Chapter 2818: Face Slapping

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Chapter 2818: Face Slapping

The arrival of the fifth hall master immediately filled the despaired and helpless prodigies with a shred of hope. All of them became emotional, and their gloomy faces riled up instantly.

They had begun treating the fifth hall master as the person they relied on the most in the Darkstar race from a long time ago. Even though they knew they would not receive his protection if they could not offer up the God Tier heavenly resources that he demanded, they still placed great recognition and belief in him.

After all, the fifth hall master had saved their lives in the past, even willing to take on the risk of going to war with the seventh divine hall to save them.

With the kindness he had shown, the prodigies of the Hundred Saint City clearly trusted the fifth hall master even more.

On the other hand, looking at the sixth and seventh divine halls, not only had the former taken the Hundred Saint City away from them, but they had almost destroyed them too. As for the latter, they had smashed the entrance of the Pantheon Divine Hall as soon as they arrived, behaving arrogantly and looking down on them all. They had completely treated them as lambs to the slaughter, showing nothing but ill intent.

Compared to them, the fifth divine hall was like a benevolent god. They were worth relying on and trusting.

“Esteemed hall master, you’ve finally come. You have to help us, sir. Our Hundred Saint City has clearly obtained your protection, so anyone who injures the people of our Hundred Saint City is equivalent to injuring you. However, despite knowing our relationship with the fifth divine hall, the sixth and seventh divine halls have still threatened us, without even thinking about the fifth divine hall, even forcing us to cough up ten billion supreme grade divine crystals each century. T- t- they’re basically leaving us with no choice at all.” Lei Yun was the most riled up out of them, as well as the first one to speak up eagerly, cottoning up to the fifth hall master.

This was because their Heavenly Lightning clan had presented the fifth divine hall with a God Tier heavenly resource as promised. Technically, their Heavenly Lightning clan was already under the fifth divine hall’s protection. With such a powerful backing, he finally gained a bit of confidence when he faced the ten divine halls of the Darkstar race.

As for Si Wuqing’s blatant disdain and mockery of the fifth divine hall, Liu Yun only treated it as a series of boasts. After all, he could tell with a single glance of the fifth hall master’s expression right now that the fifth divine hall’s situation was nowhere near as bad as Si Wuqing had described.

With what Lei Yun said, a sliver of coldness immediately flashed through Si Wuqing’s eyes as heavy killing intent rose up inside. In his eyes, all outsiders were existences like ants, creatures he could crush at a whim. If they were obedient and constantly brought benefits to the Darkstar race, he could allow them to move around in his territory.

But now, someone that was an insignificant ant in his eyes was actually trying to ruin his relationship with the fifth hall master. This was well beyond what he could allow to happen.

“You’re looking to die!” Si Wuqing spat out those words coldly. He was about to kill Lei Yun one the spot when his face changed drastically all of a sudden.

This was because a mountainous presence descended suddenly, weighing on him such that his entire body sank. Even the circulation of energy in his body showed signs of sluggishness.

Si Wuqing turned around and stared at Kun Tian with difficulty. There was dread in his eyes. After all, not only was Kun Tian the master of a divine hall, but his strength had reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. He trounced him in both status and strength.

However, he soon seemed to remember something. The dread in his eyes vanished instantly, and his heart settled down too. He said sternly, “Kun Tian, what do you think you’re doing? Not only does this person have no respect, but he’s actually trying to sow conflict into the relationship between us divine halls with his lowly status. Doesn’t he deserve to be killed? Don’t tell me you even plan on protecting someone like that, hall master Kun Tian?”

Si Wuqing was fearless, staring directly at Jian Chen. He behaved like he would never back down unless he received a satisfying explanation.

This was because he firmly believed the side which the fifth hall master stood on, the side that had already been weaker, had weakened once again after losing the power of the eighth hall master. They should not have been bold enough to directly contend with them like in the past anymore. Otherwise, they would just be asking for humiliation.

Vice hall master An Lie stood to one side silently. He had no plans on becoming involved with the dispute between Si Wuqing and the fifth hall master. His fear towards the fifth hall master did not diminish at all with Sen Ran’s death.

This was because he had personally witnessed the fifth hall master go crazy before. Having lost his memories, the fifth hall master was instead even more terrifying than in the past, even less of a person they could afford to provoke. Not only had his strength increased qualitatively, but his personality seemed to have become extreme too. Once he lost his temper, he would actually throw his life at others.

Faced with a madman like that, even the seventh hall master Getti who was much stronger than Kun Tian was forced to take a step back.

Jian Chen said nothing. He walked through the Pantheon Divine Hall at a regular pace, arriving in front of Si Wuqing steadily. His powerful presence continued to crush down on Si Wuqing before he raised a hand and directly slapped Si Wuqing across the face.


A crisp sound rang out immediately. It was far too resonant such that it was ear-splitting in the Pantheon Divine Hall. Caught off-guard, Si Wuqing had been directly sent flying by Jian Chen’s slap.

Jian Chen’s slap was extremely powerful, lifting all of Si Wuqing into the air. Half of his face had been reduced to a pulp as blood splattered everywhere.

The Pantheon Divine Hall immediately became dead silent. The prodigies there watched as Si Wuqing sailed across the air, their hearts thumping vigorously. Everyone had been stunned.

As convention went, it was fair to hit others, just not their faces. Not only had the fifth hall master slapped someone across the face, but the person he hit was even a revered vice hall master. His actions left an extremely heavy impact on the prodigies.

Primordial realm experts, even just an Infinite Prime, were equivalent to elders in peak organisations with Grand Primes. They enjoyed a certain level of status and deserved a certain level of respect.

In the Darkstar World, Primordial realm experts were already regarded as figures who stood at the very apex, standing above everyone else. They possessed extremely revered statuses, yet he had just been slapped across the face mercilessly like this.

This scene left all the prodigies rather dazed.

An Lie on the side was left completely dumbstruck too. His entire brain seemed to stop working. Conflict among the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race was very common, and full-blown battles happened from time to time too. However, it would all be in a controlled range. Being directly slapped across the face as a Primordial realm expert, like what had happened right now, had definitely never happened before.

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