Chapter 2815: Suddenly Wealthy

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Chapter 2815: Suddenly Wealthy

“Yes, hall master! We’ll go contact the nine divine halls immediately!”

They dared not disobey the hall master, so all Dou Wujin and Tarot could do was carry it out. Afterwards, the two of them personally set off and visited the nine divine halls again.

“Bing Yuan, how much Ancestral Sacred Earth does our fifth divine hall have?”

Jian Chen asked Bing Yuan after Tarot and Dou Wujin had left.

“Hall master, our fifth divine hall has approximately one and a half catties of Ancestral Sacred Earth right now.” Bing Yuan clasped his fist.

“Only one and a half catties? Why’s there so little?” Jian Chen frowned. Compared to the high grade Godking grass, the quantity of Ancestral Sacred Earth was pitifully small.

“You may not remember the differences between Ancestral Sacred Earth and Godking grass, hall master. Within our race, Godking grass of the different grades grow constantly. We have quite the harvest every century. Combined with the fact that we almost have no use for high grade Godking grass, we’ve obviously built up quite a supply over the years. As for Ancestral Sacred Earth, not only is it even rarer than Godking grass, but its formation is extremely gradual too.”

“Aside from that, there’s another important reason—the outsiders highly value Ancestral Sacred Earth. Once it becomes available on the market, the outsiders will often offer astronomical prices and fight among themselves for the Ancestral Sacred Earth. As a result, our race basically takes out some Ancestral Sacred Earth to exchange with the outsiders every once in a while for what we need.”

“As a result, none of the ten divine halls have a particularly large supply of Ancestral Sacred Earth.” Bing Yuan explained to Jian Chen patiently. After all, the hall master before him was still suffering from amnesia. He had completely forgotten about everything that happened in the past.

Afterwards, before Jian Chen could even give him the order, Bing Yuan took the initiative to retrieve all the Ancestral Sacred Earth from the treasury, passing it to Jian Chen politely.

The Ancestral Sacred Earth was placed in a high quality jade box, which isolated all of its presence. It was impossible to sense its presence from the outside at all.

Jian Chen opened the box gently. After he had opened just a crack, surging vital energy immediately seeped out from the box. A dazzling, bright-red glow had even formed from the gathering of pure vital energy.

Jian Chen remained composed. The pure vital energy in the jade box did not astound him, as he had witnessed something with even greater vital energy in the past in the depths below the ground on the Desolate Plane. That was the fleshly core of Gusta, one of three dark gold ape kings of the Ancient Great Apes.

Compared to Gusta’s fleshly core, the vital energy in the Ancestral Sacred Earth seemed insignificant.

The only difference was the vital energy in the Ancestral Sacred Earth was at an extremely high level of quality, and the vital energy seemed to contain the presence of ways.

Only after inspecting the clump of blood-red Ancestral Sacred Earth in the box did Jian Chen carefully place it into his Space Ring. He asked Bing Yuan, “How much of the Ancestral Sacred Earth do you normally use to exchange with the outsiders?”

“Hall master, it takes an extremely long time for Ancestral Sacred Earth to form, so whenever the ten divine halls release Ancestral Sacred Earth onto the market, it’s always in extremely small quantities. Our race will probably exchange two to four taels of Ancestral Sacred Earth with the outsiders over the course of a century,” Bing Yuan said.

TL: Ten taels form a catty, and an extremely rough approximation of a catty is half a kilogram for metric and a pound for imperial. In other words, a catty and a half would be fifteen taels.

Jian Chen was secretly shocked. Ancestral Sacred Earth was worth far more than he had imagined. He had never thought the outsiders would only obtain four taels of Ancestral Sacred Earth at most from the Darkstar race over a century.

Right now, he possessed a total of a catty and a half of Ancestral Sacred Earth. In other words, the outsiders would have to spend four hundred years at the very least to obtain the same quantity of Ancestral Sacred Earth from the Darkstar race.

Below, Bing Yuan was hesitant. He hesitated for a very long time before finally gathering the courage to say reluctantly, “Hall master, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways the emperor planted in the medicinal garden is currently evolving. Recently, the medicinal garden has been depleting divine crystals several dozen times faster than before. The divine crystals our fifth divine hall has gathered over the years is probably not enough to satisfy the medicinal garden.”

“As for the outsiders in the Hundred Saint City, they often offer extremely extravagant prices to purchase Ancestral Sacred Earth. As a result, please forgive me for my boldness, but I’d like to request the hall master to save some Ancestral Sacred Earth to exchange with the outsiders so that we can gather the divine crystals we need for the medicinal garden.”

Jian Chen raised an eyebrow and asked without concern, “How many divine crystals can you get from the outsiders with a tael of Ancestral Sacred Earth?”

“Several hundred million supreme grade divine crystals at the very least! If the bidding war between the outsiders is intense, a tael of Ancestral Sacred Earth can even fetch over a billion supreme grade divine crystals,” Bing Yuan said. His eyes shone slightly. Clearly, a sum of supreme grade divine crystals that big interested even him. Although members of the Darkstar race were unable to absorb the energy in divine crystals for themselves due to the different energy they used, divine crystals were the only way to provide the medicinal garden with sufficient energy.

That was because the medicinal garden was filled with heavenly resources that came from the Saints’ World. As a result, these heavenly resources required energy from the Saints’ World to grow.

Even with Jian Chen’s mental preparation, he leapt in fright when he heard the number, as that meant he now possessed wealth worth a sum of billions or even tens of billions of divine crystals.

Even the divine crystals he had obtained from emptying out the treasuries of a few peak organisations on the Cloud Plane were nowhere close to this number.

However, he also understood that only the Darkstar race would exchange something as valuable as Ancestral Sacred Earth for divine crystals.

If this were the Saints’ World, Jian Chen did not doubt at all that Ancestra Sacred Earth would be treated as a rare treasure that never appeared on the market. It could not be purchased no matter how many divine crystals were offered. It was basically something that could only be exchanged for with treasures of the same value.

However, now that the Ancestral Sacred Earth was in his hands, why would he ever exchange something so precious for divine crystals? He said, “Leave the issue of the divine crystals to me. Come, accompany me to the Hundred Saint City.”

In the Pantheon Divine Hall of the Hundred Saint City, everyone had already gathered together. The many prodigies responsible for the entire city assembled once more.

Apart from Chu Tian, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhou Zhi, Zhao Wenbin, and the resplendent young master of the Dire Wolf clan who had obtained a Grand Exalt’s legacy, Jin Hong, the other prodigies were all here.

They did not talk with one another. All of their faces were extremely ugly, hiding a hint of extreme anger that had been repressed.

However, no matter how emotional they were, none of them spoke up. The entire Pantheon Divine Hall was dead silent, which made the atmosphere seem extremely heavy.

This was all because an uninvited guest had come to the Pantheon Divine Hall. Clearly, the various organisations were rather reluctant to welcome this uninvited guest, but due to certain reasons, they were forced to personally receive this guest of rather special status.

And the reason why so many people were furious was because of where this guest currently resided.

The representatives of the various organisations all sat around a large, round table in the Pantheon Divine Hall. There was no sense of order, which also represented that everyone stood on equal footing.

Yet, the uninvited guest had taken a chair and levitated it three meters above the centre of the table, sitting up there.

This action was equivalent to trampling over all the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall.

As a matter of fact, it was possible to interpret this as sitting directly on top of all the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall.

Unfortunately, the many organisations of the Hundred Saint City could only afford to be angered by this person’s arrogance. They dared not speak up.

That was because the uninvited guest was one of the three vice hall masters of the seventh divine hall, An Lie!

An Lie was a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Even within the Darkstar race, he was an expert that ranked extremely close to the top.

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