Chapter 2809: The Darkstar Divine Hall

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Chapter 2809: The Darkstar Divine Hall

“Greetings, your majesty!”

The various hall masters and vice hall masters there all bowed towards the Darkstar Emperor. In order to avoid standing out, all Jian Chen could do was copy them and play along.

The Darkstar Emperor said nothing. He maintained a neutral expression on his handsome face as he glanced past everyone with his cold eyes, locking onto Jian Chen in the end.

Right now, his presence was even more tremendous and dense than when Jian Chen sensed it in the Two World Mountains.

That was because the Darkstar Emperor’s strength was suppressed in the Two World Mountains, preventing him from unleashing all of it. Now that he had left the Two World Mountains, he obviously displayed his full strength.

To Jian Chen, the presence he gave off right now was so powerful that it even surpassed some First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes who had just broken through in the Saints’ World.

He can achieve such terrifying strength as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. The Darkstar Emperor is also a rare genius,” Jian Chen thought. In the past, his understanding of the Darkstar Emperor had always been limited to rumors. Only now when he saw him in person did he discover that the Darkstar Emperor was actually even stronger than what he imagined him to be.

He even began to suspect that the Darkstar Emperor already possessed the strength to take on Second Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes.

Against a powerful enemy like that, Jian Chen definitely would not be his opponent even at his peak.

“Emperor, where is hall master Sen Ran? Why don’t I see hall master Sen Ran?” Don’t tell me hall master Sen Ran is still trapped in the Two World Mountains?” A vice hall master of the eighth divine hall looked around and discovered that only his divine hall was missing a hall master, so he immediately began to worry.

The other hall masters and vice hall masters clearly discovered Sen Ran’s absence too, which perturbed many of them. They experienced an ill omen.

“Everyone, return to the Darkstar Divine Hall!” The Darkstar Emperor withdrew his gaze from Jian Chen and tossed out that order indifferently before leading them away. In just a single step, he had already crossed a thousand kilometers, making his way back to the capital city of the Darkstar race.

The hall masters and vice hall masters could not help but look at one another when they saw how the Darkstar Emperor had actually avoided the topic of the eighth hall master altogether. They had not seen Sen Ran emerge from the Two World Mountains, which already led to an ill omen. With the Darkstar Emperor’s behaviour just then, it only intensified their ill feeling.

In particular, the faces of the two vice hall masters of the eighth divine hall had already become extremely warped. Afterwards, they rushed back to the capital city with uneasy emotions.

Afterwards, the several dozen Primordial realm experts mobilised from the ten divine halls all rose up and took off towards the capital city in various groups.

Along the way, the various hall masters all secretly asked Jian Chen about Sen Ran’s situation, as well as what happened in the Two World Mountains recently.

Jian Chen had already anticipated that they would ask this, so he repeated what he had told Dou Wujin when he first saw him a few more times.

They hall masters all fell silent after that.

“The situation might not be as bad as everyone imagines it to be. Sen Ran might have left the Two World Mountains a long time ago. If he’s not in there, we obviously won’t be able to find him.” Feng Xue said softly. She struggled to believe that Sen Ran was already dead. After all, not only was he a Primordial realm expert, but he was the master of a hall too.

The death of a hall master, any hall master, would be an event large enough to shake up the entire race.

Let alone hall masters, even the deaths of vice hall masters could shake up the entire race.

That was because wars never occurred within the Darkstar World. The only conflict that caused bloodshed came from the group of outsiders. As a result, Godking clansmen dying was a relatively normal event within the Darkstar race. However, the deaths of Primordial realm experts rarely ever occurred throughout their history.

The ten divine halls hovered high above the capital city, representing the places of absolute authority within the Darkstar race.

Above the ten divine halls was another palace, hanging over them proudly as if it was gazing down on a group of warlords, even trampling viciously over the ten divine halls that represented the greatest structure of authority within the Darkstar race.

The palace was the most sacred place within the Darkstar race, the Darkstar Divine Hall!

In the eyes of the outsiders, it was the imperial palace within the Darkstar race, the place where their emperor resided.

But to the Darkstar race, it was the mental pillar of support for the entire race, where the soul of the entire race lay. It even took on the name of the race, revered as the Darkstar Divine Hall!

Currently, all the hall masters and vice hall masters had already gathered within the Darkstar Divine Hall that loomed over the ten divine halls. They all sat in their respective special seats.

In a certain order, there were over forty seats placed within the majestic hall. Apart from six that remained empty, the rest had already been filled.

There were not any markers or names on the seats, but the seat of every hall master and vice hall master was fixed. If it were not for Dou Wujin, Bing Yuan, and Tarot’s information, Jian Chen would not have even known where Kun Tian sat.

Sitting in his seat, Jian Chen’s gaze swept past the six empty seats casually. He had already gained a rough idea of the owners of these seats. Apart from the one at the very front that belonged to Sen Ran, the five other empty seats at the back should belong to five other Primordial realm experts within the Darkstar race.

These five Primordial realm experts did not take up any positions within the ten divine halls. Instead, they served as the city lords for five cities among the thirty major cities of the Darkstar race.

The Darkstar Emperor sat with his legs crossed on a throne above the hall. The throne was against a wall. He stared at Jian Chen calmly and asked with a voice filled with pressure that could not be defied, “Kun Tian, why did you enter the Two World Mountains? Even if you’ve lost your memories and forgotten about the dangers of the Two World Mountains, haven’t the three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall told you about it?” The Darkstar Emperor spoke extremely sternly. A few hall masters and vice hall masters familiar with the Darkstar Emperor’s temperament could even sense the fury hidden within the Darkstar Emperor’s solemn tone.

It would be of no exaggeration to describe the fury as raging.

Bing Yuan, Tarot, and Dou Wujin’s expressions all changed. They looked at one another and became rather unsettled. They could clearly sense that the Darkstar Emperor was currently experiencing a rare fit of anger.

“Your majesty, the reason why I entered the Two World Mountains despite the dangers was because I obtained a few memory fragments of the planetary beast out of sheer luck in the Land of Soul Destruction. Even though the contents of the memory fragments are incomplete, they all point to the depths of the Two World Mountains. I entered the Two World Mountains to investigate these memory fragments,” Jian Chen said.

“Then what about Sen Ran? He entered the Two World Mountains with you. Was it also to investigate what was in the planetary beast’s memories?” The Darkstar Emperor continued to ask as his tone became rather sunken.

“Your majesty, I entered the Two World Mountains alone. As for why hall master Sen Ran entered the Two World Mountains as well, I have absolutely no idea. If hall master Sen Ran had not exposed his presence in the Two World Mountains, I would not have even known he was in there,” Jian Chen answered with composure.

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