Chapter 2814: Plundering As He Goes

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Chapter 2814: Plundering As He Goes

The ten divine halls of the Darkstar race did not follow any particular ranking. Divine halls that came first were not necessarily stronger. For example, the fifth and seventh divine halls. Even though the fifth divine hall ranked ahead of the seventh divine hall, the seventh divine hall had suppressed the fifth divine hall for all these years.

Of course, there was one exception among the ten divine halls—the first divine hall!

The first divine hall truly ranked first among the ten divine halls, as the first hall master was the only Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime among the Darkstar race right now.

The Seventh Heavenly Layer already belonged to late Infinite Prime. Although it was only a minor realm of cultivation ahead of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, there was indeed a clear divide between the two realms of cultivation.

The first hall master was the expert only second to the Darkstar Emperor within the Darkstar race, as the Darkstar race did not possess any Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. Aside from the Darkstar Emperor at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, the second strongest was the first hall master at the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

The other nine hall masters all possessed strength around the Fifth or Sixth Heavenly Layers.

Currently, a grey-robed old man sat on the hall master’s throne in the first divine hall. Even though he sat with his legs crossed, it was quite obvious from his small size that he definitely was an extremely short and skinny person. Moreover, he was extremely old, such that his wrinkles had already become indistinguishable from one another. His long, withered, greyish-white hair seemed to have lost most of its life force already, having fallen off in large chunks. As such, he seemed half-bald, with a large portion of his shiny scalp revealed.

This old man was the first hall master, Qiu Changsheng!

Beneath Qiu Changsheng stood four Primordial realm experts. Three of them were vice hall masters of the first divine hall, while the last one was vice hall master Dou Wujin from the fifth divine hall.

“In my knowledge, the second and tenth divine halls have already handed all the high grade Godking grass in their possession to your fifth divine hall. With the quantity from the two divine halls and what your fifth divine hall already possesses, you should have almost a hundred thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass in your hands now. Is that still not enough to satisfy what you need for experimenting?” the first hall master on the throne asked. His voice was extremely hoarse with age such that he seemed feeble.

“Hall master Changsheng, you should know that the memories our hall master inherited are incomplete. In order to make up for the missing information, our hall master obviously needs to undertake tremendous amounts of research. High grade Godking grass will definitely be depleted at an astonishing pace during the research process. Even all the high grade Godking grass in the possession of all ten divine halls will be nowhere near enough. Otherwise, our hall master would have never sent me here,” Dou Wujin said. He clearly felt admiration from the bottom of his heart towards the first hall master. He showed great respect towards him.

“So be it, so be it. Who can help the fact that Kun Tian came across this fortune in the Two World Mountains? The method he possesses right now affects the future of cultivation for all Primordial realm members of our race. Given this, all we can do is provide our full support. I hope Kun Tian can fill in the missing parts soon. Dou Wujin, you can return for now. I’ll send someone to deliver what Kun Tian requires in a while,” said Qiu Changsheng.

“If that’s the case, this junior will be taking his leave, hall master Changsheng!” Dou Wujin bowed deeply towards the first hall master before leaving the first divine hall.

“Zeng Fu, go fetch the high grade Godking grass in our storage.” Qiu Chengsheng immediately ordered one of the vice hall masters below after Dou Wujin left.

The vice hall master known as Zeng Fu took a step forward and bowed. “Hall master, our divine hall has a supply of forty three thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass. How many should I retrieve?”

“Deliver all of them to the fifth divine hall!” Qiu Changsheng waved his hand and said in a feeble manner.

“All? Looking at it now, the high grade Godking grass should be of great use in the future, hall master. Are we really going to give the fifth hall master everything we’ve gathered over the years? Why don’t we just give them a portion and keep some for ourselves instead?” Zeng Fu asked carefully.

“There’s no need for that. The high grade Godking grass is completely useless with us anyway. After all, I’ve experimented around with it quite a lot over the years, but it’s been completely impossible to make use of the fragments of laws inside to increase our strength. We might as well give them all to Kun Tian and hope he can complete the method sooner.”

“Will high grade Godking grass become a treasure desired by all or remain as something useless just like before? This will be entirely up to Kun Tian…”

Over the next few days, the high grade Godking grass from the ten divine halls all entered Jian Chen’s hands. As such, the quantity in Jian Chen’s possession easily broke a hundred thousand stalks.

Among them, the first divine hall delivered the most Godking grass, forty three thousand in total. He had obtained thirty thousand from the eighth divine hall too.

As the third, fourth, sixth, seventh, and ninth divine hall had always opposed the fifth divine hall, the Godking grass they offered was the least. Even with the five divine halls combined, he had only obtained around thirty thousand stalks from them.

Now, the high grade Godking grass in Jian Chen’s Space Ring had already reached one hundred and ninety thousand stalks.

With so many stalks of high grade Godking grass in his possession, Jian Chen went from his initial excitement and joy to numbness.

Yes, he was completely numb now. Even if the Godking grass in his possession increased by several fold now, it would be very difficult to excite him.

This was because once the quantity reached a certain amount, it completely devolved into just a number.

Of course, after collecting so many stalks of high grade Godking grass from the ten divine halls, Jian Chen knew he had to do something no matter what. The action he took was very simple, which was locking himself up in his secret room and putting on an act like he was studying the high grade Godking grass.

His research obviously would not lead to any results. It would not even have the slightest effect. However, he would toss out large quantities of destroyed high grade Godking grass from his secret room every day. In order to prove he would deplete Godking grass rapidly during the research process, Jian Chen even went as far as to destroy up to a thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass with each passing day.

As for these destroyed stalks of high grade Godking grass, he obviously handed them to the three vice hall masters to deal with.

Jian Chen’s plan was very simple, which was to empty out the supply that the five opposing divine halls possessed. He estimated the five divine halls possessed seventy or eighty thousand stalks at the very least, perhaps even more.

At the same time, he could use this to set up a facade and decrease any suspicion towards him.

Otherwise, if he collected all these stalks of high grade Godking grass and did nothing, that would be abnormal instead.

The news that he depleted over a thousand high grade Godking grass every day naturally reached the ears of the nine other divine halls. The eighth hall master learnt about it very quickly, which left him breathless.

At the same time, they became even more convinced that Kun Tian had indeed obtained memories of the planetary beast in the Two World Mountains, particularly the incomplete memories regarding the high grade Godking grass.

Jian Chen remained in the secret room for three whole days before emerging. The first thing he did after emerging was gather the three vice hall masters before directly passing down an order. “After three days of research, I’ve found something new. The fragments of laws in the high grade Godking grass come from the power after our ancestor passed away. As a result, if we want to awaken the slumbering fragments in the Godking grass, we may require items that possess our ancestor’s presence.”

“I’ve spent a very long time thinking about this. Among the items with our ancestor’s presence, there’s probably nothing more suitable than the Ancestral Sacred Earth. Dou Wujin, Tarot, visit the nine divine halls immediately and tell them that I require Ancestral Sacred Earth.”

“Hall master, our fifth divine hall still has some Ancestral Sacred Earth. Originally, we planned to keep it for future exchanges with the outsiders, but if you need it, I can go fetch it right now,” said Dou Wujin.

“It’ll be nowhere near enough. I require large quantities of Ancestral Sacred Earth. We can only gather enough if all ten divine halls cooperate. Go to the nine other divine halls immediately. You must pass on what I’ve said,” Jian Chen ordered.

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