Chapter 2819: Absolutely Fearless

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Chapter 2819: Absolutely Fearless

Gazing at the fifth hall master who simply stood there coldly and unworried, An Lie’s throat actually became rather dry for a moment.

The main reason why he was bold enough to come to the Hundred Saint City was because of hall master Sen Ran’s death, which had drastically weakened the faction that the fifth divine hall was a part of. They no longer possessed the ability to contend with them. In his belief, the fifth divine hall would probably take a step back given the situation it was in when the Hundred Saint City faced any issues, as long as it did not severely harm their interests.

Yet, he never expected the fifth divine hall to completely ignore the logical course of action. Despite their faction already at an extremely great disadvantage, not only did he show no intentions of holding himself back, but he was even wilder than before instead. He actually slapped a vice hall master across the face as soon as he arrived.

This was something extremely humiliating. Even if grievances did not exist between them, bitter hatred would still arise from this.

He’s mad. He’s mad. Kun Tian has completely lost his mind.” An Lie could only curse inside. The high-handedness and haughtiness that the fifth hall master demonstrated right now made him think of retreating.

The slap had left vice hall master Si Wuqing stunned too. Jian Chen had sent him flying, and he actually forgot to climb back up when he fell on the ground. His face had completely blanked out, still yet to recover his senses.

Only after five whole seconds did Si Wuqing finally respond. He remained in the same posture on the ground, except his body began to tremble violently. His eyes became bright red in that instant, completely bloodshot.

In the next moment, surging fury and terrifying killing intent suddenly erupted from him. He leapt up from the ground violently, and his face became hideously twisted. He roared like a wild beast, “Kun Tian, how dare you humiliate me like this! I will make you pay!”

In the Darkstar race, vice hall masters were figures of revered status. Even though a certain disparity existed between them and hall masters, this disparity was not as great as Jian Chen imagined it to be.

After all, everyone was Infinite Primes. They were all at the same realm of cultivation, not to mention that Si Wuqing was a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime at that.

That kind of strength was only one minor level of cultivation lower than a few hall masters who still remained at the Fifth Heavenly Layer.


Immediately, Si Wuqing erupted with energy as the pressure of the Primordial realm flooded out. With a pair of bloodshot eyes, he directly attacked Jian Chen, swinging the sword in his hand towards Jian Chen resolutely.

Jian Chen remained calm and composed. Only a tremendous pressure erupted violently like a mountain, crushing down on Si Wuqing in a way even more terrifying than last time.

Si Wuqing staggered, almost falling over. His face paled, and the light and energy on the sword he swung towards Jian Chen flickered. Jian Chen’s presence had actually subdued the power of his attack to the greatest degree such that Jian Chen managed to catch the sharp tip easily and calmly between two fingers.


Afterwards, there was a crisp sound. Jian Chen flicked his fingers gently, and the sharp tip between his fingers immediately began to tremble violently like it had sustained a heavy blow. At the same time, a force moved through the sword, reaching Si Wuqing’s sword-wielding hand, immediately turning his entire right arm numb.

However, Jian Chen had no plans of letting Si Wuqing go like this. He said coldly, “You’re merely a vice hall master, so how dare you directly refer to this hall master by name! You deserve to be punished for insubordination!” As he said that, he approached Si Wuqing with a step and suppressed him with his presence before landing another slap on Si Wuqing’s face and mercilessly sending him flying a second time.

This time, he smacked the other half of Si Wuqing’s face. Not only did the great force turn Si Wuqing’s face into a blood pulp, but even cracks appeared in his skull.

Si Wuqing was filled with hatred. He raised his head and roared out furiously, like a vicious beast wanting to launch a counterattack. However, Jian Chen was much more powerful than he imagined him to be. Against Jian Chen, not only was he in no shape to fight back despite his strength at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, but he could not even dodge after being suppressed.

“I took back the Hundred Saint City from Getti. Only I can decide the fate of the Hundred Saint City. Other divine halls have no right to this. As a vice hall master of the sixth divine hall, not only have you come to my territory to flaunt your powers, but you’ve even spoken insolently about me. You cannot be forgiven!” Jian Chen said coldly. He arrived in front of Si Wuqing with a flash, directly stomping down heavily on his back before Si Wuqing could even climb up.

The cracking sound of bones rang out. Jian Chen had shattered Si Wuqing’s backbone with that, his foot reaching as far as his ribs. Basically all the bones in Si Wuqing’s upper half had been crushed. His organs were in pieces.

Si Wuqing let out a grunt and coughed up large amounts of blood, along with pieces of organs.

This time, he had truly been heavily injured!

“Kun Tian, h- how dare you treat me like this,” Si Wuqing sprayed out with blood a few times as he said hoarsely. By now, his face had become pale-white, and his hair was in a mess. His impressive bearing and demeanour from earlier had vanished a long time ago.

“Let alone you, even if your sixth hall master comes and dares to provoke me, I’ll still give him a thorough beating,” Jian Chen said coldly, radiating with fearlessness. Afterwards, he picked up the mess that Si Wuqing was from the ground and directly hurled him out of the Hundred Saint City. “Remember, the Hundred Saint City is a place under my protection. Without my permission, no one is allowed to make trouble here. I won’t spare anyone who does that.”

Outside the Hundred Saint City, Si Wuqing, who had been squashed like a pancake, struck the ground in an extremely horrible shape. Due to being thrown out with far too much speed, he skid along the ground for several kilometers before finally stopping. Blood immediately spurted from his mouth.

His spine had been crushed. Barely any of his bones in the upper half of his body were unbroken. Without the support of his bones, he was unable to stand up immediately, so all he could do was lay on the ground and ingest a few recovery pills he had in his Space Ring to heal.

“Kun Tian—” He let out a beast-like howl as his hatred and killing intent surged to the limit. He rested for a moment until his shattered spine began holding together before immediately taking off into the air, tottering away from here.

In the Pantheon Divine Hall, after personally witnessing how Jian Chen crushed Si Wuqing, An Lie’s heart immediately became icy-cold. He discovered he had still ended up underestimating the madness of the fifth hall master. In just a few seconds, he had actually reduced a vice hall master to such a miserable, humiliating state over something so small. Chills even began running down his back.

This was because nothing like this had ever happened to the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race throughout their known history.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s gaze landed on An Lie. It became extremely sharp as he said coldly, “An Lie, have you come to make trouble in the territory under my protection too?”

“No, no, no. You’ve misunderstood, hall master. I only came to the Hundred Saint City to exchange some divine crystals with the organisations here. Since you’re now here, hall master, I’ll take my leave.” Faced with Jian Chen’s cold questioning, An Lie chose to yield without any hesitation at all. With the example he had made out of Si Wuqing, why would he still try to hold his ground?

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