Chapter 2805: The Invincible Emperor

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Chapter 2805: The Invincible Emperor

At this moment, several of the closest Life-devouring Beasts had already approached the Darkstar Emperor. However, they stopped several dozen kilometers away, gazing in his direction. Their somewhat intelligent eyes were filled with a fearful light. They were actually afraid to approach him.

The Darkstar Emperor’s strength and the startling presence he radiated with actually resulted in a form of deterrence towards these Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts. Intense fear even appeared in the gazes of a few Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts.

It was as if they could remember that they had once suffered quite a lot because of the Darkstar Emperor.


At this moment, the Darkstar Emperor moved. Invincible, he ran amok in the depths of the Two World Mountains, flying off in another direction.

The direction he flew in just happened to have a hesitating Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast that seemed to be waiting for the arrival of reinforcements. Now that it saw the Darkstar Emperor flying towards it, it immediately shuddered and dodged to one side in a hurry.

However, it was still too slow. Several dozen kilometers was just a single step in the eyes of the Darkstar Emperor. He arrived beside the dodging Life-devouring Beast in a flash and seemed to find the Life-devouring Beast’s existence to be blocking his path, so he waved his hand casually.

As he waved his hand, shocking energy immediately surged forth, condensing into a hand of energy three hundred meters across before slapping towards the Life-devouring Beast mercilessly.

In the depths of the Two World Mountains, the Darkstar Emperor’s strength had been suppressed, preventing him from using all of it. But even with that being the case, his attack was still extremely startling.


Faced with the hand of energy, the Life-devouring Beast that was only at the Third Layer of Infinite Prime could not even dodge. It was struck perfectly, producing a miserable wail as the strike launched it into the distance. As it flew away, it smashed through all the trees in its path before slamming into a mountain viciously and becoming deeply embedded in it.

The hand was extremely terrifying. Not only had it heavily injured a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast, but the brutal energy shockwaves directly turned into a destructive storm as it ripped through the surroundings, tearing all the vegetation in a range of several dozen kilometers to shreds.

The shockwave from the attack alone had purged all life within a range of several dozen kilometers, turning it into flat land.

When the Darkstar Emperor injured this Life-devouring Beast, the other Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts lurking nearby did not come up to offer any assistance. Instead, they all backed down instinctively, their eyes filled with fear.

However, the Darkstar Emperor did not pay any attention to them. Perhaps the Darkstar Emperor had never even taken a proper look at them, having only attacked this Life-devouring Beast purely because it blocked his way.

Afterwards, he strode off in the air and vanished with a flash. In a few steps, he appeared several tens of thousand kilometers away before stopping again and sensing closely.

This time, he seemed to sense something. His eyes immediately flashed, and he took off, flying through the forest and arriving at the lair of a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast in the end.

The Life-devouring Beast that the lair belonged to fled immediately like it was facing a plague, hiding a hundred kilometers away as it stared at the Darkstar Emperor vigilantly. At the same time, it glanced into the distance every now and then. Its gaze revealed some impatience. The stronger allies were almost here.

The Darkstar Emperor extended his hand. In the next moment, a Space Ring flew into his hand as a streak of light. The Space Ring was what the lord of Darknight City, Bai Jin, had lost.

Looking at the Space Ring, a gleam of cold light immediately flashed through the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes. Afterwards, there was a crack, and the Space Ring was reduced to dust in his hand under the tremendous pressure. Apart from the droplet of essence blood in there that remained fine, everything in the Space Ring had been reduced to specks of dust.

Afterwards, the Darkstar Emperor extended his hand towards the Life-devouring Beast that owned the lair before suddenly closing it. Currently, a hundred kilometers separated them.

With that, the space a hundred kilometers away suddenly showed signs of collapse, as if an absolute power had engulfed the region, causing the space to distort violently.

The Life-devouring Beast there felt its body suddenly tighten. An unfathomable pressure appeared from all directions, squeezing and twisting its body. Its colossal body rapidly shrank under the terrifying pressure.

As it shrank, the inky green blood within its body began to ooze out from its pores. Its skin cracked as its flesh and blood erupted out. There was even the sound of breaking bones.

It opened its mouth and howled painfully as its eyes began to bulge. The pressure had almost squeezed its eyes out of their sockets.

A Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast that even hall masters of the Darkstar race had to handle cautiously was actually so puny before the Darkstar Emperor. Just closing his hand was enough power to forcefully crush this Life-devouring Beast.

This was not the Laws of Space. It was simply a grasp and method of energy usage.

The Darkstar Emperor’s strength was truly terrifying. His usage and control over his powers had already reached a point that was chilling to most Primordial realm experts of the Saints’ World.

But at this moment, an ear-piercing whistle arrived. A bone arrow pierced through the air, penetrating countless towering trees and peaks along the way as it shot towards the Darkstar Emperor with unbelievable speed.

The power within the bone arrow was so great that it even seemed to be enough to rival the Darkstar Emperor.

The Darkstar Emperor’s eyes flashed with cold light. Suddenly, he raised his other hand and great power condensed on the tip of his finger. He pointed at the incoming bone arrow.


The bone arrow turned into a blur, colliding with the Darkstar Emperor’s finger with unbelievable speed. A heavy boom immediately swept out into the surroundings as a visible shockwave, reducing all the vegetation within several hundred kilometers to shreds. Even the ground became covered in cracks.

The power of the bone arrow did not disperse. It lingered in the air, radiating with tremendous power and pressure, locked in stalemate against the Darkstar Emperor’s finger.

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