Chapter 2813: Getti in Despair

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Chapter 2813: Getti in Despair

Arna left the fifth divine hall. However, seeing whether he could obtain the method to use Godking grass from Jian Chen was clearly only one of his reasons for visiting the fifth divine hall.

Another reason was obviously to carry out the Darkstar Emperor’s order. He needed to provide Jian Chen with everything that he needed to the best of his ability. With that, he could hopefully come up with the method to comprehend the laws in the Godking grass as quickly as possible.

As a result, when he left the fifth divine hall, he left behind all the high grade Godking grass the second divine hall had accumulated over the years. The total quantity was also around thirty thousand stalks.

The fifth divine hall already had a supply of over thirty thousand, and Feng Xue gave him everything that the tenth divine hall had accumulated over time, over twenty eight thousand stalks. Combined with the thirty thousand from the second hall master Arna, the quantity of high grade Godking grass in Jian Chen’s possession right now had already reached approximately ninety thousand.

If the organisations in the Hundred Saint City learnt about this, who knew how frightened they would become.

And, none of this was the low grade Godking grass that the people of the Hundred Saint City possessed. They were all high grade!

So far, even the organisations of the Hundred Saint City did not know about the existence of high grade Godking grass. They were unaware that Godking grass was divided into three different grades among the Darkstar race.

Seated on the hall master’s throne, Jian Chen firmly held the Space Ring Arna had left behind. Neatly stacked inside were approximately thirty thousand jade boxes. He struggled to remain calm.

Only after quite a while did he suck in a deep breath and gradually calm down his stirring emotions. Afterwards, his gaze seemed to pass through the various structures and obstacles in the fifth divine hall, looking towards seven other places among the ten divine halls. His eyes flickered with a strange light.

Never, never had I thought that I would be able to obtain ninety thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass that’s enough for people to throw their lives at one another in the Saints’ World so easily. And, this is just the supply from the second, fifth, and tenth divine halls. If my estimations are correct, the other seven divine halls should all possess twenty to thirty thousand stalks each at the very least.” Jian Chen thought to himself. The memories of the planetary beast he had obtained from the Two World Mountains was all fake, while being able to use Godking grass to comprehend the fragments of laws inside was also fake. He did this in order to gather as many stalks of high grade Godking grass as possible, which would then allow him to use the high grade Godking grass to nurture Godkings after Godkings.

“Dou Wujin, Tarot, Bing Yuan, please pay personal visits to the seven other divine halls. Tell them that I require large quantities of high grade Godking grass. Request them to provide me with them as soon as possible,” Jian Chen said to the three vice hall masters below.

“Yes, hall master!” Dou Wujin, Tarot, and Bing Yuan were just about to leave to carry out the order.

“Wait. You must stress this has a direct connection to the futures of all hall masters and vice hall masters of the ten divine halls, and it can affect the fate of the entire race. They must treat this with priority,” Jian Chen added. He remembered how there was quite a lot of conflict going on among the ten divine halls. The side he stood on was the same as the fifth divine hall, which had opposed five other divine halls for many years aside from the first divine hall. He had specially reminded them about this in order to prevent the five other divine halls from growing wary, or carrying out the Darkstar Emperor’s order on the surface but opposing it in secret.

He was basically indirectly elevating the importance of Godking grass. Once it reached a level where it could influence the fate and future of the entire race, the various scuffles between the ten divine halls would seem insignificant.

At the same time, he mentioned how this had a direct connection to the futures of all the hall masters and vice hall masters of the ten divine halls to band them all together, to clearly express to his opposition that if he succeeded, no one would be forgotten.

Jian Chen had indeed racked his brains in order to obtain a few more stalks of high grade Godking grass.

After accepting the order, Dou Wujin, Tarot, and Bing Yuan immediately paid personal visits to the seven other divine halls and passed on Jian Chen’s message word for word.

Among the seven divine halls, the eighth divine hall originally under Sen Ran’s command was the divine hall that agreed most happily, as they had always stood on the same front as the fifth, second, and tenth divine halls.

Due to Sen Ran’s death, the eighth divine hall was momentarily leaderless. As a result, after Bing Yuan’s visit, the two remaining vice hall masters of the eighth divine hall made the decision themselves to give all their high grade Godking grass to the fifth divine hall.

There were over twenty thousand stalks too.

In the seventh divine hall, Getti sat on his throne with a rather ugly expression. He stared coldly at Dou Wujin’s figure that gradually drifted off into the distance, but his heart weighed heavily inside.

The faces of his three vice hall masters were rather ugly too. They stood below with mixed feelings, which contained envy, jealousy, and an intense reluctance to accept all this.

Only after quite a while did vice hall master Duff let out a long sigh. “I have to admit that Kun Tian’s luck is envious. He actually got lucky with the planetary beast twice, obtaining the planetary beast’s memories. With the first time, not only did he successfully reach the Sixth Heavenly Layer, but his battle prowess became terrifying too. He had clearly just broken through recently, yet it seemed like he had broken through many years ago.”

“And, the second time was even more impressive. He actually obtained some memories that can make comprehension of the fragments of laws in Godking grass possible. If he completes the method…”

“Enough!” Before Duff could finish, Getti bellowed out in irritation, interrupting Duff rudely. He bellowed out, “Don’t mention the matter about the planetary beast in front of me. Don’t mention anything about Godking grass before me.”

Duff immediately stopped talking. He exchanged glances with the two other vice hall masters. They could all see the deep powerlessness within each other’s eyes.

The strength that Kun Tian demonstrated in his battle with Getti last time was already chilling enough. He had only just reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer, yet he was able to accomplish something like that against Getti who had reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer all those years ago. Once Kun Tian reached the limit of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, who knew how powerful he would become. By then, they would not even know whether their hall master could suppress him like the past.

Now, he had grasped the method of using Godking grass. If he actually uncovered the entire method successfully, then would their seventh divine hall still have any right to contend with the fifth divine hall?

Even if the fifth divine hall made the method public, their seventh divine hall would not even be able to dream of contending with the fifth divine hall anymore.

“Go and fetch five thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass. Deliver them to the fifth divine hall!”

After a lengthy period of silence within the majestic seventh divine hall, Getti still ended up passing this order after an intense mental struggle.

However, the moment he said that, Getti seemed like he had run out of strength. He deflated on his throne all of a sudden.

He did not treasure the Godking grass. In the eyes of the Darkstar race, Godking grass was not precious at all. What truly drained Getti’s strength was the seventh divine hall’s future.

He knew that the rise of the fifth divine hall had probably already become unavoidable now.

As a person with the planetary beast’s memories, as the first experimenter of Godking grass, Kun Tian would definitely get the first share of this, and it would be the greatest share.

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