Chapter 2827: Unprovokable

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Chapter 2827: Unprovokable

However, the Darkstar Emperor only seemed to see Jian Chen. His eyes were completely fixed on Jian Chen. His gaze was not particularly sharp, but his brows would furrow firmly at times and relax them at other times.

Only after a very long while did the Darkstar Emperor say slowly, “So far, there is nothing our race can do about souls under influence, not to mention the influence touches on the same level as the planetary beast.” The Darkstar Emperor’s voice was also filled with a sense of helplessness. Not only was the Darkstar race helpless with injuries to the soul, but it would be an extremely troublesome matter even in the Saints’ World.

“Kun Tian, I’ve already learnt about what happened in the Hundred Saint City. Even if Si Wuqing had originally wronged you, there’s no need for you to humiliate him like that. You need to give the sixth divine hall an explanation for this. We can start with the medicinal garden. From now onwards until the Fruit of Nurturing Ways ripens, your fifth divine hall will be completely responsible for the sixth divine hall’s supply of divine crystals.”

“Kun Tian, I wonder if you have any opinions about my suggestion.” The Darkstar Emperor remained serious. Although he spoke flatly and with ease, it did not affect his dignified expression.

“As your majesty orders!” Jian Chen clasped his fist. He was not worried about the issue of divine crystals at all. Assuming no accidents happened, he would be receiving a huge pile of supreme grade divine crystals from the Hundred Saint City soon. It would be more than enough.

“Irvin, what about your sixth divine hall?” The Darkstar Emperor looked at Irvin and his vice hall masters.

“Thank you for upholding justice, your majesty. Our sixth divine hall will follow the emperor’s arrangements!” Irvin said hastily with the vice hall masters of the sixth divine hall. Actually, after learning Kun Tian was currently unstable and could enter a state of madness at any time, their sixth divine hall had already given up on the idea of payback.

Now, the Darkstar Emperor had personally stepped forward and cleared up everything with a single word. As their pride had been redeemed, the awkward situation that their sixth divine hall faced with divine crystals had been resolved too. Having already given up on provoking Kun Tian any further, this was the best conclusion he could get in the sixth hall master’s eyes.

The Darkstar Emperor glanced past all the hall masters present and said nonchalantly, “You’ve all witnessed Kun Tian’s current situation. He’s under the influence of the planetary beast’s memories, so once he’s angered, he’ll lose control. As a result, all of you must remember to avoid any more conflict during this period of time. The day of the great ceremony approaches. We cannot allow any more accidents to happen to anyone.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

The hall masters of the third, fourth, sixth, seventh, and ninth divine halls all answered. Actually, there was no need for the Darkstar Emperor to say anything. After personally witnessing Kun Tian’s madness and willingness to put his life on the line, everyone had become fearful of him. They had made up their minds a long time ago that they would never actively provoke Kun Tian before he recovered.

With the Darkstar Emperor intervening, the matter of how Jian Chen humiliated a vice hall master of the sixth divine hall in the Hundred Saint City had been properly resolved with the fifth divine hall taking over the sixth divine hall’s responsibility to supply the medicinal garden with divine crystals.

Afterwards, the various hall masters dispersed. Before the seventh hall master Getti left, he glanced past Jian Chen with a gaze that was very reluctant to accept all of this.

Now that the medicinal garden’s demand for divine crystals had increased, the ten divine halls all faced the same issue of insufficient divine crystals. When An Lie from their seventh divine hall visited the Hundred Saint City, he should have earned them a great sum of supreme grade divine crystals if nothing had gone wrong. By then, it would have been more than enough to cover the medicinal garden’s demands. They would even build up a very large surplus.

Yet in the end, with a visit from Kun Tian, their wonderful idea had been completely destroyed.

Moreover, the main reason why he stood up for the sixth divine hall today was to use the incident with the sixth divine hall to pressure Kun Tian and make up for part of their losses from the Hundred Saint City.

But after understanding Kun Tian’s mental state, where could he still find the courage to pressure him? All he could do was hold in his fury, resentment, and frustration and leave.

After the five opposing divine halls had left, the second hall master Arna asked about Jian Chen’s current situation in concern before returning to his divine hall.

Feng Xue was the last one to leave. She visited the fifth divine hall and stayed for a while, extremely worried for Kun Tian’s unstable mental state. Only after a thoughtful series of concerned questions did she leave the fifth divine hall rather reluctantly.

Immediately, the fifth divine hall recovered its usual peace. Jian Chen, who had just been in the eye of the storm, behaved like he was perfectly fine. He sat on the hall master’s throne like nothing had happened at all as he calculated how many divine crystals the Hundred Saint City would actually provide him with.

At this moment, a special envoy from the Darkstar Divine Hall arrived in the fifth divine hall. He bowed towards Jian Chen on the throne and said in a slightly-respectful tone, “Fifth hall master, his majesty summons you. Please visit the Darkstar Divine Hall immediately!”

As he heard that, a sliver of surprise flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. Afterwards, his eyes narrowed slightly as he closely recalled everything he had done recently. After confirming he had not given away even the slightest opening, he immediately eased up before standing up and leaving the fifth divine hall. He took off, flying straight towards the Darkstar Divine Hall hanging above him.

In the Darkstar Divine Hall, within the same, majestic hall, the Darkstar Emperor seemed like he had been waiting for quite some time now. He sat on his throne as he watched Jian Chen step into the divine hall.

“Greetings, your majesty!” Jian Chen arrived in the centre of the hall and bowed sternly.

“Kun Tian, I’ve called you here for just one matter. Have your memories returned to you yet?” The Darkstar Emperor asked calmly.

“They have not!” Jian Chen shook his head.

“The day of the great ceremony approaches. If you still haven’t recovered your memories, it will affect the ceremony to a certain degree, and the ceremony influences the fate of our entire race and is of utmost importance. We cannot allow any mistakes to happen. As a result, you have to recover your memories as quickly as possible,” the Darkstar Emperor said firmly. He would not allow any unpredictable factors to exist in the matter that affected the fate of the entire race.

“Yes, your majesty. Actually, I obtained an extraordinary pill from my visit to the Hundred Saint City this time. This pill might give me the possibility of recovering my memories,” said Jian Chen.

The Darkstar Emperor nodded. “Very good. Ingest the pill right now. I will personally watch over you. Fetch me the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures that I’ve nurtured for all these years!”

“Yes, your majesty!” An attendant outside the Darkstar Divine Hall accepted the order, delivering a white, jade bottle to the Darkstar Emperor’s hands very soon.

The Darkstar Emperor held the white jade bottle and said, “The Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures is an item from the Saints’ World. Our Darkstar race is unable to produce a treasure like this. Its effects are also directed towards the soul. It can heal and purify the soul.”

“Now that the great ceremony is imminent, I will be using this Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures on you. Hopefully, it can completely clear up all the issues with your soul.”

Jian Chen became hesitant. “Your majesty, I’m afraid it might not be effective if it hasn’t reached the God Tier!”

“Don’t worry. Even though the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures was not at the God Tier when I first obtained it, it’s reached the God Tier long ago after all these years of my nurturing. It’s highly effective on Primordial realm experts too,” said the Darkstar Emperor. Afterwards, he paused slightly and called out at nothing, “Virtuous Sage of Heaven!”

“What are your orders, your majesty?” An illusionary figure gradually appeared in the empty space.

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