Chapter 2824: The Five Hall Masters Assembled

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Chapter 2824: The Five Hall Masters Assembled

Obviously, Jian Chen had no idea that the condition for protection he proposed would actually cause so many Chaotic Primes in the ruins of the Spirits’ World to personally run about for divine crystals, as he was in the Darkstar World. He was on his way back to the fifth divine hall right now.

“Hall master, I’m very curious. Are the pieces of jade with the Laws of Time really so important, such that the hall master is willing to give up on the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood for them?” Beside Jian Chen, Bing Yuan was unable to hold back his doubts and asked.

At the same time, he became slightly worried and continued, “And Si Wuqing too. He’s a vice hall master of a divine hall. You’ve humiliated him in the Hundred Saint City, hall master, so the sixth divine hall probably won’t let the matter slide.”

“The sixth divine hall is quite a bit stronger than our fifth divine hall. Even the seventh divine hall pales slightly in comparison to the sixth divine hall. It’s said that the sixth hall master Irvin has already reached the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. He’s been spending the past few years in secluded cultivation, working towards his breakthrough to the Seventh Heavenly Layer apparently.”

“As for his strength, Irvin is definitely even stronger than seventh hall master Getti!”

As soon as he thought of the sixth divine hall’s strength, Bing Yuan became filled with worry. “Within our faction, only the second hall master Arna can hold his ground against Irvin. And, even if we ignore the sixth hall master Irvin, Si Wuqing is not the only one at the Fourth Heavenly Layer. His elder brother, Si Wuming, is also a Fourth Heavenly Layer expert. Our fifth divine hall stands absolutely no chance against them with the strength they possess.”

Jian Chen flew through the air with his hands behind his back as he said calmly, “You don’t have to worry. I obtained a power that might have been left behind by the planetary beast in the Two World Mountains. It’s not enough for me to break through to the Seventh Heavenly Layer, but I don’t think I’ll be afraid of Irwin as long as he’s still at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.”

“As for the pieces of jade with the Laws of Time… I naturally have a use for them…”

On the fifth divine hall that hovered above the capital city of the Darkstar race, the teleportation formation built into the square outside the divine hall emitted a flash. As the power of teleportation gathered, Jian Chen and Bing Yuan appeared there.

“Greetings, hall master! Greetings, vice hall master!”

The Godking who guarded the teleportation formation immediately showed respect the moment he saw the figures appear in the teleportation formation, bowing courteously.

Without acknowledging the Godking, Jian Chen stepped out of the teleportation formation. However, the moment he emerged, his expression suddenly changed. He casually glanced past the divine hall around him, and the corner of his lips curled into a faint sneer.

At this moment, a tremendous aura suddenly erupted like a volcano from the direction of the sixth divine hall, flooding towards the fifth divine hall and crushing down like it came from a lord who stood above the masses.

Immediately, the calm sky suddenly became filled with fierce gales. The thick clouds gathered in the sky were obliterated under the tremendous presence.

Even the fifth divine hall that hovered in the air trembled gently, beginning to shake somewhat.

“Kun Tian, you’ve finally returned. You sure have made me wait.” A furious bellow rang out from the sixth divine hall. Hall master Irvin suddenly flew out of the divine hall, moving extremely quickly. He radiated with a monstrous presence along the way, arriving on the huge square of the fifth divine hall in the blink of an eye and gazing at Jian Chen coldly.

The three vice hall masters of the sixth divine hall followed close behind, also arriving on the square of the fifth divine hall. They stood side by side behind Irvin.

Si Wuqing’s wounds had not healed by much. He had only healed a few important parts slightly so that he could remain standing. Perhaps for the sake of evidence, the wounds on his face remained the same. Both his cheeks had been smashed to pieces and fractures even appeared on his skull. It was a chilling sight to behold.

As a vice hall master, Si Wuqing was a respected figure. Forcing him to remain like this in the eye of the public only increased his internal torment, making him feel mortified.

But for the sake of revenge, for the sake of making the fifth hall master pay for his actions, and for the sake of earning more sympathy, he knew he had to do this.

“Fifth hall master, you’ve gone too far. Even if my younger brother is an imbecile, you shouldn’t have humiliated him like this.” The face of Si Wuqing’s elder brother, Si Wuming, darkened as he spoke coldly. There was no respect in his voice at all. He was only out to denounce the fifth divine hall.

With the sixth divine hall’s arrival, tremendous presences emerged from the third, fourth, seventh, and ninth divine halls too. The hall masters of the four other divine halls basically appeared at the same time, striding through the air and arriving above the fifth divine hall in a single step, assembling with the sixth divine hall.

“Kun Tian, you really have gone a little too far with your actions this trip…” The seventh hall master was the first to speak as cold light flickered through his eyes.

“Just not the face, you know? Si Wuqing is still a vice hall master after all. If he’s disrespected you, a slight punishment is not exactly unacceptable, but humiliation like this… Sigh, Kun Tian, you have gone a little too far,” said the ninth hall master, a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

The fourth hall master said, “Kun Tian, even if you’ve obtained memories of the planetary beast that can exploit the Godking grass from the Two World Mountains, even if it’s very likely for you to make a huge contribution to our race, that’s still not a reason for you to do whatever you want, regardless of the consequences.”

“What are you all doing? The five hall masters have actually all assembled in the fifth divine hall. Do you really think our four divine halls are now targets of harassment just because we’ve lost Sen Ran?” At this moment, a woman called out. Tenth hall master Feng Xue arrived before Jian Chen frigidly, standing with Jian Chen to confront the five hall masters.

Immediately, a total of seven hall masters had assembled. Apart from when they saw the emperor, rarely did this ever occur in the Darkstar World.

With how far the situation had developed, it had basically become a confrontation between the two factions among the ten divine halls. Second hall master Arna who stood on the same side as the fifth divine hall obviously could not sit out either, also flying over from his divine hall.

Only the eighth divine hall had not shown up. Having lost their hall master, it was difficult for two vice hall masters who were not particularly powerful to fill Sen Ran’s shoes.

On the square of the fifth divine hall, the two factions formed two distinct sides as they confronted each other. However, one side had five divine halls, while the other only had three. There was a huge difference no matter how it seemed.

“Sigh, Kun Tian has absolutely no idea how to behave at all. Why did he offend the sixth divine hall to such a degree over a measly Hundred Saint City? I hope he can recover his memories soon.” Second hall master Arna also felt extremely hopeless after learning about the whole story.

Only Feng Xue, regardless of the reason, regardless of whether he was right or wrong, would stand by the side of “Kun Tian” resolutely. She refuted firmly, “Si Wuqing only has himself to blame for what he’s gone through. It’s not like you don’t know the Hundred Saint City would have been wiped off the face of the Darkstar World a long time ago if it were not for Kun Tian’s protection. The Hundred Saint City has been Kun Tian’s territory in the first place. Si Wuqing entered Kun Tian’s territory to extort divine crystals without his permission. He has shown no respect for authority. He deserved to be beaten!”

“Kun Tian, you must give us a satisfying explanation for this, or we’ll never let this matter drop!” Sixth hall master Irvin said with a sunken voice.

“So what if you’ll never drop the matter? Are you looking for a great battle? Do you feel like we’re supposed to be afraid of you just because we don’t have Sen Ran?” Feng Xue said furiously, without a hint of fear.

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