Chapter 2807: Reunion

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Chapter 2807: Reunion

The senses of his soul grasped every single movement of Dou Wujin, An Lie, and Feng Xue clearly. The three of them were not too far apart, and they had not been moving about. They all remained still, using secret techniques to sense for something. All of this pointed to the fact that they all possessed a unique searching ability.

Perhaps this searching ability could directly detect members of the Darkstar race within a certain range, or perhaps it could detect a certain object.

However, Jian Chen guessed that this searching ability probably detected a specific item. For example, even the vice hall master of the seventh divine hall, Duff, a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, could search for a single droplet of essence blood through a Space Ring in this vast region of the Two World Mountains. Such a venture was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

When I left the fifth divine hall, I had left everything that belonged to Kun Tian in the fifth divine hall already. I didn’t even bring Sacredfeather’s essence blood with me. All I took was Kun Tian’s armour and sword.

The armour and sword were all repaired after being damaged. If I’ve guessed correctly, the Darkstar race should be able to sense the existence of god artifacts within a certain range.

I hope they haven’t found the two god artifacts I hid in the den of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast. Though, even if they find it, it should be fine. I’ll just have to come up with some excuses to explain myself. Though, it’s still better to avoid this altogether,” thought Jian Chen. Although he had spent some time as the fifth hall master already, he obviously did not have a complete understanding of the methods and secret techniques that the Darkstar race was capable of in such a short time frame. However, he did make preparations beforehand and had come up with a method of dealing with this a long time ago.

The next part of his journey was smooth sailing. Under Jian Chen’s careful concealment, let alone Godking Life-devouring Beasts, even Primordial realm experts would struggle to detect him.

Before long, Jian Chen returned to the lake where he hid Kun Tian’s god artifacts by following the imprints he had left behind.

The Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast that dwelled in the lake had already left this place when the Darkstar Emperor’s presence leaked out, rushing off towards the Darkstar Emperor.

By now, Jian Chen had already recovered Kun Tian’s appearance. Even his presence was exactly the same as Kun Tian’s. However, it was just withdrawn, so not even a sliver leaked out.

He carefully lurked nearby, cautiously extending the senses of his soul in all directions as secretively as possible. He covered a range of several million kilometers. Only after confirming there were no members of the Darkstar race there did he retrieve his two god artifacts.

He extended his hand, reaching into the empty space before him. With that, the space seemed to become a surface of water, undulating with spatial ripples. A small part of Jian Chen’s arm vanished into the space there.

This did not last for too long, just a few seconds. When Jian Chen pulled his arm out again, the two god artifacts he had hid there were now in his hand.

Afterwards, there was a flash, and the armour was already equipped on him.

Now, he had already become the fifth hall master, “Kun Tian”, again.

Several million kilometers away from Jian Chen in the depths of the Two World Mountains, the vice hall master Dou Wujin currently avoided all Life-devouring Beasts with his presence completely concealed as he carefully searched this region.

I hope the hall master is fine. He has obtained a fragment of the star beast’s memories after all. He entered the Two World Mountains in search of a fortuitous opportunity to drastically increase his strength. To be blessed by the star beast, it means the hall master is a person of great luck and fortune. He’ll definitely be fine.” As Dou Wujin searched carefully with his secret technique, he secretly prayed for Kun Tian inside. Their fifth divine hall had been oppressed by the seventh divine hall for all these years. Now, their hall master had finally broken through, giving them the strength to contend with the seventh divine hall.

As a matter of fact, their fifth divine hall even had a chance of surpassing the seventh divine hall as their hall master’s strength continued to grow, which left the three vice hall masters very satisfied.

As a result, Dou Wujin believed the fifth divine hall could not go without their hall master. Otherwise, with everything the fifth divine hall and servant divine hall had been through across all these years, life would definitely become difficult for the three vice hall masters.

Although they would never kill one another, the harassment they would face definitely would not decrease.

This time, the Primordial realm experts that the fifth divine hall had sent in was not just Dou Wujin. Bing Yuan and Tarot were present too, except several million kilometers existed between each of them.

They formed a huge net that swept through the depths of the mountains. Each person was responsible for a region as they undertook a detailed search operation.

“Kun Tian, where are you? Come out, please.” The tenth hall master, Feng Xue, could be described as the most anxious one out of the group, and she became more and more worried as time went on. In particular, when she remembered the news of the presence of several dozen Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts acting up in the depths from a few days ago, she struggled to remain calm.

Her relationship with Kun Tian was anything but ordinary. She even worried more about Kun Tian than the three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall.

“Getti, how dare you force Kun Tian into the depths of the Two World Mountains. If anything happens to Kun Tian, I’ll never spare you. Even though I’m not your opponent, I’ll definitely make things difficult for you,” Feng Xue ground her teeth. She rapidly flew through the mountains. With her cultivation at the Fifth Heavenly Layer, she could cross several hundred kilometers in an instant even when purposefully slowing down to conceal herself.

Looks like Feng Xue is really quite attached to Kun Tian. That makes it even less clever for me to see her.” On another side, Jian Chen withdrew the senses of his soul before flying in Dou Wujin’s direction under Kun Tian’s identity. As he did that, Jian Chen continued to keep an eye on Dou Wujin’s actions, wanting to confirm just what method Dou Wujin was using to find him.

Very soon, only ten thousand kilometers existed between him and Dou Wujin. It was also at this moment that the armour and sword that belonged to Kun Tian suddenly emitted a strange pulse.

At the same time, Dou Wujin shuddered violently ten thousand kilometers away. His gaze suddenly shifted in Jian Chen’s direction and became filled with delight. Without any hesitation, he immediately flew over as quickly as he could.

Just as I had expected. They can search for the two god artifacts on me, but looking at the distance, it only seems to respond within a range of ten thousand kilometers,” Jian Chen thought.

Ten thousand kilometers could be crossed in a few seconds to Primordial realm experts like Dou Wujin. Very soon, he turned into a blur and arrived before Jian Chen like a ghost.

“Hall master!”

From afar, he spotted Jian Chen through the thick mist and immediately ravished with joy.

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