Chapter 2826: The Emperor’s Suppression

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Chapter 2826: The Emperor’s Suppression

Looking at how Kun Tian had become crazy to the point where he was beyond reason, even the sixth hall master became rather dazed. Kun Tian’s current behaviour even made Irvin wonder whether he had any unforgivable grievances with Kun Tian in the past. Otherwise, why would Kun Tian behave like this?

“Kun Tian, keep in mind that you humiliated a vice hall master of my sixth divine hall first. I just want an explanation for that. A- aren’t you taking it too far?” For a moment, Irvin became rather nervous.

The Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar World were not the Primordial realm experts of the Saints’ World after all. Within the Darkstar race, battles to the death among the Primordial realm never occurred. Even when they were Godkings, battles to the death were already extremely rare. The reason why every single one of them possessed strength that far exceeded cultivators at the same cultivation in the Saints’ World was because they remained at cultivation levels for an astronomical amount of time. The amount of strength they would accumulate over time made them virtually unrivalled in the Saints’ World.

On the other hand, countless battles to the death were unavoidable as cultivators of the Saints’ World advanced through each cultivation level. As a result, the Darkstar race obviously paled in comparison to the cultivators of the Saints’ World in terms of ferocity.

Truly, the crude and rash were afraid of the short-tempered, while the short-tempered were afraid of the desperate. Looking at how Kun Tian was desperate enough to throw his life on the line, Irvin immediately became frightened out of his wits. He no longer possessed the same overbearing arrogance as before.

Some of the hall masters who maintained the energy barrier had already withdrawn their energy. They were prepared to stop Kun Tian together.

They could already tell that Kun Tian was not much weaker than Irvin. He might have even been able to match him evenly. He was already so powerful, so combined with his increased battle prowess from igniting his essence blood, Irvin was not his opponent.

That was unless Irvin was as crazy as Kun Tian and began igniting his essence blood regardless of the consequences too.

But clearly, they did not want the situation to develop to that point!

“Maintain the energy barrier. Leave the rest to me!”

At this moment, a nonchalant voice rang out from above. It came from the Darkstar Emperor in the imperial palace.

As soon as they heard the emperor’s voice, the utterly-nervous hall masters and vice hall masters below immediately let out sighs of relief as if their saviour had come.

The emperor was actually intervening personally. They would be able to overcome everything no matter what happened.

With the voice, a colossal imperial seal descended from above, shining with dazzling light like a miniature sun had appeared in the sky. It fell down towards Jian Chen with tremendous pressure and the power to suppress all.

“A medium quality god artifact, and a relatively complete medium quality god artifact at that!” Jian Chen shivered inside. In the Saints’ World, medium quality god artifacts were usually wielded by Chaotic Primes. Of course, there were an extremely small number of peak Infinite Primes who possessed them.

There were even some peak experts, some early Grand Primes, who came from overly lacklustre backgrounds that continued to use medium quality god artifacts, as they had no high quality god artifacts available to them.

The power of medium quality god artifacts could not be compared to low quality god artifacts. However, only Chaotic Primes could completely unleash their powers.

Now, a relatively complete medium quality god artifact had actually appeared in the Darkstar Emperor’s hands, which immediately amplified the pressure Jian Chen was feeling inside.

Even though the Darkstar Emperor still could not unleash all the power of the medium quality god artifact, a portion of it was already earth-shaking.

Jian Chen did not block or dodge as he faced the descending imperial seal. Instead, his eyes remained fixed on Irvin as if he had failed to notice the falling imperial seal at all.


With a heavy thud, the imperial seal directly fell down on top of Jian Chen with an undefiable and great force. As the power of suppression radiated outwards constantly, it immediately immediately limited all of Jian Chen’s actions.

Of course, despite the suppression of the imperial seal, Jian Chen still planned on going all the way, from start to finish, with his act of madness. The redness in his eyes lingered as he remained irrational, staring fixedly and madly at Irvin as he produced furious roars.

Clearly, the Darkstar Emperor had no intentions of injuring anyone, so even though the imperial seal radiated with surging pressure, it only limited Jian Chen’s movements and was not lethal at all.

“Kun Tian, why don’t you come to your senses?”

The Darkstar Emperor’s voice rang out in the sky. His voice was very flat, but it was filled with an undefiable sense of authority. And, the voice seemed to possess some kind of magic, able to stun the soul to a certain degree. The souls of the hall masters and vice hall masters who heard it all quivered as if they were almost drawn away.

With the Darkstar Emperor’s voice, the hall masters present all noticed the redness in “Kun Tian’s” eyes had actually begun to slowly recede. He gradually calmed down too. Finally, after a few seconds, the hall masters all let out a sigh of relief, as they could see a normal light in Kun Tian’s eyes now.

They knew that Kun Tian had completely recovered from his episode of madness.

The Darkstar Emperor’s imperial seal flew away, and the suppressing force vanished. Feng Xue arrived before Jian Chen in a flash. Her face was filled with undisguised concern and worry. “Kun Tian, you’ve finally returned your senses. Did you know what you just did? You almost frightened me to death.”

“Kun Tian, what exactly happened with you earlier? Why did you suddenly behave like that?” The second hall master Arna arrived before Jian Chen too as he asked with a frown.

Jian Chen took in a few heavy breaths as he still seemed to be shaken up. “It’s the planetary beast. The memories of the planetary beast I obtained in the depths of the Two World Mountains are contaminated with hints of brutality. I- I was actually influenced by it unknowingly earlier. The only thought in my head was slaughter and destruction, death and annihilation.”

Feng Xue and Arna’s expression changed with that. They became extremely stern, and the five other hall masters all began looking at one another too. As a matter of fact, hints of fear had appeared in the depths of a few people’s eyes.

That was because what Jian Chen said at the end, “The only thought in my head was slaughter and destruction, death and annihilation.” made everyone’s eyes narrow.

If Kun Tian’s mental state had really become like this, such that he would lose his rationality from the slightest anger and begin a massacre, then who would still be bold enough to provoke him in the future?

Who would still provoke a madman who was willing to throw their lives at you over some petty matters?

In that moment, the sixth hall master Irvin was filled with utter regret. If he had known earlier that the slightest anger could make Kun Tian lose complete control, he would have never stood forward personally. The end result was not only had he failed to redeem his pride, but he had even been reduced to a sorry state instead. He had truly gone for wool, only to come home shorn.

A figure descended from above. The Darkstar Emperor had personally appeared. Based on his appearance alone, he seemed like a valiant young man around twenty years of age, but his eyes were filled with a sombreness that came with age.

“Greetings, your majesty!”

The Darkstar Emperor possessed absolute authority in the Darkstar race. His appearance immediately caused all the hall masters and vice hall masters to bow politely.

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