Chapter 2810: An Unexpected Surprise (One)

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Chapter 2810: An Unexpected Surprise (One)

The Darkstar Emperor only spoke after a moment of silence. “Kun Tian, tell me in detail what happened when Sen Ran’s presence was exposed.”

“Yes, emperor!” Jian Chen paused and recollections filled his eyes, as if he was thinking back to the various things that had happened a few days ago. Afterwards, he said slowly, “Only after Sen Ran’s presence was exposed did I find out he had actually come to the depths of the Two World Mountains, but I was extremely far away from him, so I don’t know what exactly happened with him. All I know is that there was fighting in Sen Ran’s direction due to the eruption of energy.”

“Back then, I guessed Sen Ran had probably encountered trouble, so I wanted to go over and assist him. However, when his presence was exposed, he had already alarmed all the regional king Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains. Several dozen of them converged towards Sen Ran from all directions. The presences of some of the Life-devouring Beasts were so great that they even made me shudder.”

“Under those circumstances, I obviously became afraid to approach Sen Ran. All I could do was conceal myself carefully and avoid being discovered by the Life-devouring Beasts. I have no idea what exactly happened with Sen Ran afterwards either. All I know was that soon after, the restless regional kings all settled down and made their way back to their territories.”

“As for me, I followed the leads in the planetary beast’s incomplete memory fragments to continue my search in the Two World Mountains,” Jian Chen said slowly. He explained what he saw as he recollected, remaining composed on the surface and calm inside. He did not give anything away, such that no one could connect his words to a story he had just spun up.

“Your majesty, have you found any traces of our hall master?” A vice hall master of the eighth divine hall stood up. He was filled with worry and concern.

The Darkstar Emperor said nothing. With just a flick of his finger, a Space Ring immediately shot into the air and began levitating under the support of an invisible power.

When all the Primordial realm experts gathered in the Darkstar Divine Hall saw this Space Ring, their faces all changed drastically. In that moment, all of them stared fixedly at the Space Ring in the air with widened eyes as their hearts surged.

That was because they did not find the Space Ring unfamiliar at all. It was the one that Sen Ran wore on his finger.

Space Rings were never separated from their masters. Now that the eighth hall master had vanished, but the Space Ring he had worn for all these years had appeared here, everyone had a clear idea of what this implied.

“Hall master!” The two vice hall masters of the eighth divine hall sobbed. They stared at Sen Ran’s Space Ring in a daze, struggling to accept the end he had met.

Many of the hall masters sighed again and again. They all felt very unsettled. A hall master had actually died. Who knew how many years it had been since this last occurred within the history of the Darkstar race.

To the Darkstar race, this was something huge, enough to shake up the entire race. It was something sorrowful, enough for the entire race to mourn.

The Darkstar Emperor remained neutral, making it impossible to tell what he felt. After a moment of thought, he continued to ask Jian Chen, “Kun Tian, since you’ve spent so much time searching the depths already under the guide of the planetary beast’s memories, have you discovered anything?”

“I have discovered some small things. Under the guide of the planetary beast’s memories, I found a very small world in the depths of the Two World Mountains. In the miniature world, I obtained a small sliver of energy that is very likely to have come from the planetary beast, as well as some more incomplete memories,” Jian Chen said.

“What? Kun Tian, you’ve actually obtained some of the power left behind by the planetary beast? Is that true?” The tenth hall master, Feng Xue, immediately beamed with joy and asked in a hurry when she heard that.

The other hall masters and vice hall masters temporarily set Sen Ran’s death to the side. Their gazes all gathered on Jian Chen, filled with jealousy and envy.

The Darkstar race had many records on the planetary beast. It was a terrifying, colossal beast that had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. That was something beyond imagination to the Darkstar race right now. The strength of the power left behind by it was self-explanatory.

For a moment, many hall masters and vice hall masters even became rather green with envy. The power left behind by the planetary beast, even just a small sliver, was a huge fortune enough to change the fates of people at their level.

A streak of light even flashed across the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes.

As for why something that belonged to the planetary beast would appear in the depths of the Two World Mountains, they had already stopped considering this question, as the planetary beast stood in a realm that was simply too high, completely beyond the limits of their understanding.

As a result, as long as it had to do with the planetary beast, no matter how unreasonable or illogical, they had absolutely no reason to doubt it.

Their insight and understanding was still nowhere close to that level.

Noticing everyone’s scorching gazes, Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile. “There’s no need to look at me like that, everyone. I’m not certain whether the power in the miniature world actually comes from the planetary beast or not, as the power is extremely feeble. It can’t even increase my cultivation. Haven’t you noticed that I’m still at the Sixth Heavenly Layer?”

With that, everyone sensed his cultivation closely and the scorching light in their eyes gradually died down. They had clearly sensed that Kun Tian still remained at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

A fortune that could not even allow him to break through a minor realm of cultivation, even if it came from the planetary beast, greatly diminished everyone’s interest. Disappointment appeared clearly in Feng Xue’s gaze too.

As someone with grievances that ran deep with Kun Tian, the heart of the seventh hall master Getti did indeed tighten when he heard that Kun Tian had obtained some power left behind by the planetary beast, but noticing he still remained at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he immediately eased up again.

At this moment, Jian Chen continued, “However, what leaves me somewhat perplexed is that the memories of the planetary beast I obtained from the miniature world has to do with Godking grass.”

“Godking grass? Continue.” The Darkstar Emperor frowned. The Darkstar race had studied Godking grass for countless years now, but the results they had achieved still made them worth nowhere close to how much the outsiders valued them.

“The records about Godking grass in the planetary beast’s memories are not detailed. After all, I only obtained an incomplete part of it. If I spend some time tidying through it, I might be able to produce a few leads. However, I’ll need large quantities of Godking grass to research and experiment with. If I really can find the method to make use of the energy in Godking grass, it would be of extremely great significance to our race,” Jian Chen said rather enthusiastically.

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