Chapter 2816: Si Wuqing

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Chapter 2816: Si Wuqing

Facing a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, even if all the organisations in the Hundred Saint City banded together and unleashed everything in their grasp, they had no chance at fending him off.

This was because they were unable to bring in any of the high level secret treasures from their clans to the Darkstar World. As such, even arrogant prodigies like them who never took Infinite Primes seriously in the Saints’ World were forced to submit obediently and treat them with caution. Even if they felt furious, they were forced to endure it.

All of them understood a principle. If they were killed in the territory of the Darkstar race, then no matter how powerful the clans behind them were, it would still be impossible for them to avenge them.

“So what do you think? I need to make this clear with you all. My time is limited. I don’t have so much time to waste here on you. Every organisation must offer up ten billion supreme grade divine crystals to our seventh divine hall every century in exchange for a friendly relationship. The three vice hall masters of the seventh divine hall had pleaded arduously with the hall master for this condition. Don’t waste it,” An Lie said in an unconcerned fashion with one leg crossed over the other on the chair in the air. The fascinating expressions of the prodigies seemed to be beneath his attention. Instead, he inspected the Pantheon Divine Hall like no one was around. His gaze seemed to be able to pass through the Pantheon Divine Hall, allowing him to see all of Hundred Saint City.

“This is a very impressive city. The price that went into building this city in the past was probably so great that it even took tremendous effort for the extremely wealthy clans behind you. Just this city alone is worth far more than a measly sum of a billion supreme grade divine crystals.”

“After all, in the resource-rich Saints’ World, supreme grade divine crystals are a renewable resource. The supply is truly endless. In other words, ten billion supreme grade divine crystals might sound like a lot, but it’s actually nothing in the boundless Saints’ World.”

“And, in the upcoming century, even if we ignore just how great of a deal you’ll get with the resources you obtain from our race, the items you obtain from the Two World Mountains alone possess immeasurable value.”

“If you calculate it like that, exchanging ten billion supreme grade divine crystals for a century of peace is a very good deal, isn’t it?”

An Lie spoke relaxedly as if ten billion supreme grade divine crystals was nothing. However, the depths of his eyes hid burning desire.

Ten billion divine crystals was definitely not a small sum to the seventh divine hall, as they often had to trade away a lot of Ancestral Sacred Earth in the past to gather so many divine crystals.

Most importantly, if the seventh divine hall possessed this sum of divine crystals, it would definitely be enough to deal with the urgent issue they currently faced.

None of the prodigies said anything in the Pantheon Divine Hall. Their faces were terrifyingly sunken, as even to the colossal clans behind them, ten billion supreme grade divine crystals was a tremendous sum.

The vice hall master of the seventh divine hall had demanded ten billion supreme grade divine crystals right off the bat, and he only promised to avoid causing them any trouble for a century. This was no longer merely demanding an exorbitant price.

“Hahahaha, I didn’t think vice hall master An Lie would actually be here. Looks like I’ve come a step too late.” At this moment, a great peal of laughter rang out, and a thunderous rumble followed. A great force had already smashed the firmly-shut entrance to the Pantheon Divine Hall to pieces. Ripples of powerful energy wreaked havoc, sending all the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall flying and crashing into the wall at the back in an extremely horrible shpe.

Even the huge, round table in the Pantheon Divine Hall shattered before the energy ripples.

In the blink of an eye, the Pantheon Divine Hall had been reduced to a mess.

A man in white had suddenly barged into the divine hall. The man seemed to be in his thirties. His facial features were delicate, and he seemed rather refined, like a scholar.

However, the presence he emitted was the same as An Lie’s, also at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

An Lie squinted slightly, and his face immediately became rather ugly. “And I was wondering who it was. As it turns out, it’s vice hall master Si Wuqing of the sixth divine hall. Si Wuqing, hasn’t your sixth divine hall always treated the Hundred Saint City as something beneath your attention? Apart from a few occasional exchanges, your divine hall hasn’t cared about the Hundred Saint City at all over all these years. So why has your sixth divine hall suddenly changed today, sending a mighty vice hall master like you to pay a personal visit to this place?”

By now, the prodigies the energy had sent flying all climbed up. They gazed at the obliterated entrance of the Pantheon Divine Hall, and their hearts immediately sank completely.

Recently, their Hundred Saint City had obtained the protection of the fifth divine hall. Combined with how the seventh divine hall never came to make trouble for them again, they gradually dropped their guard. They had maintained an entrance in the protective formation for people to enter and leave the city, just so the city could remain in operation.

Unexpectedly, the vice hall master of the seventh divine hall had snuck his way in through this gate silently despite his status, directly coming to the Pantheon Divine Hall and stating exorbitant demands for ten billion supreme grade divine crystals.

If it were An Lie, then it would not have been too horrible. After all, he had not used any brute force. There was still room for negotiation.

However, the person who had come just now was not as amiable. He destroyed the main entrance as soon as he arrived, leaving all the prodigies unsettled.

Right now, they even began to wonder whether there had been some great social upheaval in the Darkstar race that made the fifth divine hall lose all of its authority. Had the personal promise of the fifth hall master become so worthless that any old vice hall master could simply walk over it?

Vice hall master Si Wuqing of the sixth divine hall smiled and said slowly, “Indeed. In the past, our sixth divine hall had never cared about the existence of the Hundred Saint City, as in our eyes, the Hundred Saint City is merely an ant. It’s beyond what our sixth divine hall can be bothered with. Moreover, this ant can even provide us with what we needed from time to time, so we’re obviously happy for it to exist.”

“However, the situation today is rather different, because that has greatly depleted the divine crystals of our sixth divine hall. Although there are some other tiny ants serving our sixth divine hall, the divine crystals those tiny ants can offer is far too little. It would have been enough in the past, but given the current circumstances, the divine crystals they can provide are nowhere near enough to keep up with the demand. As a result, with no other choice, all we can do is come to the Hundred Saint City,” said Si Wuqing.

“That’s obvious. The outsiders who work with your sixth divine hall are mostly organisations with Chaotic Primes in the Saints’ World. Even if some of them have a few Grand Primes, they all rank towards the bottom among peak organisations. Of course they can’t be compared to these organisations of the Hundred Saint City,” An Lie said nonchalantly before changing the topic, “Si Wuqing, may I ask what your sixth divine hall plans on exchanging with them for the divine crystals?”

“Exchange? No, no, no. An Lie, you’d be taking it too far with our sixth divine hall if that’s what you think. How come only your seventh divine hall is able to demand divine crystals from the Hundred Saint City for free, while our sixth divine hall must exchange items in return? Wouldn’t that just mean our sixth divine hall is not as great as your seventh divine hall? If your seventh divine hall was stronger than us, then sure, we’d accept it. But in reality, our sixth divine hall is still slightly stronger than your seventh divine hall. Isn’t that correct?” Si Wuqing said in a deliberately ambiguous manner.

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