down anymore. He directly accepted the essence blood, but he did not refine it in a hurry. Instead, he contacted the Hundred Saint City in a hurry to send people to the ruins of the Spirits’ World for the pill formula.

There was a Grand Prime of the Dire Wolf clan waiting at the entrance of the Darkstar World. Jin Hong’s request was directly delivered to his hands.

“Jin Hong actually requires the formula for the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill? That’s strange. What does he need it for? The people of the Darkstar race trapped in the World of the Fallen Beast don’t seem to require the pill formula, right?” The ancestor of the Dire Wolf clan who received the message was filled with doubt.

“In the past, our clan had an agreement with the person who created the pill formula, such that it is restricted to our clan, and we’re forbidden from passing it onto to someone else. Not only is our Dire Wolf clan bound to this agreement, but all the other peak organisations who obtained the pill formula from him are bound to it too. As a result, if Jin Hong uses the formula for himself, that’s not exactly breaching the agreement, but if he gives it to someone else, then our clan will have broken the agreement, and we’ll have to cough up quite a large sum of resources.”

“Whatever, whatever. Jin Hong is our clan’s treasured genius. We’re depending on him to lead us into a period of glory in the future. The clan should do its best to fulfil any request from him…”

In the Darkstar World, on the same mountain in the outskirts of the Two World Mountains, Jian Chen and Jin Hong waited there for two days before a sacrificial Godking from the Dire Wolf clan finally delivered the pill formula.

Jin Hong handed the pill formula to Jian Chen sternly and said, “Yang Yutian, the ancestor has warned me. This pill formula is restricted to a single clan or organisation. If it is passed to someone else outside the clan or organisation, there’ll be quite the price to pay.”

“That’s because even our clan had to pay some costs in order to obtain the pill formula. Before we obtained it, we established an agreement. If we break this agreement and pass it onto someone who doesn’t belong to our clan, we’ll have to pay quite a large price as a penalty. Of course, we’ll shoulder the penalties that result from the pill formula in our possession, but once you’ve obtained it, you should limit the formula to within your organisation if you have one. You must not pass it to another organisation, as probably no ordinary person can bear the consequences.

“Looks like the pill formula has got quite the origin, seeing how even a peak clan like your Dire Wolf clan has to be so cautious.” Jian Chen held the pill formula and could not help but become excited. With the pill formula, it would only be a matter of time for him to convert all the high grade Godking grass, over thirty thousand stalks of them, into Godking Pills.

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