Chapter 282 – Attacking an Earth Saint Master

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Chapter 282: Attacking an Earth Saint Master

Jian Chen rode his Class 3 Magical Beast out of Walaurent City and off into the direction of the sun to the east.

He had long since seen the neighboring area from within Walaurent City. So a hundred kilometers away, Jian Chen’s goal was the little mountain range there. Jian Chen had already read up everything he needed to know from both the Changyang Manor and Kargath Academy about the process of becoming an Earth Saint Master, so the rules behind the process had already been memorized by him.

Although only ten percent of people were able to make the breakthrough to become Earth Saint Masters, Jian Chen was confident in himself. He was confident that the threshold barrier that prevented most people would not work against him.

If the very first obstacle on the road of cultivation were to scare him away from trying to become an Earth Saint Master, then how would he be able to make it past the harder bottlenecks in the future?

Walking through the plains near Walaurent City, Jian Chen arrived at a small forest. His Class 3 Magical Beast mount continued to trot deep into the forest with a whistling sound and a pace that many people would find hard to keep track of.

Just as Jian Chen entered the forest, a strong amount of Sword Qi suddenly flew through the dense foliage and shot toward Jian Chen.

Immediately flying off his mount, Jian Chen dodged to the side.

A wretched sound could be heard as the Class 3 Magical Beast Mount was split in two. A river of blood flew through the air and stained the surrounding grass with it.

A strong amount of Saint Force gathered within Jian Chen’s right hand, quickly forming the silver blade of the Light Wind Sword. Emitting some Sword Qi of his own, he sent it flying back in the direction from the attack.

The foliage in that area shook as the Sword Qi disappeared inside. A gray robed man came walking out from the bushes before an earth shattering amount of pressure suddenly descended upon Jian Chen. In the next moment, the sword in the man’s hand suddenly came flying down toward Jian Chen.

“An Earth Saint Master!” Jian Chen thought to himself before turning serious. Without hesitation, an azure and violet glow began to fill up his Light Wind Sword before he stabbed outward with it.


The two Saint Weapons made contact in midair with sparks flying everywhere. Because of the azure and violet Sword Qi, the Light ind Sword was able to cause a nick to appear on the other man’s sword.

With a muffled shout, the gray robed man flew backward. Since his Saint Weapon had been damaged, he had received a portion of the damage too.

Even Jian Chen stumbled back a few steps. Right now his strength was at the Peak Great Saint Master realm, while this was a big improvement compared to before, he was still weaker than an Earth Saint Master.

Tilting his head up, Jian Chen saw the appearance of the gray robed elder. With a cold glare, he spoke, “Elder Wu, so it’s you.”

The one who had suddenly attacked him was Elder Wu from the Tianqin clan.

Elder Wu was looking at the damage done on his Saint Weapon with a look of utter disbelief and shock.

“How is this possible, just with your strength, how did you manage to damage my Saint Weapon?” Elder Wu was flabbergasted, his eyes continued to look at both Jian Chen and his damaged sword.

Jian Chen laughed when he saw the shock on the elder’s face, “Elder Wu, it seems that you are not willing to forget about the Multicolored Stone.”

Upon hearing the stone’s name, the elder’s face suddenly regained a clear expression and replaced the shocked looked he had. “Correct, the Multicolored Stone is a Supreme Treasure with a terrifying amount of power it seems. The sole reason you could damage my Saint Weapon as to be the work of the Multicolored Stone.”

With that reasoning, the elder’s face grew calm once more as he stared darkly at Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, I am giving you two paths to choose from. The first path, I will pardon your life if you give me the Multicolored Stone. The second path, I will kill you and take the stone from your dead corpse. Choose wisely now.”

Jian Chen laughed coldly, he didn’t feel inclined at all to answer the elder’s options. Taunting Elder Wu, Jian Chen asked his own question, “Elder Wu, do you really think you can beat me?”

With a snort, the elder responded, “Jian Chen, don’t even try to think that with a Supreme Treasure you will be able to defeat an Earth Saint Master like me. Earth Saint Masters and Great Saint Masters have a difference between them as wide as the heavens themselves. There is no way for the Supreme Treasure to make up for that.” However, even as he spoke, there was a hint of fear in the deepest parts of the elder’s eyes.

“What?” Jian Chen sneered, “Then today I’ll show you how an Earth Saint Master can be killed by a Great Saint Master. This barrier dividing the two realms will broken by me!” With that, Jian Chen immediately charged at Elder Wu.

“Hmph, how arrogant. I doubt that as a Third Cycle Earth Saint Master, I will not be able to tame you.” Elder Wu gave an explosive shout before the Saint Force within his Saint Weapon exploded with power and flew toward Jian Chen.

Because of the azure and violet Sword Qi, Jian Chen’s sword had already been strengthened several times over so Jian Chen did not fear Elder Wu’s sword.

The elder knew that Jian Chen’s Saint Weapon was quite dangerous, so he tried to avoid a clash of blades. His giant sword had then suddenly diverted paths and avoided hitting Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword before stabbing toward his chest.

With a snort, Jian Chen maneuvered his sword so that it suddenly changed directions as if it were a viper. In mid air, the sword diverted paths and chased after Elder Wu’s sword.

Jian Chen knew all too clearly that an Earth Saint Master was not that easy to kill. Even if Elder Wu were to dodge his sword, then the Light Wind Sword would strike against his Saint Weapon. In that case, then it would bring a catastrophic amount of damage.

Jian Chen’s sword was fast enough that Elder Wu wasn’t able to dodge it, so in the end, the tip of the Light Wind Sword managed to strike against the broad side of the elder’s Saint Weapon.


With a metallic clank, the Light Wind Sword instantly pierced through the broadsword. With this damage to both the elder’s Saint Weapon and his health, the elder’s face instantly went pale as he spat out a mouth full of blood.

Immediately pulling back, Elder Wu flashed away from Jian Chen as he looked at Jian Chen with dread, “I didn’t think that a Supreme Treasure would be so powerful for a barely Great Saint Master to be able to bring about such a threat to an Earth Saint Master!” Although his injuries were quite severe, the elder didn’t have any thoughts about retreating. In his heart, he still believed that he had enough strength to steal away the Supreme Treasure from Jian Chen’s hands.

Jian Chen’s figured disappeared in a blur and left behind only a small trace of himself as he flew towards Elder Wu at breakneck speeds.

Growing even more serious than before, he didn’t even have enough time to wipe the blood from his own face as he stood his ground against Jian Chen. After suffering from Jian Chen’s hand twice now, Elder Wu was afraid of his sword and the consequences it would bring. Just a single stroke of the sword was enough for him to feel panicked, so this fight was starting to rethink all of his possible choices.

Jian Chen had no hesitation. His Light Wind Sword became a hazy glow of light as it stabbed at Elder Wu. Multiple apparitions of the Light Wind Sword could be seen stabbing at Elder Wu, but he was an expert of defense because of his earth Saint Force, the Saint Force inside of his body had already formed an armor of unbelievable strength. In front of the azure and violet Sword Qi, this defensive armor made of Saint Force was nothing more than a piece of decoration and would do nothing to help with Elder Wu’s defenses.

At this moment, Elder Wu wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to dodge, so Jian Chen’s sword slashed onto his shoulder. Another second passed, the sword immediately moved deeper into his chest area.

“Ah!” Feeling the deep pain within his chest, Elder Wu gave a miserable cry. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Jian Chen immediately slashed at the elder’s neck with his sword.

A single human head flew through the air as blood came spilling out. Elder Wu had been killed by Jian Chen with regret still filling his eyes.

He would never believe that he would be killed. He was an Earth Saint Master at the Third Cycle and Jian Chen was only a Great Saint Master.

With this, Jian Chen exhaled slowly. Elder Wu had been an Earth Saint Master of the Third Cycle, so the fight had been hard despite the quickness of the battle. His strength was far stronger than the patriarch of the Xia clan.

Walking up to the headless corpse of Elder Wu, Jian Chen knelt down to take his Space Ring. With some hesitation, he finally decided to bury the body of the elder.

Walaurent City was close to the forest, so if the elder’s body were to be discovered, then the Tianqin clan would come and investigate. By this point, it would become a huge headache for Jian Chen.

Once Elder Wu’s body was properly buried, Jian Chen tidied up the battlefield and hide all of the damage that his fight had caused before finally leaving the area.

Four hours later, Jian Chen arrived at the mountain range. Finally sitting down on a huge rock, he began to calm his heart for a moment. Then, taking out two more Class 4 Monster Cores, Jian Chen began to cultivate.

This mountain range didn’t have a single magical beast in sight. Even the wild animals were rare to see along with any humans. Thus, Jian Chen could cultivate in peace.

The energy within the monster cores began to flow into Jian Chen’s body as he tried to filter out the berserk element within them. Almost as if by some magical force, the energy began to assimilate into his body and then flowed into the azure and violet Sword Spirits.

As the energy continuously flowed into Jian Chen’s dantian for his Light Wind Sword to absorb, the sword began to glow with a stronger light with each passing second.

The procedure to making the breakthrough from a Great Saint Master to an Earth Saint Master had already been documented and memorized by Jian Chen, so he could allow this part of the cultivation to proceed with ease.

Making a breakthrough from a Great Saint Master to an Earth Saint Master was a transformation of quality. A monumental amount of energy was required so that the Saint Weapon would absorb far too much energy than it could contain. Then, the Saint Weapon would explode into multiple fragments that would stay within one’s body temporarily. Before the fragments disappeared, a large amount of energy would be needed to refine the fragments once more. The fragments would be reinforced and changed, in the end, they would be combined together once more. The Saint Weapon would be condensed into a new version, thus transforming the Saint Weapon as a whole.


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