Chapter 2825: I’ll Give You an Explanation

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Chapter 2825: I’ll Give You an Explanation

Looking at the infuriated Feng Xue who no longer seemed to care about anything, the second hall master Arna who belonged to the same faction as the fifth divine hall could not help but sigh inside.

If the eighth hall master Sen Ran were still present, their side would still have no chance at victory if they confronted the other faction, but at least they could contend with them to a certain degree.

But now, the eighth hall master was dead. Having lost a powerful ally, what else did they have to hold their ground against the five divine halls?

She clearly knew about her own disadvantaged position, yet not only did she refuse to hold back, but she had even chosen to behave aggressively, which gave the second hall master Arna a great headache.

Hall master Feng, please calm down a little. Our predicament is no longer the same as in the past,” Arna said to Feng Xue secretly, hoping to appease her before combining everyone’s strength to settle this matter in the most appropriate way possible.

Hall master Feng, you should just leave this to me,” Jian Chen said. He was calm, completely unfazed by this. He was not worried about this at all.

He took a step forward slowly as his lips curled into a mysterious smile. He stared straight at the sixth hall master Irvin. “Since you want me to give you an explanation, I’ll give you an explanation.”

Hearing Jian Chen’s tone and noticing the rather sinister and eerie smile on Jian Chen’s face, Irvin’s heart actually skipped a beat for some reason. He developed an ill feeling.

In the next moment, a god artifact sword appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. It began to emit surging energy pulses the moment it appeared. Madness and viciousness filled his eyes as he stabbed the sword towards Irvin without the slightest hesitation.

Jian Chen did not hold back at all with the attack. Even though he was unable to unleash his maximum strength in the strike due to his disguise, it was still all the power he could unleash given the current circumstances.

His sword pierced through space, producing a black crack there, reaching Irvin in a single breath.

“Kun Tian, what are you doing!?” The sudden attack immediately made Irvin’s expression change drastically. His eyes widened, filled with undisguised shock and disbelief.

The strength Kun Tian unleashed shocked him. It was far more powerful than what the rumors dictated, even more powerful than when he clashed with Getti in the past. The strike was enough for him to feel greatly threatened.

He was in disbelief over how bold Kun Tian was. After all, where were they right now?

They were in the capital city of the Darkstar race, and more importantly, the location where the ten divine halls stood. He had actually launched an attack so decisively here, even unleashing his full strength right from the beginning. He was utterly fearless.

A madman! He really is a madman!” Noticing the viciousness and madness in Jian Chen’s eyes, Irvin could not help but curse inside.

He had heard from Getti a long time ago that without his memories, Kun Tian had become a completely unreasonable madman who had no concept of consequences, but he had never taken it to heart. Only today did he truly learn that Kun Tian could be this crazy after losing his memories.

It all happened in a split second. Even though Kun Tian’s sudden attack shocked Irvin, he was still a Primordial realm expert after all, so his reactions were equally fast. A sword appeared in his hand instantly, and he parried with it as powerful energy surged.

Irvin was not bold enough to directly launch an attack as fearlessly as Jian Chen above the capital city, just in case the consequences developed out of hand.

“Kun Tian, stop…”

“Kun Tian, this is the capital city, and we’re standing among the ten divine halls at that. How can you act so recklessly…”

“Kun Tian, have you lost your mind? Why don’t you check where we are right now…”

At the same time, the gathered hall masters changed drastically in expression too as they bellowed out in surprise and anger.

However, battle was already unavoidable. In the critical moment, they only managed to pour their strength together and create a barrier in time, isolating the region of space.

The tenth hall master Feng Xiu and the second hall master Arna clearly understood the severity of the matter as well. It was absolutely forbidden for Primordial realm experts to rampage through the capital city, as the ripples of energy would be far too powerful and affect the many clansmen in the city below. As a result, with no other choice, the two of them were forced to construct an energy barrier with the four other hall masters.

Behind them, the vice hall masters present did not stand around either. They all lended their strength, channeling out with energy endlessly to strengthen the barrier.


Basically in the moment the energy barrier had been created, Jian Chen’s sword stabbed mercilessly into Irvin’s sword with tremendous force. The force transmitted through the sword was shocking and terrifying. In the moment they made contact, Irvin’s body shuddered heavily. He had responded frantically, so he obviously struggled to block the attack. He was sent flying, smashing heavily against the energy barrier behind him and causing the barrier to shake violently.

“Kun Tian, stop! Even if you plan on fighting, you can’t do it here!” Feng Xue’s voice rang out in a slightly anxious and worried manner.

However, Jian Chen did not seem to hear her. He also seemed to have entered a state of frenzy completely, losing all sense of rationality. He could no longer hear anyone.

His eyes were completely red and bloodshot. His craziness did not weaken, intensifying instead. He let out a great laugh. “Hahaha, didn’t you want an explanation? I’ll give you an explanation! I’ll give you an explanation right now!” As he spoke, his presence swelled once again. Dressed in god artifact armour and wielding a god artifact sword, both the armour and the sword radiated with resplendent light. The energy was earth-shaking as he struck out again, swinging the sword as hard as he could towards Irvin.

Irvin’s face darkened and paled. He had never thought the situation would actually develop like this. In particular, when he saw the blood-red light that was clearly without any rationality in Kun Tian’s eyes, he actually felt a tinge of regret.

In the next moment, with a thunderous rumble, Jian Chen and Irvin clashed again. However, Irvin clearly could not launch reckless attacks like Jian Chen, so all he could do was defend passively. As a result, he could only grunt from Jian Chen’s attack before being sent flying again. The energy barrier the hall masters and vice hall masters constructed shook violently.

Jian Chen continued to laugh loudly. He seemed like he had already reached the peak of his power as a layer of faint, red light began to radiate from his body.

When the blood-red light appeared, his presence that had already been extremely powerful rose once again, and the pulses of energy he gave off became even more terrifying.

“Oh no, he’s actually igniting his essence blood. He’s actually igniting his essence blood…”

“Igniting his essence blood? Oh no, Kun Tian has completely lost his mind. H- h- how can he ignite his essence blood…”

“Stop him quick…”

The hall masters from both factions changed in expression when they saw this. They were all shocked.

He was igniting his essence blood. Was he preparing himself for a battle to the death? The hall masters of the two factions had opposed each other for all these years. As a matter of fact, full-blown battles had erupted between them multiple times in the past, but never had it been like this, where they were out to kill. Even heavy injuries rarely occur during these battles. Most of the time, they would stop when they knew it was enough.

As a result, as Kun Tian’s action of igniting his essence blood shocked them, they also felt rather helpless. Some of the vice hall masters had even become rather frantic as if the sky was falling down.

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