Chapter 2804: The Darkstar Emperor

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Chapter 2804: The Darkstar Emperor

Jian Chen glanced through the pill formula roughly. A detailed method and list of steps to refine the Hundred Tribulations Godking pill was clearly recorded on there. Even all the materials it required were listed.

Godking grass was just a crucial material for refining the pill. In reality, there were several dozen supplementary materials that went into refining Hundred Tribulations Godking pills.

However, none of these supplementary materials were particularly rare. He could purchase them on a large-scale in the Saints’ World.

Once I get back to the Tian Yuan clan, I need to get to work and refine some pills. Right now, the Tian Yuan clan has senior Xu Ran, a Chaotic Prime, watching over it, as well as a few Infinite Primes recruited from elsewhere. However, the clan basically supports these Primordial realm experts as deposits of strength to the clan. Rarely do we use them. Only the central force of Godkings are frequently used.

Right now, basically ninety percent of the Godkings in the clan were recruited. There’s a pitiful number of Godkings that actually originate from the clan. Once these high grade Godkings pills are refined, they’ll be perfect for making up the central force of the Tian Yuan clan,”

Jian Chen calculated to himself. He had obtained the pil formula for refining Godking pills, and he possessed the materials too. Everything was ready now, and he only lacked one crucial element.

At that moment, he even became tempted to rush back to the Tian Yuan clan immediately and refine pills.

“Brother Yang Yutian, after I return to the Hundred Saint City, I plan on leaving the Darkstar World to absorb the droplet of Grand Exalt’s essence blood. I need to do it under the ancestor’s watch. If nothing goes wrong, my strength should skyrocket once I absorb the blood completely. There’s even a chance for me to directly reach the Primoridla realm,” Jin Hong said as he struggled to hide his excitement.

He was still extremely young right now, nowhere close to a thousand years old. If he really could reach the Primordial realm within a millennium, it would definitely become a legendary story recorded in the annals of history.

The vast Saints’ World possessed countless geniuses, even plenty that possessed almost unprecedented talent. However, over these countless years, there had only been a handful that had reached the Primordial realm within a millennium.

“Then allow me to congratulate you first, brother Jin Hong. Let’s hope brother Jin Hong can reach the Primordial realm soon,” Jian Chen clasped his hands, but as soon as he said that, his heart suddenly shuddered. In that moment, he detected with his superior senses an extremely powerful presence come and go in a flash in an extremely distant place. It moved extremely quickly, barging straight into the Two World Mountains like the lord of the mountains had come home, without hiding anything at all. It vanished into the depths of the Two World Mountains instantly.

“The Darkstar Emperor!” Jian Chen shivered inside. The presence was so powerful that it had basically already exceeded the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. It basically came from a Chaotic Prime. There was only a single person with such unparalleled prowess throughout the entire Darkstar World.

Jian Chen immediately became stern. The Darkstar Emperor had actually emerged from secluded cultivation, and he had even entered the depths of the Two World Mountains in person. This alarmed him.

“Brother Jin Hong, I’ve already wasted enough time here. I need to set off to hunt Life-devouring Beasts, so we’ll bid farewell to one another here. Oh right, once you return to the Hundred Saint City, could you pass a message on to He Qianqian for me? The Darkstar World won’t be very peaceful in the near future, with something big about to happen. It would be best if she left here.” With that, Jian Chen turned around and left, vanishing into the mist very soon.

Jin Hong opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but Jian Chen had already vanished. Jian Chen’s words towards the end filled him with doubt. He was rather puzzled. The Darkstar World would not be very peaceful in the near future? Something big was going to happen?

If something big really was going to happen, they should have received news of it first in the Hundred Saint City. How could Yang Yutian, an independent cultivator without any organizations that provided him with information in the Darkstar World, learn about information that even they were clueless about before them?

However, seeing how serious Yang Yutian was, he did not seem like he was joking, which left Jin Hong at a temporary loss about what to do. Did Yang Yutian really know some hidden secrets?

“Looks like this Yang Yutian really isn’t as simple as he seems on the surface,” Jin Hong murmured. At that moment, his impression of Jian Chen had only become rather mysterious.

Within the Two World Mountains, Jian Chen hid his presence and flew through the mountains and forests silently like a ghost. He had already expanded the senses of his soul. Under his precise control, it expanded into the surroundings carefully in an extremely well-hidden way.

He knew without even thinking that the Darkstar Emperor had entered the Two World Mountains for two matters. The first was for the droplet of essence blood lost in there by the lord of Darknight city, while the other was obviously for him, who was disguised as Kun Tian. There might have even been a small possibility that he had come for Sen Ran.

“When Sen Ran died, he created a very large disturbance in the depths of the Two World Mountains. He basically alarmed all the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts in there. The startling news must have reached the capital city a long time ago. Moreover, my entry into the depths of the Two World Mountains under Kun Tian’s guise was no secret either, so they must have guessed I’m in danger. I just wonder whether Sen Ran’s tracks have been divulged or not.”

If the capital city knew about Sen Ran’s tracks, that would be two hall masters of the Darkstar race facing danger at the same time. This is something that can shake up the entire Darkstar race, so it’ll definitely have alarmed the Darkstar Emperor. The Darkstar race cannot afford to lose two hall masters,” Jian Chen thought. He knew he was forced to end his visit to the Hundred Saint City now with the Darkstar Emperor’s appearance. He had to reassume his identity of Kun Tian and return to the fifth divine hall.

Very soon, Jian Chen reached the depths of the Two World Mountains. Along the way, he constantly sensed for the imprints he had left behind. He needed to return to the lake where he hid Kun Tian’s god artifacts before the Darkstar Emperor and retrieve his items.

By now, the depths of the Two World Mountains had already become filled with thunderous beast roars. With how invincible he was, the Darkstar Emperor allowed his presence to erupt, charging straight into the depths without any intentions of concealing it. As a result, he alarmed all the Life-devouring Beasts in there immediately.

All the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains had already begun to move, converging towards the Darkstar Emperor from all directions.

The Darkstar Emperor was simply too powerful. Even with his strength suppressed here, he was still completely fearless. Even all the Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains were unable to strike fear into him.

The presence he gave off turned him into a dazzling beacon of light. Who knew whether it was a declaration of his arrival to the Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains, or to serve as a guide for the two endangered hall masters.

He flew around in there aimlessly. He would constantly fly before halting, sensing the surroundings carefully as he hovered in the air.

Jian Chen concealed all of his presence carefully. He sensed the Darkstar Emperor’s position from afar and thought sternly, “He truly is an existence on par with Chaotic Primes. Even in the depths of the Two World Mountains, he still possesses battle prowess at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

Perhaps the Darkstar Emperor can no longer be referred to as an Infinite Prime anymore. Apart from the limitations of his cultivation, all other aspects of him are completely on par with Chaotic Primes.

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