Chapter 2812: An Unexpected Surprise (Three)

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Chapter 2812: An Unexpected Surprise (Three)

Jian Chen waved his hand, and the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood flew over automatically. He clutched this God Tier heavenly resource that might have been the first one brought in from outside over who knew how many years and could not help but smile mysteriously.

“Hall master, please ingest the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood immediately. It might be able to recover your lost memories,” Bing Yuan said in a hurry. Having their hall master recover his memories had already become a mission of extremely great importance to the fifth divine hall.

However, Jian Chen had no plans on ingesting the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood. He fiddled around with the fruit as he said slowly, “This is indeed a God Tier heavenly resource. The outsiders in the Hundred Saint City really haven’t disappointed me. They’ve actually managed to deliver a God Tier heavenly resource into the Darkstar World despite the laws of the Grand Exalt.”

“That would be something you are not aware of, hall master. The Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood was not at the God Tier when it was brought into our Darkstar World. When this fruit was brought in, it had yet to reach the God Tier. Instead, a clan called the Heavenly Lightning clan in the Hundred Saint City used pieces of jade that contained the Laws of Time to nurture the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood to God Tier,” Bing Yuan explained.

“Pieces of jade that contained the Laws of Time?” Jian Chen murmured softly as a smear of interest appeared in his eyes. “Crystals of the Laws of Time that can hasten the growth of heavenly resources to God Tier, yet they’re not restricted by the passageway between the two worlds? Looks like I need to pay a personal visit to the Hundred Saint City.”

“Hall master, the jade was wondrous, but the outsiders don’t seem to be in possession of a lot of it…” Bing Yuan said with a clasped fist. When he visited the Hundred Saint City and the Heavenly Lightning clan took out the pieces of jade that contained the seeds of time, he had deduced from the reactions of the representatives from the other dozens of clans that probably only the Heavenly Lightning clan could produce the crystal, and clearly, they could not produce too much of it either. If their hall master wanted to obtain large quantities of this crystal, it would be virtually impossible.

However, before Bing Yuan could finish, he was interrupted by Jian Chen, who raised his hand. “We’ve never had any direct contact with the peak clans in the outside world. We’ve only learnt a little about just how deep the heritage of these peak clans extend through a few words from the outsiders. Since we don’t understand them, don’t jump to conclusions so easily.”

“The hall master is completely correct! It is Bing Yuan’s outlook that is limited!” Bing Yuan was ashamed.

Just when Jian Chen wanted to continue, his expression suddenly changed, and he stopped talking. He looked towards the entrance of the divine hall.

A few seconds later, a graceful figure entered the fifth divine hall slowly.

She was the hall master of the tenth divine hall, Feng Xue. Even though she already seemed like a middle-aged woman in her forties, she still possessed some of her past charm. Not only did she maintain her beauty from her youth, but she even gave off a sense of charm that could easily make men give into their primitive urges.

“Kun Tian, have your memories still not recovered with the trip to the Two World Mountains?” Feng Xue asked. Her gaze towards Jian Chen possessed a sliver of mixed emotion and dejection. She could clearly tell from Jian Chen’s expression and gaze that the “Kun Tian’ before her no longer remembered who she was, nor could he remember the past between them.

Jian Chen shook his head. “Welcome, hall master Feng Xue. Is there anyway that Kun Tian can be of service?”

Feng Xue’s gaze was locked on the “Kun Tian” that she found both familiar and unfamiliar. The depths of her eyes hid her love for him. “Kun Tian, do you really have a way to transform the power of laws in high grade Godking grass into something that we can make use of?”

“I’m not too confident in that, and I can’t give you a guarantee right now, as the memory is incomplete. I’m missing a few crucial details. Everything still requires extensive experimentation and study,” Jian Chen answered.

“I heard you require large quantities of high grade Godking grass for experimentation. Isn’t the supply of your fifth divine hall enough?” Feng Xue asked.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed slightly as he shook his head gently. “It’s not enough, nowhere near enough!”

With a flip of her hand, a Space Ring appeared silently in Feng Xue’s hand. She directly tossed the Space Ring to Jian Chen and said, “This is all the high grade Godking grass my tenth divine hall has built up over the years. There’s around twenty eight thousand stalks in total. I’m giving them all to you right now.”

Jian Chen extended his hand to accept the Space Ring Feng Xue had tossed over. He was calm on the surface, but he was extremely excited inside. In his hands, twenty eight thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass could potentially turn into twenty eight thousand Godkings in an extremely short amount of time in his hands.

And, they would be perfect Godkings too, unlike the fake Godkings nurtured by the organisations of the Hundred Saint City using Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills. Those cultivators only had the lifespan of a century and only the cultivation, not the comprehension, of a Godking.

In the past, he had already taken away the fifth divine hall’s entire supply of high grade Godking grass, which was over thirty thousand stalks in total. With the twenty eight thousand delivered by Feng Xue now, the number of stalks in his possession neared a terrifying sixty thousand.

That was equivalent to sixty thousand Godkings. Even in the Saints’ World, this would be an extremely terrifying number.

That was because not a single peak organisation across the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets possessed such a terrifying number of Godkings.

Jian Chen took in a deep breath, clasping his fist towards Feng Xue to thank her. Feng Xue did not stick around for long. She left as soon as she delivered the high grade Godking grass.

However, Feng Xue was definitely not the only one to visit the fifth divine hall today. Soon after Feng Xue had left, the hall master of the second divine hall, Arna, came to the fifth divine hall too.

“Kun Tian, just how much confidence do you have in what you said in the Darkstar Divine Hall regarding the high grade Godking grass?” After a simple greeting, Arna asked Jian Chen eagerly. His eyes were completely glued to Jian Chen, clearly concerned about this matter.

“I can’t say how confident I am right now, as the memory lacks some crucial information, but I can attempt to patch it up through constant experimentation,” Jian Chen said.

Arna fell into a momentary silence. His eyes flickered as he said after hesitating for a little while, “Kun Tian, could you make this method public so that our second, eighth, and tenth divine halls can also study it together? I’m confident that if we combine the strength of the four divine halls, we’ll definitely make large breakthroughs quickly.”

“Our four divine halls have always been of the same breath and branch across all these years, contending against the third, fourth, sixth, seventh, and ninth divine halls. We have been in a disadvantaged position in the first place, and combined with Sen Ran’s death, which has weakened the eighth divine hall, it’ll be even more difficult for the four of us to contend with the five divine halls.”

“Increasing our strength within a short period using the Godking grass is without a doubt our only way to make up for our disadvantage.”

Jian Chen remained composed. He said steadily, “I have considered that before, but it would be difficult to achieve.”

“Why’s that?” the second hall master Arna asked in confusion.

“That’s because the contents of the memories I obtained from the planetary beast are incomplete. There are parts I understand, but it would be impossible to convey it using language. As a result, only I can experiment with the method of using Godking grass right now.” When he reached there, Jian Chen paused for a moment. “And, I believe that if we really can use the laws within Godking grass, it won’t just be a matter of our four divine halls, nor would it be possible for just the four of us to monopolise it. That’s because it has already become a matter that affects our entire race. If we dare to keep it to ourselves, our people would probably be the last that the emperor would spare.”

With that, Arna nodded in agreement. He let out a lengthy sigh. “You’re right. If that’s the case, I can only await the good news. The only thing I can do is provide you with everything you need for researching the Godking grass to the best of my ability.”

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