Chapter 2817: The Major Player Arrives

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Chapter 2817: The Major Player Arrives

An Lie’s face sank slightly. Originally, he had already been prepared to take everything that the Hundred Saint City could offer up for himself. He believed that while not all of the several dozen peak organisations stationed in the Hundred Saint City would be willing to pay up such a great sum of divine crystals in exchange for peace, at least a third of them would.

Even if it were only a third of the organisations, the amount of divine crystals they could gather would be an astronomical sum. Not only would it cover the seventh divine hall’s sudden increase in demand for divine crystals because of the medicinal garden, but it would also leave them with quite a lot to exchange with the other divine halls, or perhaps they could build up a reserve supply for the future.

After all, they had to maintain the medicinal garden, so the consumption of divine crystals would be endless. The Darkstar race could never have enough divine crystals.

But, never did he imagine that Si Wuping would actually show up at a time like this, clearly demanding a share as well. Without a doubt, this had directly halved what An Lie was expecting to receive.

Obviously, An Lie became extremely displeased.

“Si Wuqing, for this millenium, our seventh divine hall is in power. The various matters of the Darkstar race, regardless of size, are to be handled by our seventh divine hall. The actions of your sixth divine hall are crossing the line a little,” An Lie said with a sunken face. With everything up for grabs, he absolutely refused to give up on any part of it. Although the sixth and seventh divine halls had always stood on the same side, a few sparks would still fly when great benefits were presented before them.

In particular, with how the supply of divine crystals for every divine hall had become critically low, getting a share of this had only become even more precious.

“That’s correct. Your seventh divine hall is indeed responsible for governing the Darkstar race this millennium. Though, why did I hear that when your seventh hall master personally set off to destroy the Hundred Saint City, he had been forced to stop because of the fifth hall master’s appearance? Your seventh divine hall has even given some leeway to our old rival, the fifth divine hall, yet you treat us, your old ally, so heartlessly and selfishly?”

“Is our relationship as allies beneath your relationship with the fifth divine hall? Or should I ask, just which side is your seventh divine hall standing on?” Si Wuqing smiled faintly, remaining composed and unconcerned the entire time.

He continued, “An Lie, I don’t want to continue mouthing off with you here. The sixth divine hall only has one demand. We want half of the divine crystals that the Hundred Saint City offers up!”

Afterwards, Si Wuqing’s gaze shifted to the back of the Pantheon Divine Hall, at the various organisations who had gathered together in a horrible shape. He said indifferently, “Listen up. It’s like what An Lie said earlier. Every clan must provide ten billion supreme grade divine crystals to us. In exchange, it’ll be the same as what An Lie said before. During this period, the seventh divine hall won’t target you anymore, nor will they obstruct you in any way or form.”

“Otherwise!” Si Wuqings’ expression suddenly coldened and chilling killing intent shot from his eyes. He said frigidly, “Don’t even think about appearing among the Darkstar race again!”

The killing intent of a Primordial realm expert immediately made the temperature throughout the entire divine hall plummet. The prodigies gathered there all felt like they were standing in a cavern of ice as a chill ran down their spines.

This was not because they were timid, or because they were frightened. Instead, it was an ordinary reaction when Godkings faced the killing intent of a Primordial realm expert.

The expressions of the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall became ugly. Ten billion supreme grade divine crystals in exchange for a century. This was a sum that many of them could not provide. As peak organisations, they were indeed extremely wealthy, but they exhausted extremely large amounts of resources too. An Lie and Si Wuqing’s request basically forced many of them into dire straits.

Yet, they happened to be afraid to speak up, as in the Darkstar World, the statuses they prided themselves for in the Saints’ World meant absolutely nothing. Even if they died, nothing would happen. No one would avenge them.

“Esteemed hall masters, there’s something I’d like to ask, if I am permitted to do so.” At this moment, Lei Yun of the Heavenly Lightning clan stood forward. He did not possess the arrogance of a descendant of a peak clan at all anymore. Instead, he was rather courteous and extremely careful.

Si Wuqing’s gaze landed on Lei Yun, and his lips slowly curled into a sinister smile. “The clan you come from seems to be the Heavenly Lightning clan, right? I heard you possess some special methods and forcefully nurtured a heavenly resource to God Tier. Impressive, very impressive. Our race has always admired the outside organisations that are capable. What do you have to say? You can be frank.”

Lei Yun paused for a moment before saying reluctantly, “Since the esteemed hall master already knows about the God Tier heavenly resource, the esteemed hall master must also know that our Heavenly Lightning clan specially prepared the heavenly resource for the fifth divine hall.”

“Oh, yes, I do know about that. And then?” Si Wuqing stared at Lei Yun in a mysterious manner.

“The fifth divine hall has promised that if we can provide him with God Tier heavenly resources that can heal his soul, the fifth divine hall will protect us. Now that we’ve already offered up a God Tier heavenly resource, we should now be under the protection of the fifth divine hall according to the agreement. Now that the sixth and the seventh divine halls are making such a great ruckus here, wouldn’t the fifth divine hall…” Towards the end, Lei Yun began to falter. There were certain matters he could not go into too much detail about, but basically everyone understood what he was saying.

“The fifth divine hall? You’re still relying on the fifth divine hall holding up their promise right now?” Si Wuqing stared at Lei Yun like he was looking at an idiot. He said, “In the past, the fifth divine hall might have been able to protect you, as their four divine halls would be enough to contend with us. But now, it’s impossible for their four divine halls to contend with us anymore.”

After a pause, perhaps Si Wuqing did not find his words particularly persuasive, so he continued. He began to boast. “I’ll tell you the truth. Since our sixth divine hall has decided to become involved with the matter of the Hundred Saint City, and we’re working together with the seventh divine hall, the fifth divine hall has completely lost the ability to protect you. Right now, even if the fifth hall master himself, Kun Tian, was here, he probably would not dare to speak up to our two divine halls. It’s hilarious to think that you’re still depending on the fifth divine hall’s protection. How ignorant.”

“Really? How come this hall master doesn’t know the sixth and seventh divine halls are actually so capable, capable enough to make this hall master shut up before you? I’d really like to witness for myself and see if your sixth and seventh divine halls actually possess this ability or not.”

However, as soon as Si Wuqing finished speaking, a cold, mocking voice rang out from outside.

The appearance of this voice immediately made Si Wuqing’s face freeze up. His expression immediately stiffened because he knew exactly whose voice this was. It was the fifth hall master he had mentioned moments prior, Kun Tian.

An Lie’s expression changed once again in the Pantheon Divine Hall. Suddenly, he turned around and looked in the direction of the main entrance.

He saw the fifth hall master Kun Tian striding over through the air steadily, with his presence completely concealed. Behind him, vice hall master Bing Yuan concealed his presence too, following along closely and silently.

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